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Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass - Vintage White Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Fort Wayne, IN October 24, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Hobbyist, Live Musician, Studio Musician

    Fantastic Jazz Bass!

    The action is low and sweet and plays like butter. The set up is so nice. Intonation and neck relief are spot on. The finish on this bass is flawless. You can get all of your favorite Jazz Bass tones with the Noiseless pickups and 3 band EQ. I would definitely recommend this bass to anyone who wants a nice Jazz Bass without having to spend too much.

  • from New Jersey November 16, 2014Music Background:
    Former busy player, now a basement hermit.

    I'm in love

    I have owned many basses over 40 years. This is now my favorite. I replaced the standard round wound strings with Thomastik Jazz Flats, set the neck relief and string height and now have the best playing and sounding bass I've ever owned. The active eq allows a huge variation in tone. The neck has a satin finish that feels great. The finish in vintage white is flawless and gorgeous. Do not let the reasonable price and Mexican build concern you. This is a beautiful, quality instrument.

  • from Nazareth, PA February 22, 2011Music Background:
    Hobby, student, live playing


    I'm in love with this bass. I bought it back in October and still have trouble putting it down to stop playing. I like the Mexican made fender because the American had a very thick neck and it was much harder to get the same speed as this one. The active pickups are also nice because you can get better and more sounds out of them than on the passive. I get compliments all the time on my bass and I've even had people I know go out and buy one because they liked the tone i get out of it. If you want a bass that is cheap and gets a $1,000,000 sound, this is for you.

  • from Michigan June 28, 2015Music Background:
    Alternative, blues, hard rock

    Good Buy.

    I've had this bass for around 3 years now playing on it as my main bass for a variety of uses from blues to hard rock. I gig weekly and have been fairly impressed with its durability. I just recently had to replace my tuners because they started slipping, but that's a simple fix and fairly cheap.

    In terms of sound you can't beat it. I personally just keep everything boosted to 10, but the controls do work well and pickups sound great. In terms of playability it's nice and smooth, just seems to fit right into your hand perfectly.

    Overall, you can't really beat the value. 3 band EQ with a solid build from a major name in the biz.

  • from Tejas June 22, 2006Music Background:

    i'm hooked

    This bass is my second, my first being a relatively cheap Cozart with P/J pickups. I like the P/J setup and was afraid that I couldn't get as much variation from the straight jazz setup but I was wrong. There isn't a sound I'm nable to produce with my sweet sunburst jazz. I gave it a four because the noiseless pickups aren't totally noiseless, but that was something I was prepared for.

  • from Gilbert AZ April 1, 2005

    Tone to the bone!!

    While I have owned several Jazz basses in the past and currently own a Epi Thunderbird I really enjoyed testing one of the new deluxe active jazz basses. One of the reasons why I sold my standard jazz was the weight and the limitation on tone it had. THis new Jazz bass has tone tone tone!!! And of course the neck is just awesome (the reason why I've used jazz basses in the past). I received this bass for Christmas! (talk about a surprise). THis particular one is a special edition run in Sapphire Blue with maple quilt top and back, alder body and new version U.S large pole active pickups. The fit and finish are great, as usual with Fender. I have been using this bass for the last 2 months with no trouble other than needing to replace the 9v battery once (left it plugged in overnight). I added a vintage "F" bridge cover to give it even more class. Overall this is a real quality instrument that any bassist would be proud to play. Please do not let the "Made in Mexico" drive you away. The Fender plant in Mexico makes a real quality product. I have owned American and Mexican fender instruments and both are great players however the American versions do hold thier value better, but if you are looking for a good player at a lower price point made by Fender look at the Mexican product(s).

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