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Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Trans Red Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Trans Red?

Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Trans Red?

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  • from March 20, 2013

    I love mine!

    I didn't buy mine from Sweetwater but was looking around on the site and saw these reviews. Obviously a $2,000 Gibby is going to have better pickups, but I'll tell you, other than that there's really not a huge difference in the look and feel, certainly not considering the price differential. You won't go wrong with this, you'll love it!

  • from Western, MA October 1, 2011Music Background:
    Blues guitarist

    Best bang for the buck!!!

    For this class of guitar you can't do better! While it is an economy version of the great Gibson ES series semi-hollow-body guitars, I was completely blown away by the smooth user-friendly playability! The neck plays super easy, the bends are flawless and the finish is exceptional. I got mine in Trans-Red and even over a year later marvel at the beauty of this guitar. The tone is better than I had hoped for and I get some real good Gibson flavor thru my VOX Concert 501 amp and the humbuckers will kick with anything thru my Peavey solid-state Audition 110 amp. The sweet mellow tones clean are dreamy and Gibsonesque, while overdriven has crisp clear overdrive capability. I am beyond impressed with this economy-line guitar in every aspect! You won't be disappointed with a purchase of this guitar! I give it 2 thumbs up!!!

  • from Haverhill, Ma. April 13, 2010Music Background:
    Hobbyist. 35 yrs exp.

    Great bang for the buck

    I owned this one in red a few years ago and I regret selling it.
    It has a great neck, close action and the finish was awesome.
    If I come across another one I'm buying it.
    Hands down this guitar will not disappoint you if you can't touch a ES335. Buy it and enjoy.

  • from AL March 29, 2016

    A real gem, a stellar bargain

    Despite coming with much lighter gauge strings than one would presumptively expect, it plays incredibly well. Even unplugged it has a sweet tone. Plugged in, I expected the humbuckers to be disappointing, but they sound excellent. The cleans sound warm and plucky, with gain it gets a beautiful growl. I could find absolutely zero flaws with the fit and finish. No issues with fretwork, it came setup quite well. You'd expect an $800 semi-hollow to play as well as this one does.

  • from NYC May 19, 2016Music Background:
    guitarist 35 years blues rock

    ok semi-hollow

    The plastic nut would be a deal breaker but mine is cut uniformly even.
    The strings were way too flimsy and light so I replaced them with 11-49 gauge and tightened the truss rod with the supplied allen wrench to straighten the neck and then I lowered the bass side of the bridge slightly and pushed a few saddles forward towards the nut as the intonation was slightly flat.
    It plays ok, nothing spectacular.
    The hardware looks good, pickups are fine and the bridge seems ok.
    Tuners seem to hold tune.
    Overall it seems to be fair value for the money.
    Doesnt come with a gig bag or case.
    The frets are ok there are no sharp edges and the are pressed into the neck without any lifted frets.
    Its a very serviceable instrument for those not wishing to take their $3,000 Gibson into a hot sweaty noisy crowded bar filled with thieves or for people on a budget.
    My volume and tone knobs seem to work fine.
    The neck is slim but not too puny.
    Jazz players should set it up with 10-50 flat wound strings with a wound G string.
    My 11-49 strings have an unwound 18 G string for bending.
    Great guitar for the man on the go. Comes with one of those cheap instrument cables to connect guitar to amp.
    Comes with allen wrench for neck truss rod.
    Comes in a box with no gig bag or case.
    It is very similar to the epiphone Dot. The Dot has a huge neck.

  • from March 6, 2015

    Great guitar for the price

    The first thing you do when you buy this guitar is look at it and appreciate the body. They're really pretty guitars! Second thing you do is take off the strings, then take off the tuners and the nut. Then take it to aguitar shop and have them inspect the frets to make sure none are loose. Also buy good tuners and a bone nut for the guitar. This makes all the difference in the world (trust me). Set your action and intonation and you have a very cool guitar for around 5-6 bills. Eventually you'll want to replace the three way switch but other than that you've just turned your guitar into a five star instrument! You'll see...

Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Trans Red?

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