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Ibanez JS2400 - White Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Toledo, OH July 2, 2014Music Background:
    27 years playing

    great guitar

    I had been considering aJS Model for quite some time. I had the JS1 from the 80's and really liked it. I saw that one was finally in stock here and called to inquire. I ended up talking to Jay and he was extremely helpful. Speaking with him gave me the confidence to purchase a guitar that I have never played.

    The neck in this thing it great. It's not a super thin neck but more of a Fender strat neck that is slightly thinner. The feet work that the Ibanez guys did was awesome. Very smooth.

    The pickups are very versatile. I play everything from blues to alternative rock and these pickups are great. The ability to spit them into single coil is just the icing on the cake.

    The thin body is very comfortable for extra long sets on stage. The Edge tremolo stays in tune! I very seldom have to tune between songs even after getting crazy!

  • from NW Arkansa January 7, 2013Music Background:
    Musician 32 Years

    Hey JOE - JS2400

    I purchased the JS1000BP back about 6 years ago and just could not make it sound right. It felt great but couldn't connect with it for some reason. Even changed out the pickups several times. Sold it off after failed attempts to improve the tone.
    So I gave this new version JS2400 a shot, and got to tell you folks not sure yet what it is but love it. The quality has improved and the tone is wonderful, at least to me ears and others that have played it as well. In fact I took it to my local music store to have the guitar set up to my spec's and all of the guys loved the feel and tone. The trem stays in tune way better than my first JS model. The pickups along with the coil split make this Ibanez very user friendly and will cover most anything.
    My suggestion is give it a shot and make sure you have someone set it up for your liking. One thing to note for some reason these guitars don't do well with strings past 10's. I found this on my first and now this one. I use super Slinky hybrid's that run 9 to 46. Just perfect.
    It's hard to purchase something sight unseen. Sweetwater makes this part easier by sending pictures of your actual guitar. Appreciate the Customer service level these folks provide.

  • from Cortland, NY December 10, 2010Music Background:
    25 years experience

    Awesome Guitar

    I recently purchased this guitar and am really impressed. This guitar can be very versatile. I can get sounds like Joe Satriani gets, but I can also get just about any sound I want. The neck is slightly thinner than what I'm used to, but is very easy to play and has excellent action. The back of the neck is the smoothest I've ever experienced. The weight of the guitar is very comfortable and perfectly balanced. The Edge tremolo bridge is second to none. I love the way the bar just slides into the bridge and has no play like the screw in bars on other tremolos. I don't have to remove the bar to put the guitar in the case either. I would highly recommend this guitar.

  • from denver colorado October 22, 2010Music Background:

    awesome guitar

    this guitar ,sounds incredible,I like the volume knob in the up position,it gives me the blues sound that I like,with the tone knob ,in the up position you can get strat tones,the neck is one of the best necks I have played on,I use a mesa boogie transatlatic head and vox nightrain cabinets with it . tuning takes some getting used too ,go too the ibanez website for info on it,the tremelo works flawlessly,between this and the bill nash t-52 I can get any sound i need,remember patience with the tuning is a must

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