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JamHub TourBus Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Schenkel

    What an elegant solution! The Jam Hub systems provide a great solution for rehearsing or recording, such as grabbing a quick recording of the band. Equally useful for headphone mixing and monitoring. Every band should have something like this!

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Musician (Vintage Rock, Pop, R&B)


    "Sounds like an A Capella group with drum accompaniment," said a practice visitor. I already have tinnitus and hearing loss from my military service ("ARTILLERY"). The TourBus is saving our hearing, our backs and our precious time. The bulk of our live gear stays packed and ready to go while JamHub sits on a pedestal surrounded by a few extra mics and DI's for regular or impromptu rehearsals. The band had casually discussed acquiring a JamHub, but after losing our regular practice venue to a natural disaster, we knew we needed more flexibility, less space and ease of use. The TourBus met all those needs and many more. What's the typical saying, "Wish we'd done this years ago?" That's us!

  • from Knoxville tn February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Jamhub Tour

    Sweet piece of equipment! Sounds amazing and to this point has worked flawlessly. You can hear whatever you want or don't want in a small practice space. Definitely enjoying it.

  • from Laredo, TX May 16, 2012

    Great tool

    Been playing in bands for 15 yrs. There is nothing better then playing through amps and acoustic drums. When you need to keep quite for rehearsal purposes cant beat it. Also great for getting song ideas recorded when jammin.

  • from Peachtree City, GA May 18, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Home Run

    I bought the Jamhub Tourbus to resolve an issue with schedule conflicts at the church where I work. Our practice space was built adjacent to one of the largest meeting areas we have, and the volume of our rehearsals was disruptive to the entire building. This resulted a great deal of tension for the staff and volunteers in their efforts to get space for their specific needs and cost us a great deal of time in coordinating the calendar.

    My sales engineer Brian Cravens pointed me towards the Jamhub, and it has been a HOME RUN to resolve our issues. We purchased the Tourbus model along with an electronic drum kit and the necessary headphones and cables. In addition to being able to use our rehearsal space anytime, we can now hear details in our music that were never evident while cranking up guitar amps and the PA. The Jamhub is also protecting our hearing!

    The unit is made with exceptional build quality, the built in effects are fantastic, and the clarity of sound is amazing. Add the SD recorder and you have an amazing tool with a great value.

  • from December 2, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer - Bassist

    Best Purchase Yet

    We use it for band practices and has helped eliminate all amps, freeing up space. It has dramatically reduced volumes, and increased clarity. We recently used it for on stage mix, along with our amps and stage monitors (sending one stereo feed to back of venue (house mixer), when the lead singer/rhythm guitarist turned and said, he has "never heard himself so clearly on a live stage before". Lets face it, 90% of sound techs never get your mix the way you want it. A great tech learns quickly what you want it to sound like, and ends up fine tuning the mix right through the end of your set-lists. Frustration ends. 5 star rating would be given if it had a better power supply connection.

  • from Cape Town July 16, 2012Music Background:
    Musician. Now starting to learn about recording and sound technicalities.

    Brilliant concept but just one query

    I think that this is brilliant for band rehearsals and recording live music. it could be absolutely perfect IF it was possible to link each channel to a digital mixing/recording desk. Is this possible?

  • from Indianapolis, IN July 15, 2011Music Background:
    Sound Tech

    Worth It !

    The band was scolded about volume level at a previous practice. They were practicing in an office building during business hours, but hey, it's a band. JamHub to the rescue!! Even with acoustic drums, 1 acoustic guitar and 3 vocalists actually making noise, the sound outside of the room was minimal.

    Output configuration:
    We had Rhythm, Lead & Acoustic guitars, Keys, 2 lead vocalists, 1 background vocalist, Drums and Bass for sound sources. This consumed all 7 "musician" input groups and we needed more than the available onboard outputs. The Tourbus comes with 2 Solemix remote units, so the output issue was handled for the band. However, we had a Producer drop in so it was nice to provide him with his own Solemix remote to listen to the session. I gave the drummer a Solemix remote so that left the R channel open for me to listen and to mix/record on the JamHub itself. I was very happy that I bought the 2 extra Solemix remotes as it maxes out the JamHub direct output capability and gave me the exact number of outputs needed for the session (11).

    Input configuration:
    I ran the 3 drum mics into an external mixer, set gains, pan'd one mic left and the other right while leaving the kick centered, ran those through group outs 1 & 2 and combined into 1 stereo instrument input on the JamHub (1/4 TS to RCA cable for each group output and then a dual RCA to TRS adapter to create the stereo input on the JamHub side). It was fun to hear the drum kit roll from ear to ear in stereo!!
    I ran 2 singers vocals into the same external mixer, left them centered since they were lead vocals and output Groups 3 & 4 into another JamHub stereo instrument input for them.
    Lead guitarist and his vocals consumed both the instrument and mic inputs on one group. Keys, Bass, Rhythm and Acoustic consumed the remaining instrument input groups. All guitars were ran via the DI boxes link connection and converted to stereo at the Jamhub. The Keys ran using the headphone out directly into the stereo instrument input of one input group.

    The "quiet" practice was a success and we did not have a single complaint!! The JamHub was the solution and the feedback from the musicians was very positive! If you're a sound tech and can make the musician's happy, you've accomplished something! : ) The next step is to try to use the JamHub as a monitoring system for a Live performance. It's not really designed for it but with the right equipment and cables, it's possible. I'll update my review after I work it out. 'Cause, if you can keep the stage volume low, the FOH is super easy to mix cleanly which can make the sound experience more memorable for the audience!

    I didn't buy the JamHub stereo instrument cables because 12' sounded too cramped for me. If you put the JamHub on something 3' high then you have to have the connection < 9' away from the JamHub. They sell 20' headphone cables as standard but only 12' instrument cables, weird! I bought some 20' TRS and some 20' TS cables to handle various connections and they worked fine. The JamHub comes with two 1/4" mono to stereo adapters but you may need more.
    My only complaint is that I wish that the Solemix remote units had about 3-5 more feet of cable length on them. They are 12', so when you go down 3' from the JamHub stand and then back up 3.5' for keys, that only leaves about 5' of maximum distance between the JamHub and the musician. Take away a foot for a music stand and you can see how things will get tight quick. But, that's just a personal preference when you have a larger number of band members for a practice and should not keep you from buying this system. It rocks!!
    The Sales Engineer made the buying experience a pleasure!

  • from Portland, OR November 3, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musician, producer, engineer

    A Brilliant Idea

    I don't own the TourBus, but have recorded in many studios where this kind of device was the norm, especially for conductors or producers who liked to be in the room during recording.

    This seems like a no-brainer for almost ANY kind of rehearsal situation, to say nothing of scratch-padding new material with collaborators.

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