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Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Amber Reviews

5.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Amber?

Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Amber?

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  • from Tucson, AZ July 18, 2016

    Can Gig

    Purchased last March.

    Replaced the knobs with standard JB knobs and put flat wounds on it. I usually do a set-up when I have gear shipped to me, but I found it wasn't necessary, good work Sweetwater! Stays in tune, in fact the "cheap" tuners don't feel cheap- I'm genuinely surprised by the hardware coming out of the Indonesian factory, and feel that the craftsmanship gap between Fender and Squire is becoming narrower.

    I bought this to retire my aging and valuable 72' Fender JB. I wasn't sure if I would be able to gig with it, but after putting Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups in the bridge and neck, I now bring it to every gig, and play it on most songs in the set aside from a few that I use a Ricky on.

    If you enjoy doing a little modification (replace pots, pickups,wiring) you will end up with a gig-worthy instrument that can hang with the Fender gang. Shoutout to my sales engineer Nate Edwards.

  • from Hamilton Ontario Canada July 18, 2016

    Just finished taking the finish off mine

    Got mine last year, a lefty that I flipped over to right hand. Removed pickguard. Found it heavy and figured it would help to strip off the finish (it's natural butterscotch, or was), so 3 days of heat gun later, I had it down to the bare wood all over. It's lighter and it's incredibly clear sounding now. These particular ones have great necks and have a superb growl if you are playing rock. I like this bass as much as my 66 P bass - it's less punchy but has incredible character for a new bass, with beautifully detailed highs and excellent low end tone.

  • from August 17, 2015


    After agonizing over what to buy for my first bass, I finally bought this one. It has amazing versatility that really surprised me. I have had the bass for two weeks now, and I can tell you that the construction is built to last. Sweetwater sets it up for you so it's ready to jam right out of the box. This bass feels great(lightweight and perfect fret size), and sounds great(deep creamy lows to clear highs and punchy mids). I think that this is definitely better than the 70's in both appearance and sound. Don't worry about damage during shipping because mine made it all the way to Portugal in perfect condition. I am really happy that I chose this bass, and Sweetwater is the best! Thanks.

  • from Muskegon,Michigan May 11, 2015Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Sweet bass!!

    I can't believe how nice this bass is!
    It sounds great,plays great and looks great! I brought it to a jam session and other bass players loved it too! Hard to believe it's so affordable!

  • from Manahawkin, NJ April 20, 2015

    So Much Bass For Three Hundered Bucks!

    I just purchased this bass and can't believe how much bass you get for $300.00. I was a little hesitant knowing the bass was made in Indonesia but I pulled the trigger regardless. In my opinion Fender China instruments are some of the worst stuff Fender has put out. Anyway, this bass came from Sweetwater in 2 days. Expertly checked out by Sweetwater staff, I was blown away with fit and finish on this one. Electronics surprised the heck out of me. Quiet and on the money dials. Great Fender jazz sound. Setup was perfect from Sweetwater. Set to exactly where I play my Fenders. I assumed before it got here I would be dropping it off for a fret dress. I assumed wrong on this one. It's a VERY NICE neck indeed. It does have a great vintage feel to it overall. I did replace the bridge (nothing wrong with the factory one) with a Gotoh bridge and man what a difference in sustain. A very nice upgrade! Sure, it's not an American or even a Mex but it's so much bass for $300.00. This one should be the flagship for Squier!

  • from Orlando, FL March 18, 2015

    Excellent Bass, Great Price

    It is hard to believe an excellent bass that looks and plays this good came right of the box at a bargain price. No buzzing frets, no flaws, well built, and sounds better than the original! I toured with a "real" 77 jazz bass in 1980 and that bass, now worth well into 4 figures, did not sound or play as good as this one. I waited three months to write this review to make sure nothing would mess up. Playing mostly heavy slap and pop technique, I play harder than most and this bass takes it all. Some of my "expensive" basses can not compete with this bass. Thru any size amp to direct into the board, it sounds "vintage" great. The action required no tweaking out of the box, intonation was right on. Some players might want to slightly lower the top two strings, but it was setup just right for me. I've been playing for over 40 years, having owned over 100 basses and this is by far the best deal ever. I currently own several basses over the $1K price tag and would part with most of them. No one is getting this one! It's a keeper and for anyone regardless of age, playing ability, style, professional or amateur, you will not be disappointed. And yes, it took me a few years to even consider buying a Squire - The only regret I have is I should have bought this bass sooner! Great Sweetwater service!!! Thank you Aaron!! Sweetwater had this bass in my hands in three days (over 1000 miles) with standard shipping, and haven't put it down since. If your a bass player, do yourself a favor and check this bass out!

  • from Georgia June 19, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer, Bassist & Moderate Electric Guitarist

    Surprising Quality For The Price

    I got thiss to have as a backup for my Fender Jaguar and I am amazed to admit I like this one better. Maybe it is because I always enjoyed the Fender Jazz Bass I had before. That says alot because that means this bass looks, feels & reminds me of my previous Fender that cost almost 3 times as much. Overall this is a steal and I recommend it for anyone especially beginners because once you get better at playing this bass will still be compatible even with experienced [layers. You better get one before they change their mind on the price.

  • from Orlando, FL USA January 7, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Student

    A Bass guitar that sounds and looks like a much more expensive one.

    I was looking for a bass guitar for under $200. After 5 weeks of research I decided it was worth to spend an additional $100 and not have to ever upgrade to a more advanced bass. I read and watched on youtube dozens of reviews and this one was the winner. Earl Davis, from the Maxproud Channel, a bass player who collects bass guitars, ranks the Squire '77 Vintage Mod Jazz Bass at his favorite. It has exceeded my expectations. It sounds great, easy to play, 7 1/2 pounds, and it looks like a much more expensive bass. A work of art that looks like the Fender Marcus Miller plays.

  • from Georgia February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Certified Bass Lover

    Squier 77 VM Jazz Bass in Amber

    I just received this bass from Sweetwater. The photos and weight of the bass I purchased are dead on!
    I like everyone else am apprehensive about mail order music. Sweetwater is well ahead in the online sales game and I am glad I found them. Fret work is of critical importance on a bass and the one I landed has excellent workmanship. Absolutely no buyers remorse here! Highly Recommended.

  • from January 4, 2017

    Outstanding Service

    First a word on the service I recieved. I ordered on a Friday and by Monday it arrived. Took it home and had some intonation problems at the 7th(?) fret as well as some damage to the nut. I got in touch with my salesman Jim Watson. He got me started on the return/exchange process and I sent it back the week before Xmas. A replacement arrived the Monday before Xmas! Can't ask for more than that. I've ordered several times from SW and this was the first issue with anything I've had,and it was resolved right away.
    Very playable bass,has all the Jazz bass tones available w/the stock p/u's,although I may do the Dimarzio swap eventually. Fit and finish was on point. VERY happy w/my purchase!

  • from Kansas City Missouri November 26, 2016

    Fantastic Bass and a fantastic value

    My main instrument is guitar... And I have an extensive high-end collection... but every now and then I get an opportunity to play bass in a band... I wanted something that looked great and I really love the old Jazz basses… I looked at this for about a year before I bought it… I actually belong in two bands now... One on guitar one on bass.. so it was finally time to pull the trigger as I said I was looking for something that looks great and had a good sound and had the excellent play ability of an old JB... But I didn't want to start a high-end case collection. This guitar turned out to be perfect... the Pearl block inlays really pop... And the darker Amber natural finish is just beautiful with the black pickguard which I will probably change to a pearl black... The playability is classic jazz bass... Don't feel a difference between this and the fender models same great Jazz neck same great jazz bass action... Without breaking my wallet... As others have mentioned stays in tune and the sound is absolutely excellent. I took off a half a star because the pickups are slightly microphonic at times but for $ it's a small complaint really small one... excellent for a student or intermediate player at home... If you want to get with it you'll probably want to eventually change the pick ups to something better… but I have been gigging with mine as is out of the box and it works great. If you would like a little fancy bling gorgeous finish and a good playable jazz bass for just a little money this is the one you want

  • from United States March 3, 2015Music Background:
    Advanced amateur

    Better than advertised.

    I've never been a 'wood-sniffer'. If I need a guitar and it sounds good to my ear, no ergonomic and decent hardware, I'll buy it. I' played a Fender Jazz in my local shop. It was great, but truthfully, I couldn't tell the difference in playability or sound. And I don't believe 99.9% of us COULD tell the difference.

    This Squier is as every bit as good as the up-scale Fenders. Playing it is a joy, it holds tuning, great action, and sounds great to me. If you want a classic bass for a great price, this is it. If you really need mother-of-pearl, and a name on a headstock, they sell plenty of that here.
    BTW, did I mention it's friggin' GORGEOUS!

  • from Gulfport, MS September 16, 2013Music Background:
    40 plus years

    Well made bass,could not believe for the price.

    Frets are very good no sharp edges,set up with low action,pickups sound better than american made ,played one for 20 years. No hissing noise at all even when you turn one of the volumes down lower than other one.The original bass had a lot of ground noise.Intonation set perfectly. Played on two gigs so far,looks better than picture and sounds great.Could not believe how well made this instrument is.Only thing I could see wrong was volumes are not as responsive as american made.

Questions about the Squier '77 Vintage Modified Jazz Bass - Amber?

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