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JamHub GreenRoom Reviews

4.5 stars based on 8 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Nick Schenkel

    What an elegant solution! The JamHub systems provide a great solution for rehearsing or recording. Equally useful for headphone mixing and monitoring. Every band should have something like this!

  • from Orcas Isalnd< USA March 3, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    Jamming Again!

    I recently bit the bullet so to speak and upgraded my e-drums. I had been practicing on e-drums and rehearsing/performing on acoustics. Anyway, I got sick of arranging my life around my acoustics and my e-drums are infinitely expressive as anything else. The only thing that was missing was being able to bring the advantages of quiet practice into the rehearsal room. The Jam Hub shines! It took about 2 rehearsals to make the transition to the in ear environment. Even our guitarist is won over now! It is easy to use everything comes in clear and you choose the levels, such freedom and such control!
    My single complaint at the moment is that the power cord comes out of the back of the unit easily (and can be easily remedied).
    If you ever find yourself on Orcas Island, come on over and Jam!

  • from Fountain Valley, CA August 19, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    JamHub GreenRoom

    I bought the JamHub GreenRoom for my band to use in live performance. We are a 4-piece rock cover band and play local clubs. We had four issues we were trying to solve, and the JamHub did the trick.

    Our setup: We hooked up three vocals to an ART xlr-splitter and ran one side of each channel to it's own port on the JamHub and ran the other side to the board (for the audience). We mic'd one guitar cab and the bass directly to the JamHub, each to their own ports. We also use a backing track and sent one side of the stereo mix to the JamHub (which contains a click track in the backing) and sent the other side to the board (for the audience with no click)

    This really helped us solve four problems.

    First, the drummer couldn't hear the band very well from the back of the stage, so we hooked up a solemix usng an extension (DisplayPort) cable that I got on eBay and now he can hear without running an extra stage monitor.

    Second, we were able to eliminate a couple of stage monitors in front of the singer and bassist because they could get the mix through ear buds. Reducing stage monitors allows us to raise the vocals without getting feedback.

    Third, the bass and guitar who are on opposite sides of the stage can now hear each other through the JamHub without adding side amps.

    Fourth, the backing tracks were hard to hear, and it was easy to lose the beat. By adding a click to the left side of the stereo mix coming from an iPod (no click on the right side) we could send the side with the click backing to the JamHub (and to everyone in the band) and send the other side (without the click) directly to the board for the audience to hear (we used a Y splitter cable - stereo to 2 mono's). We heard the click in our earbuds, the audience did not. If you bring a mono signal into the JamHub, be sure to use their Stereo plug connector, other wise it only goes to the left ear (if I recall correctly).

    It takes a little getting used to, but everyone now has their own mix. Because the singer could hear himself better, we found at first he started singing softer in the mic. We had to make a few adjustments, but it works extremely well. The SoleMix remote devices are great, but the cable should be longer. Extension cables (DisplayPort) are available but they're about $40. I found one on eBay from the UK for about $10.

    That's my experience .... it's good stuff

  • from NY,NY January 22, 2013Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    The JamHub GreenRoom

    This unit is so cool. I have a jam/recording space in my house and it is perfect. I love the mixer capabilities as a source to my digital recorder. I use both electronic and acoustic drums miked into it. You don't even need an amp direct out. I go through an overdrive/reverb setup directly in for a simple jam guitar sound and it works great. Just remember to get a stereo to mono jack for input from the hub into the effect unit.

  • from Bitterroot Valley, MT November 26, 2012Music Background:
    Long time guitar hobbyist, vocalist, some time sound guy, and electronic tech

    GreenRoom from JamHub

    Amazing versatility, just got the unit and have only used it a couple of times. The personal mix for each performer is amazing.
    USB out to keep track of those takes that just come out right (and analyze the ones that don't) makes for higher quality practice sessions.
    I'm planning on using this for live monitoring and run the output directly to the PA... haven't done that yet, but I'm excited to try it.

  • from usa October 19, 2012Music Background:
    live sound engineer, musician

    not as good as they say

    i got the green room from reading all the reveiws and watching all the great vids online about this product and it is nothing like they put it off to be.. can not use it with acoustic drums unless you have a isolation booth for your drums then still the drummer can not hear the mix because any input past halfway clips hard so you have to keep it turned down. great idea poor craftsman ship! no power switch the oppted to leave it out so they wouldnt have to have more tests done on the unit. i have a email from JH telling me how they saved time and money by not putting a switch in, right outta the box its great for acoustic setups but if you really want the sound they are telling you that you will get is not possable with out eqs, processors,conditioners,electric drums,ect ect will not recomend this to anyone!

  • from Raleigh, NC USA August 11, 2012Music Background:

    A rehearsal essential whether you need silence or not

    This is just amazing. I don't know how anyone without their own full blown studio and full-time recording engineer manage without one.

    Eliminating sound doesn't bother us -- we have a dedicated practice studio with soundproofing and no neighbours -- but this device goes way beyond silent practice. I wouldn't have believed the astonishing difference it makes if I hadn't tried it myself.

    We took about an hour to set it up, get all the connections, set the trim levels, and set the mix levels -- we're a 4-piece with bass/vocals, guitar/vocals, synthesizers, and drums/vocals. Since then our practices have been much more productive -- everyone not only has their own perfect mix to enable them to get their sound and performance right where they want it, but the "stage position" for each instrument/vocal eliminated frequency clashes by stereo separation.

    For a band like ourselves, with three vocalists, and where the synth runs from low bass to high screams, that's invaluable for both myself and the other musicians, since none of us are stepping on each other in stereo position and frequency band.

    Again, this thing is amazing. Every band should have one. Quite honestly, it would be a good deal at twice the price.

  • from ND, USA October 23, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Producer

    Quiet Practice!

    We had first started using this particular Jamhub when I purchased electronic drums to use for silent practice. It's so easy to set up! Plug in each musician and hook up a mic. I also have a satellite control which makes it handy as a drummer. We felt that within the first few practices, we could hear each instrument "too well" which made us self conscious and play better. My band mates loved the fact that there wasn't 18" crashes filling the room with noise.

    After we felt a little "polished", so to speak, we tried to record using the USB out. MAC/PC automatically installs the driver. We used Audacity for PC, and Garageband for Mac and have achieved good results. Being able to pan instruments and effects on-board is also a useful feature.

    We didn't read the manual in depth, but make sure guitar and bass use a modeler of some sort and run out of the headphone out. Just one of those small things you learn along the way.

  • from CT October 30, 2009Music Background:
    Bass Player & Recording Engineer

    Very Cool Product, Works as advertised .....

    Had to write regarding this product. In my case, I purchased the GreenRoom. The packaging is wonderful and everything was included as it should be.

    Setting it up was straight forward and simple. Keep in mind though, that you will need to get adapters or use stereo cables for ALL the line inputs you wish to use. (2) adapters are included (1/4" TS Female to 1/4" TRS Male).

    I am in a six piece band, and have, up until now been using a Mackie 16CH board solely for rehearsals. That in conjucntion with a headphone amp is how we rehearsed. Our drummer plays an electronic kit (Roland TD series) so this was an easy fit for us. The problem was, we had no control to customize the headphone mix for each individual.

    Putting the GreenRoom to use:
    Everything works flawlessly. Plenty of headroom and volume for the headphones (Sony MDR-7506). The knobs work very well, though a little small, which is to be expected for a unit of its'size. The effects are very nice and clean too. There is NO EQ available, so you'll have to adjust your settings from the source.
    Would love to see them add an EQ section to each CH for the MIC ins.

    I have a Zoom H4 that we use to record ourselves, as well as an ipod to listen to the tracks we are learning. This was a slight hassle in that the connectors in the back are 1/4" TRS. one for output, one for input. I had to use a Y cable for the Zoom H4 (1/4" TRS male to 2 1/4" TS Male). For the ipod, I had to use an adapter (1/8" TRS Female to 1/4" TRS Male).

    Once you get all the cables and adapters figured out and connected, it works like a charm.

    leave your live rig in the cases, you won't need it to rehearse any longer.

    All in all, You will not be sorry with this product. It is the bomb! Thumbs up for sure!

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