Line 6 JTV-89F with Floyd Rose - Blood Red

James Tyler-designed Modeling Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Neck, 2 Humbucking Pickups, Switchable Models and Tunings, and Tremolo - Blood Red
Line 6 JTV-89F with Floyd Rose - Blood Red image 1
Line 6 JTV-89F with Floyd Rose - Blood Red image 1
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Line 6 JTV-89F with Floyd Rose - Blood Red
In Stock!

Create Every Iconic Tone with this Amazing Guitar

The Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax with Variax HD software gives you the amazing ability to create any guitar tone you need for studio or stage. The JTV-89 James Tyler Variax is also an amazing instrument in the conventional sense, and the ability to select different HD instrument models, HD pickup models, and alternate tunings on the fly sets this guitar apart from all the rest. And with the incredible Workbench HD software, you can fine tune your Variax tone more than ever. Built to the specifications of master luthier James Tyler, the Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax is your ticket to unlimited tonal excellence.

Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
  • Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench software give you unlimited tonal potential
  • It's like owning dozens of different instruments, plus your own workshop
  • Designed by a master luthier for top-notch performance and playability
Variax HD Upgrade and Workbench software give you unlimited tonal potential

This Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax packs the latest Variax HD upgrade, bringing you more stellar models of rare vintage electric guitars, classic acoustic guitars, and exotic instruments. You'll be blown away once you start exploring these with the Workbench HD software, which gives you more tonal control and all-around tweakability than you ever thought possible. Create your own unique instrument model, then use Workbench HD to fine-tune individual string pitch, string volume, pickup position, and much more. You've never tweaked your tone like you can with the JTV-89 James Tyler Variax!

It's like owning dozens of different instruments, plus your own workshop

Right out of the case, your Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax comes with dozens of impeccable instrument models. Rare vintage electrics, fabulous acoustics, and even exotic instruments are waiting at your fingertips. The latest Variax HD software brings you more stellar HD instrument and pickup models than ever before, and the real magic happens when you tap into the Workbench HD software. It lets you combine your favorite body styles, pickup models, and components to create your own unique instruments. You're guaranteed to be well-equipped for any studio or stage situation with the Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax.

Designed by a master luthier for top-notch performance and playability

With its mahogany body and a "Fast 'n' Flat" maple neck, the Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax is ready for you to shred your audience with aggressive tone. It was designed by master luthier James Tyler, who has created instruments for countless session players and performers. Equipped with pickups custom-designed by James Tyler and wound to his exacting specs, you'll find the JTV-89 James Tyler Variax to be an amazingly playable guitar even before you ever try out the superb modeling technology.

Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
  • Innovative guitar with onboard instrument models, pickup models, and on-demand alternate tunings
  • Included HD upgrade gives you even more HD instrument and HD pickup models than ever before
  • Workbench HD software lets you fine-tune individual string pitch, volume, pickup position, and more
  • Solid mahogany body and "Fast 'n' Flat" maple neck are perfect for fast and aggressive playing
  • GraphTech nut and custom tuners give you top-notch tuning stability and reliability
  • Completely designed by master luthier James Tyler, including custom-wound pickups
  • Includes Li-Ion battery, switching power supply, and Workbench USB adapter
The Line 6 JTV-89 James Tyler Variax is like a Pandora's box of tone!

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Tech Specs

Body Type Solidbody
Body Shape Doublecut
Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
Number of Strings 6
Body Material Mahogany
Color Blood Red
Neck Material Maple
Neck Shape Tyler Fast 'n Flat
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Fingerboard Inlay Dots
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 25.5"
Nut Width 1.687"
Bridge/Tailpiece Floyd Rose Locking Trem
Tuners Sealed Tuners
Number of Pickups 2
Neck Pickup Custom-wound Alnico Humbucker
Bridge Pickup Custom-wound Alnico Humbucker
Controls Master Volume, Master Tone, 5-way Selector, Guitar Model Selector, Alt Tune Selector
Case Included Gig Bag
Manufacturer Part Number 99-640-0105

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievable Guitar

I have been playing my Gibson Les Paul Standard for the last year in my Classic Rock band, but it has been difficult and time consuming either re-tuning it or swapping it out for another guitar. I am simply head over heals with this JTV-89F. I am using this with my Helix and it is just jaw dropping. The neck and finish are superb and the magnetic pickups are great. I have updated my Helix with our complete song list and I never have to worry about re-tuning again. This will be my go to guitar from now on. I am so inspired by the play-ability and sound of this instrument. This could be the most worthwhile investment I have ever made for my band. Just Loving It.
Music background: Singer & Guitarist

Outstanding Action

I received my JTV-89F yesterday afternoon, and didn't get much time to play with it. However, just holding and playing it blew my mind. I'm a much better player with this guitar than any guitar I've owned before. The neck and frets are blazingly fast and extremely easy to play! The fit and finish are outstanding - with the blood red color remarkable in person! I'm looking forward to getting home this evening to spend some serious time. (The battery is charged up now, so I'll be able to try out some of the modeling!) I'll post again once I have a chance to explore further. Again - just sitting down with this guitar has made me a better player!
Music background: I majored in music, and have played mostly bass for the past 15 years, and guitar the past 42 years.

I like the modeled sound better!

When Line 6 first introduced the Dream Rig, I have watched demos, reviews and everything out there from Youtube (Line 6, Sweetwater, Andertons, and from many other individuals) because I was skeptical about the idea of modeling. It was mainly due to other comments that said it's still not perfect. Now that I have had firsthand experience with my JTV 89f, I am completely in love with it! I mean, different Strats do not create the same sound. Pickups, core wood, strings, and different rigs/equipment will interpret the sound of the guitar in various ways. The sound from the JTV is in the range where you can recognize the "characteristic sound" of the modeled guitar. It sounds like Strat, Tele and Les Paul. If there is no direct comparison right next to your Variax, it's hard to tell the difference. Last year, I was watching American Idol, and I definitely heard the sound of Tele, and guess what... The band was using JTV! Also, Dave Delhomme from "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" uses JTV as well.I mean, pros use JTV on their stage. Need I say more? (Don't worry about the palm muting issue just in case you are concerned. It's been solved.)I love the way it sounds especially when I record at home. I don't like hum. So much so that I changed all my pickups to EMG. When I use modeling, there is no hum! It's so amazing! No more sacrifice of sound is needed due to noise gate. Acoustic guitar models sound/record better than the real ones. I don't have to use my Rode NT1-A any more! Just plug in and record. Sounds fantastic!Now, the alternate tuning is another incredible feature. Just turn the knob, and you are done tuning. Especially with the Floyd Rose, this tuning capability is a wow-factor. When you want to jam along with a song, and you realize that they have tuned their guitar a half step down? It happened to me when I was playing "More than Words" by Extreme. I was practicing my part for a gig, and I do so while listening to the music. More than Words wasn't the only song I had to practice, so I had to tune my guitar down just to practice this song, or I had to just stop the song and play by myself. Now, I don't have to go through that hassle. It's just crazy convenient. It's like a transition from a regular cellphone to a smartphone. Combine the versatility of the guitar with the Dream Rig. There isn't any sound you can't make. I'm pretty sure that was the goal of Line 6 engineers, and I think they have achieved their goal.
Music background: Worship Leader (10+ years)


Very happy with my purchase! Definitely a step up from my Variax 700 due to separate altered tuning knob, rechargable lithium battery, Floyd tremelo and real pickups! Looks, feels and sounds incredible (using with with Vetta 2 head). Arrived quickly and as described.
Music background: Pro Hobbyist

Awesome Technology

I want to thank Joel at Sweetwater for making this purchase a breeze. This is the first time I purchased a guitar without playing it first and after this experience, I would not hesitate doing it again. This guitar is awesome. I agree with the other reviews on how well the guitar is made and how nice it looks and plays so instead of being redundant, I will provide some insight on this guitars awesomeness from a different perspective. I have been playing in cover bands for over 25 years and give lessons when I’m not at my real job. This guitar makes gigging and giving lessons so much easier. Let me explain.In my opinion, to be a successful cover band (one where people are calling you to play and you have booked gigs many months out), you have to be able to play songs from many different genres and eras. The bands I have been in have played everything from Metal (Metallica, Megadeth) to Hard Rock (Rob Zombie, Nickelback) to Rock (Matchbox 20) to Punk (Green Day, Ramones) to Alternative (Bloodhound Gang, Cake) to 80s (Rick Springfield, J. Giels Band) to 70s (Cheaptrick, Foreigner)…you get the picture and so for years I would have to drag multiple guitars with different tunings to our shows. When giving lessons, students come with guitars in all different tunings (standard, ½ step down, open E etc.). Also, students will come to me with songs they are trying to learn on their own and explain that they have it close but it just doesn’t sound right. Nine times out of ten I have to explain that the song was recorded in a different tuning. So again, I had to have several guitars with different tunings laying around to provide the proper instruction. NO MORE! This guitar takes the multiple guitar scenario out of the mix. With a turn of the knob you have access to ten of the most common tunings known to guitarists. Even if the tuning you desire is not one of the selections, you can use one of the empty slots to program it in a matter of seconds. Turning another knob provides modeling of the most common guitars out there including pick up selection (Les Pauls, Strats, Rickenbacker, Martin etc.). The guitar by itself is amazing but when combining it with the PODHD500 and Stage Source Speakers to complete the Line 6 Dream Rig it is utterly phenomenal! Can you imagine in one set going from Rob Zombie’s Dragula (dropped C, Tele, bridge pickup, heavy distortion) right into GnR’ Sweet Child O’Mine (1/2 step down, Les Paul, neck pickup, rock distortion ) right into Buckcherry’s Lit Up (Open G tuning, Les Paul, bridge pickup) right into Tommy Tutone’s Jenny, Jenny (Standard Tuning, Strat bridge pickup, clean with chorus) right into Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Standard Tuning, Martin Acoustic, clean no effects) all with the click of a footswitch and preset change? I don’t have to. With the Dream Rig I do exactly this every show. In the past, this would of involved lugging around at least three guitars and two amps, not to mention the time between songs to switch and tune. So to Line 6 – both myself and my back cannot thank you enough for making this type of equipment.The only downside I have experienced is that the Dream Rig is solid state so you really can’t get it to feedback like you can with tube state amplification but this one minus is nothing compared to all the pluses. Yes, the Dream Rig is a little pricy ($3K-$4K depending on options) and so I probably would only recommend this for professional musicians who gig consistently. I have been using Line 6 equipment for years and I think their modeling is spot on. I get compliments on my sound all the time. That being said, I’m sure seasoned musicians who have used the same equipment for years (i.e. Les Paul, Marshall Stack) could pick out discrepancies between the modeling and the real thing. I get that and to be honest, I probably would not recommend this set up for musicians who are writing their own music and basically have one sound and playing only 45 minutes a show. But for musicians in cover bands who need to cover the gamut of musical genres, I cannot recommend the JTV-89F (and Dream Rig) enough. So what are you waiting for? Get with your Sweetwater Rep and order today!
Music background: Pro Musician in Cover Band, 25+ years
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