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Line 6 JTV-59P w/P90 pickups - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from PA November 6, 2012Music Background:

    Line six Variax

    This guitar is awesome. Looks great, sounds incredible. Easy to lean all the basic functions. I haven't put it through the POD or used the additional software tools so can't comment on that however the sounds right out of the box are excellent. The 12 string shimmers and even the twang of e sitar is wild. This is no toy. The guitar has weight, the action is low, the neck is beefy and this guitar rocks. I was a little skeptical on the alternate tunings function but it works and I'm blown away. If you want a great functional electric. This is your guitar.

  • from Boulder, CO USA November 6, 2012Music Background:

    Above and beyond my expectations

    I have been skeptical of the modeling equipment for years but this guitar is truly amazing. Perfectly setup and has the fit and finish of an even more expensive guitar. It wouldn't be a bad deal without the technology. The models and tunings are compelling, and only have some problems during palm muting and extreme tunings (which are minor in my opinion). Excellent fit and finish. P90 pickups are spot on. I wasn't wholly convinced when I ordered but it has exceeded all expectations and I cannot recommend this guitar highly enough.

  • from Pittsburgh September 24, 2012

    Take a Variax, Add P90's and the formuls is complete

    Ive been wanting to try one of the new Variax guitars but something was missing for me and it was the P90 sound. I guess I could have made a custom guitar sound but when I saw this coming out I quickly got in line. I received the guitar last Saturday and aside from doing alittle intonation setting she plays great. Neck is just the right size, reminds me of my SG. The P90's sound clear and distinctive, no Muddiness at all. Everyone already knows how great the modeling sounds so I wont speak to that. This guitar is a great value that in my opinion should offer something for everyone and cover just about every type of sound.

  • from Vancouver, B.C. July 10, 2014Music Background:
    Playing for over 30 years, bands, recording....

    Jtv-59 P90

    Very cool guitar with awesome Sweetwater service. Over all fit and finish on guitar is great. I've had LP Customs finished worse than this. Not impressed with the tuners... Just because of the price of these guitars... They are cheap but work well...just feel they should say Grover on them...

    The P90's are solid rockers and lite up. Very impressed with the stock pups.

    The guitar models are very good. I did not expect perfection but was hoping for close and that is what this is. In the mix no issues. Just jamming at home it is so freakin handy to have all this guitar offers at the turn of a knob... It just seems a no brainer. I have a A/B switch on my board to change between my tube amp and an acoustic amp based on models and this really makes a difference on the acoustic models. Just adds to the depth.

    Of course an adjustment in playing style is required to get the most out of this axe. Heavy SRV style is not going to get you far... (Trust me:)). You have to go to a lighter pick and work on your finess... I have found this on any type of modelling guitar including the GK stuff.

    I am a tone snob of sorts but appreciate good technology as well. My board and main amp are all analogue and this thing sounds pretty good through them. No latency like on others (big factor) but this is a more dedicated tool than a synth type systems as well.

    Over all... I'll never sell my strat or acoustic but this thing will satisfy my base urges for resonators, multiple acoustics and 12 strings etc. The open tunings alone are damn near worth the price of admission and really open up my practice sessions. So nice to go from SRV style to Robert Johnson with the turn of a knob.... Words can't express my joy!:)

    Buy it!... Don't pay full price.... At $900.00ish... It's a worth addition. I am happy I waited and got a deal. At $1600.00 + I probably would have returned it... Sorry Line 6... It's cool but not that cool.

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