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Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Sunburst?

Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Sunburst?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Fort wayne March 31, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Student


    Good guitar on feel tone and more...it just feels good and looks cool and for this proce youll be shocked

  • from Holland, MI March 27, 2011Music Background:

    Tone Monster

    Like many I too wanted a semi-hollow body to play some jazz and blues with and to get the tone my telecaster could not quite get there with the warmth I wanted. I was not sure what I was getting so I relied on other people's reviews and some You Tube videos, well let just say i was not disappointed. The guitar is very beautiful (sunburst) and is made very well. The are no defects or blemishes, it's very solid feeling and the hardware is gold and look very nice. The playing is the real treasure, it has amazing sustain and lots of tonal range to go smooth jazz or hard rocking blues. I'm very pleased in the guitar and a big thanks to Sweetwater for the good deal and safe shipping and to the folks at Peavey for making such a nice affordable guitar.

  • from Fairview, WV USA May 12, 2010Music Background:

    Really Pleased

    I can't believe how fast I received the guitar, I received it in two days, now for the guitar its self, I am really pleased with the way it plays and sounds, I have wanted a hollow body guitar for years and now I have one!

  • from USA February 5, 2007Music Background:
    Musician and Media Services Specialist

    Exceptional guitar, especially for the price

    I have had this guitar about a month now. I was dreaming of something in the $2000 range but my budget was a little closer to earth. I searched around for this semi hollow body style and came upon this Peavey. I took a gamble knowing that Sweetwater has a reliable return policy. The guitar plays well, stays in tune and sounds great. I play it hard and soft, jazz and rock, pick and fingers. The action could be lower but that might just be a setup issue based on what I can see of the neck etc. My guitar repair/luthier friend has been very impressed with Peavey guitars and was encouraging when I indicated I had bought one.

  • from Baltimore, Md. September 12, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician

    This is my favorite guitar in my collection and I'll tell you why. The body may not be built with hand picked, higher grade tonewoods like the more expensive guitars on the market, but it's built solid and it's beautiful to look at and it feels good to play. Upgrading the tuners is a must do on this guitar though. They are inferior, so invest in keeping your guitar tuned if you buy one. Installing a new nut is a wise choice too. The humbuckers and electronics in this guitar give it a nice bluesy/jazz sound, but I eventually upgraded all of that too. Now I have a nice 335 style semi-hollowbody guitar that pretty much sounds and plays as good as the guitars that cost thousands more...seriously! When I do gigs with it people always ask me what it is. So I'll getting a Trans-Red one soon and do the same thing to it because with a little work, these guitars rock!

  • from New York March 8, 2017

    Better than Epiphone Dot

    I have the red version. Replaced strings with 11-49 then replaced those with 11-49 with a wound G string at 21 not 18 thickness. Straightened neck adjusted bridge height and stop tail height angle and intonation screws for each string.
    Its better than an Epiphone Dot and maybe even the Sheridan also.

  • from Phoenix AZ April 14, 2007Music Background:
    guitarist for a local folk rock band


    I will be honest, i bought the guitar mostly because of its looks and it was cheap. I just wanted a pretty guitar that was semi decent to add to my collection. Now that i have it, i play it way more than my Gretsch hollow body i bought off ebay for $700. It sounds far better and plays much easier . I put some heavy guage strings on and i play it out of a Peavey bass amp and it really gives it a heavy rock/ blues punch. but with the some lighter strings and out of an actual guitar amp it plays beautiful jazz! The guitar has a real solid feel to it, it doesnt feel cheep! SInce it lacks a noticable logo on the headstock, poeple are always suprised when i tell them its a peavey. They dont expect that kind of sound from a peavey. I love this guitar and deffinetly recomend it to anyone not only on the market for an inexpensive semi hollow body, but anyone on the market for a semi hollow body. This guitar should cost WAY more!

  • from hendersonville tn. usa April 6, 2006


    I recently bought a jf1, and, i must say that im impressed!!The neck has a nice feel to it , the guitar has a beautiful sunburst finish on it, its a fun guitar to play!! I did change the pickups in my jf1,because the others weren't the greatest,so i put some dimarzio classic humbuckers in and[put some new d'adario strings on the jf1 ] "wow" this thing sounds like a $3,000 guitar and i have only about $475.00 wrapped up in it!! Sounds like an expensive Gibson,but, i payed lots less!!! I love this guitar, and with the changes i made to it, i get complements on it all the time!! A friend of mine who was in the back of the music hall where my band was playing thought i was playing a gibson[ he owns a gibson] because he said it sounded just like his guitar[ a $3,000 gibson]!!! WONDERFUL,FUN, GUITAR TO PLAY!!

  • from michigan December 1, 2005

    recieved my peavey jf-1 in perfect condition extremely happy thanks yuval fuchs and sweetwater i will be back

Questions about the Peavey JF-1 Hollowbody - Sunburst?

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