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Ibanez JSM100 John Scofield Signature - Vintage Burst Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Ibanez JSM100 John Scofield Signature - Vintage Burst?

Questions about the Ibanez JSM100 John Scofield Signature - Vintage Burst?

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  • from Salem, OR April 5, 2017

    This guitar is absolutely mind blowing!

    To say I am blown away would be an understatement. I was after a semi-hollow guitar so I started looking around and doing my research. I really wanted a Gibson ES-335 due to it's iconic history. However, I have read a lot of bad stuff about Gibson Memphis in recent years so I kept looking for another option. I stumbled upon this gem on another guitar forum where guys were raving about how nice of a guitar it was.

    Anyways, I decided to purchase both the Ibanez JSM100 and a brand new Gibson ES-335 in cherry red. I got them both and clearly inspected them top to bottom. The Gibson was disappointing. It looks good from a few feet away, but when you get up close you can see many, many flaws. First off, there is lots of areas where paint was on top of the bindings (which looks unsightly). I also found lots of orange peel in the finish and overspray on the headstock. There were some unsightly imperfections in the wood as well, but it had clearly been painted over.

    Looking at the Ibanez JSM100 up close, you'd swear this thing was crafted by the hand of god himself. Honest to goodness, I can't find one single flaw anywhere on it, it's literally perfect. Every single minor detail looks like it was gone over with a fine tooth comb. Needless to say that I have more faith in the Japanese building a guitar now than I do the Americans (unless we're talking about Paul Reed smith, which is above and beyond anything).

    Comparing the sounds, the Ibanez JSM100 blows the Gibson ES-335 out of the water. It plays so nicely, the ebony fretboard feels perfect, and this thing just screams in the best of ways. You can go from a blues tone to a hard rock tone in seconds. The humbuckers sound amazing, and the guitar is so comfortable to hold.

    After owning this Ibanez for a few months, this thing has replaced every other guitar I've owned (and I own some very cool guitars). It's so versatile, so well crafted, and sounds so amazing, that the only other guitar that can compare (in a different way) is my PRS McCarty 594.

    I am not kidding when I say that the quality of this guitar is that of a much, much more expensive guitar. Honestly, they should be charging $4000 or more for this. The fact that Gibson is charging $4000 for an ES-335 is a joke, when this guitar is better, and priced way less.

    I dare anyone to compare this side-by-side with a modern Gibson ES-335. You'll quickly understand exactly what I am saying. This is a better guitar in every single way possible. I don't see any way at all that this guitar could be any better than it is. It's a beautiful work of art to look at, and it plays like a dream come true.

    To give you an idea of the guitars I own:

    - 2017 PRS McCarty 594 Artist Package
    - 2017 Gibson ES-335 Slim Neck (now sold as this Ibanez replaced it)
    - 2017 Fender Stratocaster American Elite
    - Epiphone Sheraton II Pro
    - 1995 Gibson Les Paul
    - Ibanez JSM100

    This Ibanez JSM100 blows ALL of them out of the water with the exception of the PRS. The PRS is just as good as the Ibanez, but it's a solid body, so they can't really be compared. However, if you've ever seen the craftsmanship and quality of a high end PRS, I will tell you first hand that this Ibanez is of the exact same quality as the PRS. They both look like guitars that someone went over with a fine tooth comb, and made sure that NONE left the factory with any imperfections at all.

    If you're looking for a semi-hollow and can get past the whole "Made in the USA" thing, then this Ibanez JSM100 (which is made in Japan by Ibanez's "Team J") will likely be the best semi-hollow guitar you'll ever play.

    Oh, my only complaint is the huge 13 gauge strings it comes with! Haha... I removed those immediately for some 10s and it's much, much better now! Some of you guys might like those thick strings, but not this guy!

    One last thing, Sweetwater is the best to deal with. I had an issue with a different order (not this one) and Chuck himself (the CEO) took care of it for me, same day, no questions asked. Sweetwater will continue to have my business until the day I die. Oh, and this thing will go to the grave with me! I friggin' LOVE this guitar!!!

  • from Aiea, Hawaii August 7, 2016Music Background:
    Retired firefighter, former and now part time guitarist.

    Still Amazed

    This is my second review about the same JSM100 I bought from Sweetwater about a year and a half ago. Although Iíve been playing the Scofield every day at home, Iíve been gigging with my Strat; until last night. We played a medium sized room, about 180 people. Played through my Polytone with just a touch of delay, no reverb, and this Ibanez literally sang. Sweet, fat jazz guitar tones from the front p/u, dirty tones from the back p/u, and an entire range of sounds from the middle. And it played like butter. When I first received my Scofield from Sweetwater, I took it to my luthier for a setup. He is an authorized service tech for Gibson AND Fender, and after he worked on this Ibanez all he could say was ďwowĒ.

    Iíve owned 335ís, 175ís, a 165 and a couple of Trini Lopez Gibsons, and truthfully, none of them can compare with this JSM100. Hey, Iíve been gigging for 6 decades, and I deserve to own a good ax. This is by far the ultimate. If something ever happened to this one Iíd be on the phone to Sweetwater ordering another, guaranteed.

    Oh, and by the way, I just picked up a George Benson Twin, and you should hear both the Strat AND the Ibanez through that sweet amp, but thatís for another review.

  • from San Jose, Ca. December 23, 2015

    2001 JSM100

    I've owned more than my share of world class high end guitars and this one is without a doubt my favorite. The craftsmanship is the best. There is not a flaw to be found. Even inside under the pickups where it dosn't matter to some builders. The cuts are clean and precise. The abalone used on the fretboard is the best grade I've seen anywhere. You can tell that each piece is individually selected and placed according to it's color, gradually changing as it moves up the neck. I've always been tempted to change pickups in guitars figuring that the "boutique'' ones have to sound better. Not in this case. The tone is loud and clear. I will keep these Super 58's just where they are. Acoustically it rings like a bell. I think it's the way that they've designed the centerblock but it sustains forever. Thank you Ibanez.

  • from Aiea, Hawaii January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Retired Firefighter, part time pro musician.

    She is a beauty!

    Iíve owned more than a few guitars in my lifetime. Four Strats, three 335ís, a 175, a 165, two Gibson Trini Lopezís (thinline AND full body), four Ibanezes (including this one) and two Takamine Hiradeís. Iíve thinned the herd down to my EJ Strat, Takamine Hirade and a 335.
    When I saw this JSM100 at the Sweetwater site, waves of nostalgia swept over me because for about 15 years, I used an Ibanez AS200 as my main ax. Times changed, though, and I started using my Strat more and more and eventually stopped playing the AS200. About 10 years ago I sold it. As I watched the guy pull out of my driveway with my AS200 in his car I felt like I was losing an old friend.

    So I decided to pick up this JSM100. I figured if I didnít like it I could always sell it later on. Well, when it arrived, I was floored. This is a beautiful guitar. There is absolutely no comparison between the finish on the Ibanez and the finish on my 335. This is a piece of art.
    Not only does it look good, it plays and SOUNDS good! These Super 58 pickups are alive. The sound is up front and clear, the tone can be sweet or biting, whichever you prefer. The familiar Ibanez neck feels very comfortable.

    The only drawback I can think of about this guitar is that it is so beautiful that I donít even want to take it out of my house. At this point I donít even want to take it to a gig, where it could get dinged or smelly from cigarette smoke. Sheís my baby right now, and the only one who gets to touch her is me.

  • from Elk Grove, CA April 10, 2009Music Background:
    Pro musician playing many years -jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, classic rock, latin, oldies, and surf

    I just bought my Second Ibanez Scofield from Sweetwater - final Installement

    Please see my first Installment. Well, I received my Scofield and brought it to my Luthier for set-up as I do on all of my new guitar purchases. Woody Boyd, Luthier in Sacramento, is an old school craftsman who build guitars and mandolins and does restoration and major repairs on some top brands including Martin, Talyor, Gibson and many more. Woody likes to educate his customers and you get to see him do the work. As a pro guitarist but not a tech type I received some great insights about the Scofield that would normally not be possible with a drop off and pick up arrangement. For a builder and high end guitar restorer with a clear bias toward "made in the USA" I was very curious as to his observations and assessment of my new MIJ "Team J" custom shop prize. A few of his comments...on the the straightest necks he had ever seen, impressed by the solid construction and workmanship, exposed the pick-up cavity to reveal a very clean job with top quality electrical components and soldering job, liked the compound radius neck, everything worked ( pups control knobs ) "perfect" cut of the nut which is half brass and half bone... finish was flawless, and what I did not expect given his preferential tilt toward "made in the USA .." "you won't find any 335 better that your Scofield". As I mentioned in my first installment I looked at many other fine guitars but if you want, for example a Gibson, prepare to pay about twice as much and not get the same upgrade features and appoinments ...such as an ebony fretoard, compound radius neck / board...(easier playing in the upper registers), mother of pearl and abalone block inlays, gold hardware, body/neck/headstock binding and BINDING on the F-holes too. Plus visually it is a stunner with book matched flamed maple with a laminated top and internal block which elininates that annoying feedback when played electric ...so, very appropriate and versatile for jazz, blues, fusion, rock, country ...many genres except, IMO, guitars that are purposed for heavy distortion Metal ( basswood bodies EMG PUPs ) I had the string gauge changed to 10-46's as it comes with a custom set of 013, 016,022, 032, 042,and 052. A good tradeoff for a touch of artritis in my fretting hand with still a big harmonically rich sound. Again check the Sweetwater page for specs .... Bottom-line and my enthusiasm aside I think anyone interested in a 335 style guitar should take a long look at the JSM100VT Scofield. I searched for a year and found nothing that offered the tone, playability, quality , and construction of this instrument. Give Mark Magdich a call, X1265, or your sales engineer if you have one. I have bought guitars, amps, recording and other stuff and Mark is the most responsive and expert guy yet...no, we are not related and I don't own stock in Sweetwater or Ibanez. Just a semi-retired fellow who values their service and ..this is a guess ..my second Scofield has a better ( more highly figured and flamed ) Top and Back than the first one ...I am guessing but I think the larger customer-centric dealers like Sweetwater that move product get "choice" tops from the manufacturers or distributors ...my guess. Good luck in finding a guitar that is built to last, looks great, plays great, and sounds great. Given my Strat Custom shop axe and new Scofield I have my genre bases covered. Hope the reader finds this review helpful and informative.

  • from Elk Grove, CA April 6, 2009Music Background:
    Pro Musician; I play jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, pop, latin, surf, oldies, & classic rock.

    I just bought my second Scofield from Sweetwater - Ist review Installment

    Simply an exquisite instrument and one of the best values and under-appreciated premium guitars in the market today. This is the first installment as I will receive my new JSM100VT in a few days. I spent nearly a year looking at Gibsons, PRS, Gretsch, Parker, and other fine semi-hollow thin profile archtop brands. I suggest you read the Sweetwater description which is comprehensive and factual as to specifications.

    This is significant... The Scofield comes from the Ibanez Team "J" operation that builds top end guitars with the expertise of a custom shop ... hands-on luthiers. The workmanship is flawless, playability superb ( ebony board and compound radius neck ) sound is awesome - clear rich with versatility spanning Jazz, blues, fusion, rock, pop, ..just about anything except guitars that are designed narrowly for metal / shredding.

    The appoinments are stunning...gold hardware , block inlays, highly figured top and back, side input jack, and more. I am fortunate to be able to buy almost any guitar and I have owned Gibson L-5s, 335s, 347, Les Paul Customs, a Benedetto, Gretsch Nashville and Country Gentleman, and some great archtop Guilds in the peak of their quality and popularity.

    None of these surpasses the Scofield. And, at less than half the cost, it is an extraordinary value. I also owned its predecessor years ago, I think an AS-200, great guitar too. One thing I think is important ...I have shied away from some other signature models because I felt their design was highly specific to that particular player whose unique preferences may not suit me. The Scofield does not fall into that trap ..it may owe its inspiration to Mr. Scofield but it is a great guitar in design and execution for any serious player who is not "Brand Bound" by Made in USA ( I do own a custom shop Strat and a mint 1991 Strat Ultra which are great solidbody guitars - Now all of my diverse genre bases are covered with my strats and my Scofield ).

    Ibanez has been around for 120 years ...think Sony, Nikon, Lexus..which are fair metaphors for the quality of this guitar.

    These guitars are not apparently produced in mass quantities ( probably why quality is superior and they must usually be ordered ...they are stocked but go quick ) ..so my two cents is: Order one today. You will be awed , not disappointed and ask for Mark Magdich X 1265 or your regular sales engineer. Mark did a great job. Like other Sweetwater sales engineers he knows guitars and is a player!

Questions about the Ibanez JSM100 John Scofield Signature - Vintage Burst?

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