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JamHub BedRoom Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews

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  • Nick Schenkel

    What an elegant solution! The JamHub systems provide a great solution for rehearsing or recording. Equally useful for headphone mixing and monitoring. Every band should have something like this!

  • from Lancaster California January 29, 2013Music Background:
    Bass player

    The Jamhub Bedroom

    Great for jammin and learning new song with the group.
    Being able to tunr down the other member helps you learn
    your part without hearing the other guys

  • from Atlanta, GA July 5, 2011Music Background:
    semi-pro musician

    Awesome practice tool!

    Like other reviews here, I decided to give this a try as a concession to loud basement band rehearsals. We have a four piece band, and found this very easy to set up and use. ( One tip: make sure you have TRS stereo cables available or get the cable pack - or you'll wind up with mono sound in one side only. )

    The thing just WORKS as advertised. Once we adjusted after a few minutes to playing thru headphones, everyone in band was happy with their mix. My wife was happy to not have to leave the house during practice.

    Best benefit, we could actually hear vocals clearly and practice has improved big-time. We will end up rehearsing more due to the convenience of not bothering anyone.

  • from Cincinnati, OH USA April 22, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, Recording/Mix Engineering Enthusiast

    VERY Pleased

    I play in a touring worship choir and the band was looking for a better way to hear each other. The cost of an in-ear monitor system was prohibitive, but the JamHub seemed just the ticket.

    We've now used it for 2 performances and the sound quality is exceptional. Not only are the band members hearing themselves in pristine stereo, but we are using the headphone out of the back channel (5) to feed the choir monitor since the JamHub’s sound is so good. It has tightened up both the band AND the choir. Best $300.00 I've spend in a long time.

  • from Shelton, CT December 28, 2009Music Background:

    Love it!

    I've been waiting for a product like this to come along and have to say that it's everything I've wanted and more. The sound is fantastic and the features are terrific. Using the JamHub for rehearsals one feels as if they are in a professional recording studio. Everybody gets to dial in their own mix and hear the music they way they would like, elevating the level of playing. I also love the ability to record rehearsals with my Edirol R-09 and so does the rest of the band. The JamHub is to me like wheels on luggage are to a frequent flier.

  • from Texas November 25, 2009Music Background:

    Great tool!

    We are a gigging weekend band of veterans that practices about twice a month in the drummer's recording studio. We just wanted to be neighborly and not bug folks. However, the Jamhub had a bonus side effect - we could hear each other really well. We were able to tighten up harmonies and such on several songs the first night we used it.

    It's more than just keeping the noise down. It improved the quality of our practice. Very nice.

  • from Black Eagle, MT April 28, 2016

    Awesome Rehearsal tool

    Drums, Bass, Guitar and 2 vocals
    Roland e-drums, Gallien-Krueger bass head, Line 6 Guitar effects, Beta 58A's Mics,assorted headphones

    Recently had to change our rehearsal location to a noise sensitive area. After hours of research I decided to purchase JamHub bedroom. I had reserved thoughts on how the other band members would adapt to rehearsing via headphones but we discussed together and agreed to give it a try. Setup up was a breeze, dialing in levels took a few minutes.Next rehearsal we we separated instruments from vocals so each instrument and vocal has its own output and can be independently controlled. The outputs are a bit noisy after 12 oclock but we didn't have to boost output volume past that and is certainly not noticeable when rehearsing. We had good clarity with each instrument and vocal (really helped define areas of improvement for us) and I had no more elevated tinnitus (especially bad basement rehearsing even using ear protection).
    From our prospective Jamhub is a great value and has far exceeded our expectations!

  • from Yorba Linda CA October 21, 2013Music Background:
    played 40 + years, teach and perform, have worked in studios, and backed up grammy award winners.

    I like it

    This item does what it says it does. I teach guitar, bass and mandolin, and I also coach a trio of new players in a group they are forming. They were having a hard time hearing parts, so we got the JamHub to enable each person to dial in their own mixes. It resolved most of the problem. There is still some room for improvement, mainly in the noise reduction factor, but I like it. It is functional and gave us what we needed. I also use it for one on one classes in coffee shops. I meet a bass player in a coffee shop for a lesson and we just plug in and play.
    The effects are counter-intuitive, in that the effects knob on the channel is not a traditional send to effects, but rather is turning up the effects on your headphone mix, if that makes any sense. I took half off, only because I think the stereo inputs on the instruments is short sighted. They should have made several channels mono or given two input jacks, left and right.

  • from January 30, 2012

    Great unit, easy to use

    Good sound, having lots of fun with it

  • from Dayton,Oh USA September 9, 2014

    Jamhub Bedroom

    It works well,but it has some tweaks.....all models should have the phantom power included,this one doesn't......but the effects are nice,and I like it over all except the power plug comes out of the unit if bumped....It doesn't fit in the jamhub we'll at all...If these things were fixed I would upgrade to 4 1/2 star rating!

  • from Washington State May 27, 2016Music Background:
    50 years as a musician and recording engineer

    Not impressed with component quality

    Jacks are low-quality. Crackling noise and intermittent connections if you bump them, The rotary FX switch cuts in and out and there's often noise from it. The power connector does not seat securely, often powering the unit off if you accidentally bump it.

    Audio quality is poor on microphone channels, with thin sound and distortion even if you're careful not to overdrive them. With no tone controls there is enormous tonal variation when you plug in dissimilar microphones, making it difficult to establish a vocal balance.

    Instrument channel gain isn't sufficient to plug a bass in directly in without some kind of pre-amplification such as a line out from the bass amp. The only thing that sounds OK through it is keyboards, although I have to use the synth's headphone output since the JamHub expects a TRS stereo input and there is apparently no such thing as a 1/4" dual-mono to TRS adapter in existence. It would be nice if the manufacturer offered one.

    I guess I shouldn't expect too much at this price point, but 300 bucks is 300 bucks down the drain if it's not practical to use. My band refuses to use it, so it'll just be an expensive headphone amplifier going forward.

    It's still worth 2.5 stars because the idea is good, it's compact and despite my complaints is actually usable - but I would not buy another one.

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