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JBL JRX125 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • Thom Riley
    from Raymond WA January 6, 2012Music Background:
    30 yr pro drummer vocalist

    great speakers

    I use these speakers with a 1200 watt peavey 12 channel board , with sound gates for my drums so i have my own sound seperate from the rest of the pa. playing rock,blues and the sound is amazing.bought it all from sweetwater and they have been great , fast shipping good products , and even called to make sure there was no problems, kudos guys and thanks for everything!!!

    from COCOA FLORIDA January 6, 2011Music Background:


    I feel very qualified to rate and review DJ products. We own Florida's largest DJ company and are 25 states into our nationwide expansion. I bought a used pair of these today for the shows I do personally and took my own rack with QSC amp, a Shure SM58 mic, and 1 of my EAW 315Bs (the best speakers I have ever heard) for a comparison. I took 3 CDs to test them with; Dancing Fantasy (Smooth Jazz) for the highs, Madonna for the Mids, and Santana for the lows. Before playing the music I sanG some Zep for highs, Tears for Fears for mids, and John Lee Hooker for lows and they passed with flying colors. When I played the CDs I played 1 minute each of 3 songs I pre-selected, again they passed. Next I played Santana "Sam Pa Ti" and EQ'd to take out all the bass, then took everything out except the bass, then took out the bass and the trebs. Again they passed with flying colors. The negative from the sound is that the 15s overpower the tweets

    Now for the big test... I set the EQ back to where I have been playing my EAWs and swapped out the 125 on the right channel and put an EAW on a tripod right above the 125. I put "Sam Pa Ti" on again and cranked it up very loud. The EAWs definitely put out better highs (I upgraded the tweets to Selenium 200 watts from Parts Express) but the mids and lows on the 125s blew the EAWs away!!! Even though the 125s lost the battle of the highs they were much more than acceptable for use as a mobile DJ.

    When I went to look at these I went in with the idea that if they were somewhat close to the EAWs I would buy them and I have to say that they are better suited for my use.

    I will be applying metal corners, upgrading the tweets from Parts Express, replacing the plastic feet with rubber, adding 2 fixed casters to the bottom rear, and a handle on the rear top.

    Every review I have read (over 100 before I agreed to see these) from owners of these speakers except 1 was very positive. The one complaint everybody seemed to agree on was the weight. Let me tell you about heavy! How about lifting 70 pounds 5' high to get them on a tripod, then lifting them off after the gig? Now that's heavy!!! With the caster/handle modification I am doing it allows you to use the handle like a wheel so you can just tip them against your vehicle, grab the bottom and slide them in and out. Did it before with a pair of 160 pound dual 18s I used to have and it worked great. So even though these weigh in at 24 LBs more than the EAWs, the lifting I'll be doing is actually a lot less!

    The reviews on DJ forums from people that don't own them were pretty consistently negative. They are very anti dual 15. They recommend going with the tripod mounted 15s and a pair of subs. After hearing these speakers at the huge volume I played them at I have to say they are nuts! These are awesome speakers.

    Even though I know I could spend a lot more money and get better sound, these are great speakers and I give them a 9!

  • Geren W. Mortensen, Jr.
    from Columbia, Maryland USA July 23, 2008Music Background:
    Almost 30 years live sound (acoustisound), keyboardist

    One Word - Fantastic!

    I've owned a pair of these speakers for almost a year now, and they continue to impress me every time I use them. They handle every situation, from a singer-songwriter with a guitar to a an all out reggae-funk band with aplomb, even in outdoor festival situations. I'm sure that the "quasi three-way" crossover design has a lot to do with the sound of these speakers -- punchy and powerful.

    If there's a downside to these speakers, it's that they're 4 ohm cabinets. I wish that JBL had used 16ohm woofers, and provided a pair of speakons for daisy-chaining. Though, with many of today's amps being stable into 2ohm loads, this may be a non-issue. My only other gripe is that they're covered in a glued-on felt carpet that easily pulls up at the seams.

    If my sound truck were big enough, I'd buy another pair today!

  • Michael White
    from Albuquerque, New Mexico July 12, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Bass Player

    Sound better every time!

    Got a pair so our Lead singer (LuAnne) could really hear her-self.Now we can=t keep her QUITE!!!! Actually we all sound good now, working on getting the 18 sub and two more cabs for each side and the DBX PA + and we'll have one hell on a system. They are not too heavy and have a nice 2/way sound. Of course like they say try it and see if it works for you???

  • Sleepwalker
    from Springfield, IL February 25, 2009Music Background:
    weekend warrier for 30yrs

    JBL JRX125

    These are great "small club venue" PA speakers. I play in a Rock Band and they deliver, w/help via sub-woofer, a solid sound from high to low. If you dont use the subs, it may lack abit on the "thump" end, but actually they would do just fine on their own. They fit in a standard cars back seat, they are not real heavy, but seem solid. We got some "blems" but were pleasantly surprise that they looked almost "New". One of the plastic feet was cracked, but still functional. We plan on upgrading to rubber feet soon. The sound is great, they wont break the bank, and they have a good wide range. I recommend these highly !!

  • Robbie Larsen
    from Des Moines, IA November 2, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Will take abuse.

    I get some extra low end with a Peavey Kosmos V2. I'm running some Peavey speakers in parallel so I have 2 ohm load. These speakers are being slammed over the handling wattage they are rated. I've have used them at an outdoor events (under 500 people events.) which they proved the could deliver more than promised. Worked great in club setting for an acoustical band. Then take on a heavy metal band. I would buy these again.

  • Jim Sinkus
    from Slatington, PA May 10, 2013Music Background:
    Rock band and DJ

    Not so fast

    Not so fast on these speakers. I bought a pair, and yes, they are built very well, but speakers are bought for sound, and these do not sound good. They break up and distort when you add a little volume. Who wants to pay the shipping back to the factory to get them fixed, or is this the way they are supposed to be? I will try to unload mine and take a beating and a loss and buy a different brand. Save your money! You get what you pay for, and the price should make you think twice.

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