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Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 17 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V - Natural?

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V - Natural?

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  • from April 5, 2017

    Very good

    Me encanto lo recomiendo bueno, bonito y barato

  • from West Monroe, LA July 4, 2016


    This is my first Squier bass from Indonesia to love. I've had two other Indonesian Squier basses that were insanely terrible. I also have a Squier MIC (China) that's amazing.

    This Indo 5 string is awesome. It's beautiful, looks like high grade wood, it plays super smooth, and has a wide range of adjustable tone. There's not a tone I haven't been able to dial up, and they all sound great!

    I've dropped the tuning down a whole step, even on B-string to A-D-G-C-F, adjusted the neck/bridge, and this thing sounds incredible. Great, flexible tone, slapping, funk, jazz, rock, motown. This bass will probably soon become my workhorse.

  • from Chippewa Falls, WI July 3, 2016

    Really Nice Bass

    I own 3 basses that are worth 1000+ and this bass compares to them. I received this bass on thurs and had a gig sat. The only thing I could play it through was my small practice amp as my real rig was sitting in my drummer's basement. I like what I heard and the it played beautifully. I decided to give a first set test. I was a little worried about the passive pickups, as I like the active. The nice clear low end with a great punch sold me. I played the bass the rest of the night.
    Bravo Squier. Will never pay 1000+ for a bass again.

  • from FL November 9, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician

    All I was expecting, and much more.

    I've bought other lower-priced instruments with mixed results. Not here. The Squier VM Jazz Bass V (natural) is fantastic, I'd buy it again. The action is amazing, Frets were all perfect, no sharp edges, and not one bad note on the fretboard. Very stable and accurate tuning, even on the low B string. I can easily play songs on it that I have struggled to play on other basses. It is heavy. Solid, with amazing low-end response. Pickups sound just fine through a good powerful bass amp. And you always have the option to upgrade any pups or hardware, but it all works together seamlessly as it is. I read that some have changed out the bridge, only to go back to the factory standard. The notes and harmonics ring out for a very long time.

    Get one. You'll probably have to back order it, just like I did, these are very popular. These VM Squier models are surprisingly well-built. For the price, I can't imagine a better made, or more responsive five-string bass. Jimmy Hart is an excellent Sales Engineer, and he always answers all of my technical questions about every purchase. And having the ability to choose your exact model from the guitar gallery before you buy is what makes Sweetwater my choice for professional music gear.

  • from Cut Bank, MT August 18, 2015

    Worth Every Penny!

    The quality of Squier basses these days seem to be very outstanding. This bass was no exception! Really great playing bass, and very well put together. I am in awe of how cheap these go for vs the quality of product you get!

  • from BRUNSWICK,MARYLAND April 10, 2014Music Background:



  • from New York, NY March 21, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    A fantastic instrument, not just for the price

    Pretend this is a $1200 or $1800 instrument. Because it's just that nice. The action is fantastic. I really dig the sound of the pickups. As you back off the bridge there's this lovely "growl" the bass develops. Just a wonderful, professional, and great-sounding Jazz bass.

  • from wash. dc October 3, 2013Music Background:
    pro musician

    Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V

    This bass is well worth the money. The Duncan Designed pickups sound absolutely great. I own both American Jazz and Precision basses, nevertheless this bass is in the rotation. A great instrument at a bargain price, the tone is just outstanding.

  • from Pennsylvania October 8, 2016Music Background:
    Cover bands

    Low price, high performance

    I had owned a Squier years ago and it was junk. I was hesitant to buy another one but needed a 5 string on a budget. For the money, this bass cannot be beat. VERY broad range of tones with my favorite being a warm 70's vibe. The neck is very comfortable and was an easy transition back and forth from my Warwick necks. The B string is articulate and clear and shows no real signs of being floppy. It is slightly heavier than my Warwicks but it balances extremely well on a strap so it is a non issue. The construction and fit and finish seem very good but for a SLIGHT fade in the gloss inside the truss rod access hole. The setup from Sweetwater was spot on right out of the box. The only reason I give it a 4.5 is due to the weight and that one of the control knobs was pushed on too snugly and rubbed against the chrome leaving a scratch. No biggie.

  • from Avenel, NJ May 25, 2016

    Good bass low price

    Play it right out the box and it sound amazing
    Well build
    Good bass

  • from February 1, 2016


    this bass is a great second bass if you see the need for the lower notes, the picture on the site does not nearly do mine justice, unless you look very closely at it you don't notice the different pieces.
    worth it!

  • from Arnold, MD December 9, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Player for Church Worship Team - 20 years experience

    amazing bass, especially for the price

    I've owned a lot of basses over the years, including a Modulus Quantum 5, a Peavey TL-5, Carvin Bunny Brunel, Ibanez, etc. This Squier Jazz bass is as good as ANY of them, and at this price point it's an incredible deal. I play bass on my church workship team and I continually get complements from our sound guy, other musicians, other bass players, etc on how good this bass sounds. If you're thinking of getting this bass, don't hesitate ! This is my first Jazz and I will eventually upgrade to the American Standard model but will keep this one no matter what. I did a lot of research on upgrades for this, and here's what I did:
    - bought a shielding kit from Steward McDonald to cut down on the noise from the single coil pickups (all single coil instruments have this problem). It was $20 and took me about two hours to install.
    - replacing the factory strings with DR High Beams. The factory strings were fine, but the DRs sound even better.
    - I use a right angle plug, and it will eventually "unscrew" the nut on the input jack and cause problems. I had my bass pop very loudly during church services once, so I took the advice from my sound guy and used a little blue (NOT RED!) Loc-tite to hold it in place - problem solved.
    Other people say that bridge and pickup upgrades are worth paying for - personally I'm getting great tone and sustain so I don't think it's worth the money.
    Incredible bass, especially at this price !!!

  • from California October 23, 2013Music Background:
    Gospel Church Bassist.

    I love my bass!

    Looks great, feels great, plays great. Im not really into passive basses but I really like it. Comfortable and not too heavy.

  • from Alexandria, VA November 23, 2016

    Great sound, great playability, great value

    I bought this bass after viewing and reading so many positive reviews. I am NOT disappointed. This bass plays great and has a great sound. It's not my primary bass (I prefer a four-string), but it's comfortable to play and is versatile. I recommend it highly.

  • from Lake Tahoe, NV March 16, 2015Music Background:
    Working bass player

    Got lucky

    This bass was a lucky find for me. (I got a good one.) The hardware, pickups etc. work like I'd expect from a Fender bass. The tuners look a little cheaper than a Fender bass would, but they seem to work fine. The fit and finish is great! It's a beautiful, classy looking bass! So, what's the catch? The only thing my bass had to have was a professional fret dressing and leveling; cost me around $100. OK, so now I'm at $430, but I have what is essentially as good as a Fender Jazz V. I use my bass with a stomp box (outboard) preamp, and it makes it sound as good as any of my other more expensive basses. With the fret tuneup, I can have the action as low as I like, and the notes all play with no fret buzz, like buttah! I won't need to change anything else on the bass to bring it up to a higher standard. I would take this bass to any gig, now that it's all set up.

  • from Lenoir NC March 12, 2014Music Background:
    semi-pro for 40 odd years...mostly semi...

    Growing closer rvery day...

    I was reluctant to take the plunge and get a 5 stringer. My church worship team played a lot of songs in E flat and playing the octave instead of the root was not sounding right...so here I go.
    I was looking for something basic (no pun intended). I had owned Fenders before and liked the feel and sound, so I opted for the Jazz.
    My finances didn't allow for a large outlay so I figgered I'd get something with a solid core and upgrade as needed.
    I was very pleased with the look, feel and sound of the guitar. It arrived on time and in great shape. The techs at Sweetwater did a great job setting up the guitar and only required a slight lowering of the action to get it to my liking.
    My plan for now is to upgrade the pickups to active EMG's and maybe a heftier bridge.
    Over all, a fantastic bass for the bucks.

  • from NC April 27, 2017Music Background:
    Old guitar player learning the bass, collecting the whole set

    As real as I can get

    I've had this bass - Vintage Modified Natural, since September '16, so I've had time to get to know it. It's a great bargain. I gave it 3.5 stars based on Sweetwater's Really Good to Great grading system. There's very little that is negative about this bass. But know that the description of a light (not heavy) maple body is a bit misleading. It weighs A Lot. And 3 hours worth of rehearsal makes my 48 year old shoulder droop. If you are saving money buying this model, invest in a really good strap. On the plus side, it balances Extremely well. Zero dive. The stock pick-up are a bit on the weak side and the tone is OK (it is a 350 dollar instrument) but I play with either a Hartke driver pedal or a Zoom B3 so it gets a bit of bite and that is enough to satisfy me without changing them out. The only real drawback is the Low B and E strings slap the neck pick-up alot and make an ugly click I could live without. The pick-up is as low as I can set it. If you play with a pick, this is not a problem.

    The neck is huge from a width standpoint. Smooth as glass and lots of real estate. Your fingers learn to find the strings but the width takes some time to adjust to. String spacing is wide for us novice stumpy fingered guys. I like that, it just took some getting used to. The bridge is great, no flex that I've noticed, sets up well and intonates easily. Tuners are super smooth and it stays in tune really well. I think they got the nut perfect and the action was great out of the box. I've done little but play it. It is great for the money you spend. I would buy it again and I would recommend you try it

Questions about the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V - Natural?

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