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Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Black?

Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Black?

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  • from Kansas City Missouri October 18, 2016

    77th heaven

    I have been a guitar player for 43 years... but I recently had an opportunity to join a band as a bass player. I had been looking at this particular bass for almost a year… I do some home recording and the look of the bass was absolutely beautiful… looked at several other models... Thought about an upper end unit... Kept coming back to this one. It was just gorgeous... Went ahead and decided to pull the trigger since I'm now actually needed a bass.
    This guitar is just incredible. No I'm not going to say it's the equivalent of the fender Elite or any absurd claim like that... What I got for $350 was a classic jazz bass. That really looked fantastic. It felt fantastic in my hands. I have heard people complain about the neck on Squires being a little less comfortable. But this was just perfect... Jazz basses are built for comfort. They sit on your body very nicely. This guitar is quite light for a bass guitar. But it has the classic thump and snarl of any good MIM jazz bass. The Finish mine was flawless and I really love the bright highly detailed shell inlays and the vintage amber finish on the body it really gives it a classic and unique look. I always get compliments on it. And compliments on the sound as well... Set timer guitar player I did go ahead and reset up the bass for a much lower action. And was able to do so quite easily without any compromise and Buzz or tone. So not only does it look and sound good but it plays great. I'm completely happy with it... I may put better pickups in it one day. They do sometimes have the tiniest bit of microphonic Rumble at high volumes. Might switch to the fender noiseless at some point. But so far I'm playing it just fine right out of the box... Doing two shows a week and no complaints. My hat is off to Squire on this one ... home run in my book

  • from April 10, 2016Music Background:
    double bass, guitar, bass


    The playability is awesome

  • from Cathedral City CA October 20, 2014Music Background:
    retired Professional Musician and Recording Engineer

    Better Than Ever !

    Now that I've had the Bass awhile.... put on Black bridge and tuners, added classic Jazz Bass knobs and did add a series/parallel switch. Also changed to GHS flatwound strings. Plays Great, and sounds like it did before, but now I have a secret weapon switch!! changes to a somewhat P Bass like tone or maybe a G&L "L" type tone in series mode... I may add a cap to get the volume closer to parallel mode level though... there is about a 6db jump. This Bass is Great... the neck joint is tight, the action is low and the finish is flawless. Ever bit as good as any MIM Fender I've ever owned... and there have been many. Really, just details short of some of the MIA Fenders I've owned (like carbon stiffening rods in the neck, and premium wood for the bodies and the upgraded electronics). I'm a firm believer that it's the player not the gear....but there is NO WAY one of these will get in the way of your playing !

  • from Cathedral City, CA September 19, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Classic, Great Price, Great Bass

    OK 1st thing was to put on my strings D'Addario EXL170, put on the Dunlap strap lock buttons and check the trussrod adjustment (spot on from Sweetwater). Played it awhile and adjusted the bridge pieces (2 full turns !) down to lower the action... I let it rest and came back to play a while. Lowered the action 1 more turn per screw and tuned it back up. First off this Bass reminds me of my 1st Fender, a '62 P Bass, it was, as this one is, light weight ! I checked the weight with my baggage scale and it came to 7.35 (I don't know if the .35 is ounces or a %) but over all great for long playing periods.. I adjusted my main strap a little shorter and the Bass has a tiny bit of neck dive (more like a slight pull) but I can still let go when I'm playing with no trouble.

    Both pickups sound great and are hum/buzz free (!!) I was sitting right in front of my amp (GK MB500 with 2 Neo 1X12's) and when I let go of the strings .. silence (except for a little string ring.... new strings, wadda ya want ??) The pots are all clean (no scratch or crackle) and function like I expect them to.

    Bridge pickup sounds like it should ..but I'm surprised at the output and tone... I could see (with a little amp adjustment) using this pickup alone for some songs...Neck pickup, nice Jazz Bass, woody, clear pitch tone. With the new strings I could see times when I might roll the tone control back a little , .. but after the strings get about 10-15 hours on them maybe not. I like to run both pickups on full.

    While waiting for it to arrive I was looking at pre amps, new wiring harnesses (I like the Best Bass Vol, Bal, Tone like I have in my Warmoth 5 string) bridges, pickguards and tuners.... but I don't think any of that is necessary now (that could change in the near or distant future) Though I have thought about a series/parallel switch and that may (if it happens, I mean the Bass sounds so good as is) be the only mod....

    All said, I think now I have a Bass that I can play longer (hand arthritis), wear longer (light weight) and may let me get back into playing live. Great Bass at a Great price.

  • from New York May 18, 2016Music Background:
    30 years on bass

    What a surprise

    I've been playing a 5 string music man for years. Felt the need to pick up a four string again. I knew the sound/tone and style I liked. I know there's a lot of talk these days about P Basses, but a Jazz Bass sound is in my bones. So I sat at a local music store with MIA, MIM and MIJ Fender Jazz Basses, a Sting Ray 4 and a Squire 77.
    I came back a second day and had eliminated the MIM and Sting Ray. I then switched amps to an Ampeg with a GK 2 10 bottom and retested. Two hours went by and I bought the Squire with no reservations. I played it for two weeks then performed with it at the Bitter End in NYC this past Saturday and I'm completely satisfied. Their stage rig was a GK 1000 Watt head and a 4 x 10 hartke bottom. But the sound guy ran me through the mains anyway. So with our drummer hitting like he does, the guitarist's distortion, etc, the bass cut through the mix very nicely. The weight is so helpful. The neck is extremely comfortable...like a 66 Jazz I had once. And the tone is superb, and versatile. And no batteries needed. Go passive again and avoid all the pre amp hype. You can tweak your amp and never worry about needing more of this or that with an on board pre amp. The bass plays like a boutique instrument and is so inexpensive. And the price is misleading. Often you get what you pay for. But with the Squire, you're getting a fantastic instrument for a couple hundred bucks.

  • from DFW December 24, 2015

    Stellar bass - Stellar service

    The Squier 77 VM jazz is an excellent example of what a Fender jazz is all about but with the added bonus of being light weight. Agathis wood and a slightly thinner body nail this one at under 8lbs, yet it still growls, punches and sustains like weightier Fender alder based jazz. The new Fender designed pickups are quite surprising. They have a more 'Fender' leaning than previous Duncan designed models and there is a little more richness to the tone but still manage to have a little heat and aggression.

    Fret edges are smooth and the fretwork in general supported a lower than Fender spec setup before fret buzz was ever encountered. Inlays are well done without any noted flaws. Neck gloss is thin, smooth and fast. Body finish is very good as well.

    I only have only two criticisms over this bass; the output jack and the neck tint. Cord fit in the jack isn't tight and is little wobbly as if it isn't properly sized though it doesn't crackle. I will still be replacing it with a switchcraft jack which fits snugly. The neck tint, while well done lacks a richness and warmth in appearance. It is more of a yellow than amber. A minor gripe really.

    The road to this amazing bass was not perfect. The first bass I received was nice in every way except one; it had a slight twist in the neck which prevented an ideal setup. I immediately reached out to my Sweetwater rep about the problem. Sweetwater was on point and remedied the situation quickly. They had excellent communication, were very helpful throughout the process and cross shipped the replacement. The second unit was an absolute home run and so was their service. A true test for a vendor is in how they handle problems and Sweetwater shines in this area.

  • from Louisiana June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Picking up where I left off in my 20's.

    A Great Bass

    I'm very happy.

  • from Vermont July 31, 2016Music Background:
    47 years in the trenches

    geddy for less

    I own one of the newer models that have the fender designed pups as opposed to the earlier versions w/ the seymour duncan designed pups, i prefer the fenders. this is a great bass for the $ w/ some typical preference adjustments. it is very light, balances well, and is very well put together. i added a bad-??? bridge and rotosound swing bass strings to mine which really brought out the sound, and some black strap-locks. so it's a geddy lee bass but lighter and has a more accessible truss rod adjustment...and it is gig friendly. whats not to love? I may buy another.

  • from sierra city ca. February 12, 2015Music Background:
    50 years on the fender bass

    sooooooooooo light

    I used to think "if it only said Fender on the headstock" well it doesn't, and it's just one great bass. I always change to flatwounds, take the neck plate off and do about a 2 hour private set up, not that Sweetwater doesn't do a great job, they do. I just have a personal way for my set up. I use this all the time, I'd probably take it with me if I could only have one bass !!! It only weighs 7 lbs and that back pickup is what I live for.............................gads and holy moses

Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Black?

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