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Radial JDX Reactor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from North Branford, CT February 18, 2015Music Background:

    A must need for live shows!

    Such a great product! I don't have to turn my amp up loud any more to cut through the mix! The natural tone of the of my Morgan RV35 amp shines right through. A must get!

  • from Ithaca, NY. February 7, 2015Music Background:
    40 year Guitar Player, some engineering and soundtrack production experience

    Solid performer

    In contrast to the others here that are using this for live sound, I will focus on recording use. I have struggled for the last 4 years to get the sweet tone of my Fender Super Reverb into my DAW. I must say I was VERY reluctant to stick anything between the head and speaker cab. No worries... I can hear no effect on the cabinet sound and the input to Pro Tools is clean AND completely representative, unlike a standard DI. Really easy to set up and use, leave it connected all the time. Paired with an SM57 gives a great stereo sound without the phase glop I was getting from my previous 2 mic setup. Built like a brick and well worth the money.

  • from Beautiful Fairview, PA May 16, 2012Music Background:
    40 years semi-pro bassist.

    Works great for bass!

    Since the 80's all of my bass amps have had line-outs, and I've rarely been satisfied with the FOH tone. Lately I've been using a '70 Traynor YBA-3 with a GT-6B in front of it, and I love the sound. The only concern was how to get that sound to the FOH without using a mic or the line-out on the GT-6. I wanted to get the sound of that tube head out front.

    I ordered the JDX, and I have to tell you - this thing does everything they say. With my PA channel set flat - I now get the same sound through the PA as I'm hearing from my amp! It's actually difficult for a soundman to screw this up!! Love it.

    Radial has a great site that has tons of info on this box; they leave you with absolutely no unanswered questions.

  • from Erie, PA May 8, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording engineer, Studio player


    I've been playing live for over 25 years using great amp setups, I'm currently using VHT 2502 amp, JMP-1 & G-force in my rack. The JDX unit gives me a more consistant tone with much faster / easier setup time. Another huge advantage is less open mics on stage.

    Can I get a great sound with good mics, yes, no question, and no the 57 is not in my opinion a good mic fo guitar cabs sorry. The tone this gives is every bit as good as a good mic with proper front end EQ, which you need with any great mic anyway.

    Bottom line for the money (200) bucks; Ease of setup; more consistant tone night after night; and less stage noise going into your channel.
    Its a no brainer, I'm buying another one today

  • from Canton, MI February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist - musician, recording engineer

    Can't beat this little box!

    I have been using the Radial JDX for a couple of years now and I could not be happier with how this great little box performs. I have used it on stage and in my home studio and it always does what it's supposed to do... be transparent. Great features, fantastic build quality and accurate audio. My one and only complaint would be the walwart... just because I don't care for them on any gear. All I tell you is buy one. You will love it.

    I use a JDX and a PRODI on my rig in my studio to capture both wet and dry audio from PRS Custom 24. It is nice to have two tracks of clean audio to mix and blend as you desire.

  • from Brighton, MI November 26, 2011Music Background:

    Awesome Little Box

    I use this box to split my post amp-head guitar signal to 1) feed rack delay and reverb units via a small mixer and 2) feed a RockCrusher and my cabinet. for a wet/dry stage mix. Like all Radial gear, the JDX is built like a brick and does its job without any problems. Small, reliable and effective! Highly recommended.

  • from Kennewick WA August 15, 2010Music Background:
    Studio Musician

    eBay your mic

    For years I have fought to capture the true tone of my amps. Spent a lot of money on some good mics but was never satisfied. This JDX Box does a fantastic job capturing the amps true tone and sending the signal to your mixer or A/D converter in the studio.

    Plug your amps speaker output to the JDX box and run another speaker cable to you cabinet so the head has a safe load. Then run a XLR cable into your mixer or A.D converter and you are set. Perfect control for you sound engineer. The box also has a ground lift if needed and a phase switch. It also comes with a phantom power wall wart.

    I bought two of these, one for my Metro 100 watt Super-lead and one for my 100 watt Marshal Vintage Modern and couldn't be happier. I had a Royer 121 and while that is a great mic this box actually does as good as the Royer capturing the tone. I was concerned about how the box what pickup the details of the speakers but when I used it this worry went away. I also thought I would have to eq up the signal but this also it not necessary at all.

    Nothing but praise for this little box, wish I had one years ago. I consider this a must have piece of gear for any guitarist who records or gigs.

  • from Midwest June 28, 2015Music Background:
    Music professional for over 30 years

    Great Product

    I mix a lot of live sound, I have used one of these on about 6 shows. I had trouble getting this one guitarist out in the mix. I have Audix I5, and Shure 57 neither one did as good as this box, And I like the Audix I5 for most guitar amps. Nothing bad to say here. My only thing is I wish it weren't red. As I usually wind up sitting it on the guys amp. You can see it a long way off.

  • from ohio June 24, 2014Music Background:
    live sound, custom cab builder, guitarist

    "icing on the cake"

    purchased two JDX units since my setup is stereo.....removes all the guesswork for FOH.....Radial's engineering is "spot on"with this device . No rolling the dice with mic placement ,no precious time spent trying to "dial in" a fair guitar sound. Just plug "em in according to directions, set gain structure on your channel strips ..........and step back......whew.....!
    'In my set up, i use evm-12 l's in one cab, and jbl e-110's with weber chicago 10's in the other ( i dislike celestions). in our FOH, that Boogie mark V IS EXACTLY reproduced.NO doubt whatsoever. period.Clean,overdriven ,rich harmonics great stereo placement.Cannot ask for more..and thanx to Sweetwater for excellent service...10 stars on that

  • from Eau Claire, Wi USA August 8, 2013Music Background:
    musical hobbyist

    no more kicking the mic over accidentally

    I got tired of the inconsistent sound of my guitar in the mix. Some nights too loud, some nights buried under everyone else. Also, I got tired of bumping the microphone on my cabinet on smaller stages. In an earlier incarnation of this band, the other guitarist used a red DI box with great results. I couldn't remember the brand, but I had heard good things about the Radial JDX from some soundmen I had worked with. The very first night, wow, big difference! every little nuance was captured, almost too much because it captured all of my mistakes too and made them plain to hear for all. Still, being able to have a good presence in the overall mix while keeping my stage volume at a controllable level was like a god send to me. My only wish would be an option to select different types of cabinet simulations instead of just having whatever the default is.

  • from Erie, PA June 5, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording engineer

    Must Have

    I have 25 yrs exp with live and studio sound; using VHT, Soldano, Orange, Marshall amps and pres live.

    Great piece....if your a gigging player this unit is a must....
    The sound is every bit as good as a good live mic, but with must better consistency night after night...

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