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Roland Integra-7 Synthesizer Module Reviews

4.5 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland Integra-7 Synthesizer Module?

Questions about the Roland Integra-7 Synthesizer Module?

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  • Evan Mehre

    The Roland Integra-7 is a valuable addition to both my live and studio rigs for its versatility and sound quality. The instruments that I commonly use sound better in the Integra than they do in any software I own - and it doesn't cost my computer any processing strain!

  • from Sandy Creek, New York May 24, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    This is tremendous!

    Roland's greatest hits! Every imaginable sound you could want and the effects are great especially through an a-49.

    However, I am somewhat disappointed in my friends at Roland. After years of buying their great keyboards I got this, a Jupiter, and an fa-06.

    The Jupiter sounds fantastic, but its not a workstation. This box has every sound you'd ever need but you have to buy a keyboard. The fa-06 is fine but has a third of the sounds and no after touch.

    C'mon Roland! You guys could put out a workstation that would bury the Kronos, so why don't you?

  • from Bellingham, Wa May 15, 2017Music Background:
    Semi Professional Guitarist/Vocalist (I work a day job also)

    Roland Integra-7 Sound Module

    This thing is Bad To The Bone....Wonderful.....I can't believe the instrument sounds that are coming out of it and it is so user friendly.. I am assigning the sounds to my midi songs in Cakewalk Sonar and it is like the band in right in my studio...worth every penny I paid for it and I highly recommend it to anyone and the pre-loaded thumb drive is a great idea....it's all there on the thumb drive so no need for the bulky hard copy manuals unless you just want to print one out...

  • from Montgomery, Alabama October 17, 2016Music Background:
    Music producer & sound engineer


    Im gonna be very honest about the pros & cons. It is a little tricky to learn at first & I knew that I would have to bite the bullet and spend the night digging into it. Everyone knows that roland has some of the best sounds in the industry but when they said that the I7 was no compromise, they didnt lie. The flexibility is a music producer's dream come true. For instance, as a drum machine, it not only has some of the best Vdrums, but with eight outputs! Each output can have its own compressor, eq, chorus and reverb! Not sharing! And the compressors are the real deal. I put the compressors on my VU meters, just to see how well they can control dynamics. Then i sequenced a piano loop, purposely playing inconsistently between soft & loud. They not only are the compressors very effective but they don't squash the music either. Superb job. The quality truly amazing in every category. Just remember to dont ever think that you can figure this out without the manual. But once you get it, then it's not hard at all.

  • from Ojai, Ca September 10, 2016Music Background:
    semi retired TV/Film Composer and musician

    Evolution wings clarity

    Anytime roland evolves it evolves into more clarity.

    This sounds awesome and the ability to control with my iPad and realtime mix and modify stuff is so cool. The sounds are a must.
    The box is a must! just add it to your rack. It will be the box that starts taking over your rack. "Oh, that sounds crappy...Lets use the harp or piano on the Integra!" before you know it you will be buying another box and selling something older.

    This box can seem overwhelming at first but if you stick to it you can do amazing things. Sounds and effects really sit in mix perfect. Saving your Multi setups with all your Midi setups to match your Cubase or MOTU DP seq templates is to perfect. It has about every sound you want.
    Cant go wrong. Just buy this and get it over with. Then it will spread like cancer and you will want another box.

    I can't figure out why you can't load all the slots with snd banks at one time?
    Also Roland should sell a 128 voice polyphony upgrade. It would be so nice to just have one box with more sounds and polyphony.

    See the problem is not weather you like this unit as it is a fact you will love it. It is how can I afford two? Why can't Roland make a box with 256 Polyphony and allow me to load ALL of Roland's snd banks at the same time. Ha Like I will part with mine!!
    Oh..dont forget the WiFi usb. Mine did not come with one. You will need to buy this in order to use your iPad wireless or iPhone wireless and the IOS cool Roland app. A MUST have!

    Roland did a awesome job. People are buying more Virtual instruments plugins. If companies like Roland and Kurzweil can add polyphony to 256 or 512 and allow more of there existing libraries to load..well the units would fall off the shelfs. Computers are maxed, and lagging. You can't open all your virtual libraries and effects that you need anymore do to lack of CPU. It is a opportunity for Roland, Yamaha, and Kurzweil to breakout with some 256-512 polyphony and large sound sets. We all need our CPU back.
    Let the CPU on my Mac be used for Sequence and Special VST effects. HELP Roland! Kurzweil! anyone?
    Musicians world wide are suffering from slow computers and VST saturation. Bring back the Rack units that use midi or usb or wireless!

    Thank you Sweetwater for getting me one of the first units.


  • from ATLANTA January 27, 2016Music Background:



  • from PHOENIX, AZ November 2, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic Music Producer

    Amazing Sound Module

    This is simply one of the best sound modules that gives you access to a VAST library of sounds. I often find that the default effects on each sound to be optimal and rarely have to add any additional effects. The front panel is well thought out and navigation is easy. It is effortless to find the sound I'm looking for with the Tone Finder function and the audition function, accessed by pressing the volume button, auditions each part with a musical phrase that is customized to the specific part. Genius! This unit has more functionality than I can possibly go into in a short review and I have yet to explore all its capabilities. This is definitely a professional piece of gear. Definitely buy it--you won't be disappointed!

  • from March 30, 2015

    Great addition to my rig

    I'm so glad that I finally went ahead and bought the Integra-7. It sounds great on its own as well as in combination with my other gear. If you know how to get your controller or DAW to send MIDI CC messages, Roland's documentation makes it easy to get up to speed and get the most of it from the start.

    Compared to some of Roland's previous synth modules, the Integra-7's effects routing is more basic, which made me worry that I would find it too limiting. However, I found that the per-part MFX settings along with per-part EQ make it extremely easy to dial up the perfect sound to sit in the mix. And it makes it quicker and easier to pick and choose individual sounds and incorporate them effectively into new stacks.

  • from Brooklyn, NY, USA December 31, 2014Music Background:
    Engineer, broadcast, post production, live sound engineer, event management, hobbyist

    Supernatural sound + roland history = amazing product

    The entire roland history in one unit plus the additional supernatural sounds are enticing enough to take the plunge. The interface is super intuitive. Large LED panel makes it easy to navigate through this device even without the wifi iPad app. Ease of use is a great plus when dealing with rack synths. Using its onboard effects as time based DSP processing for pass thru audio for my other instruments. Thanks to sweetwater I get the latest OS pre installed as well

  • from bronx'ny August 11, 2014Music Background:

    very very good

    Wish I had this ten years ago

  • from Porland ME USA May 22, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Great module

    A very vast and comprehensive top quality library of sounds and invaluable addition to any studio. Indeed, this module carries the last 30 years of Roland's sounds. Some could be deemed as dates, but well worth it and better sounding at 24bit/96Khz. Plenty polyphony for multi-channel operation, and pro on board effects free up CPU resources from any DAW setup. All of the videos and ads seen on Roland and review websites are a true representation of what you get. Fantastic purchase and top notch customer service from Sweetwater, would recommend product and retailer to anyone.

  • from San Jose, CA May 6, 2014Music Background:
    Professional musician and accompanist.

    Roland Integra-7

    The sounds on this device are incredible. I am learning how to use this with my 4 manual Allen organ and am having a great time exploring how to use the different sounds to enhance my music. Planning to learn how to" layer" the sounds this week.

  • from Brooklyn, NY April 14, 2014

    Great addition to studio!!

    The Roland INTEGRA 7 has a extremely large selection of excellent sounds that would satisfy almost any kind of music genre project. For the kind of music that I make it has given me excellent drums and synth layers. I also downloaded the free "Euro Attack Synth" sound library from Roland's AXIAL website which includes some gritty electro sounds and the best analog kick drum I've heard in a long time.

  • from St Petersburg, FL USA November 14, 2013Music Background:

    Roland Integra - 7 Synthesizer Module

    The one thing I noticed right away was how realistic the piano sounds are. The full Grand piano sounds like a real full grand piano. Also, I'm amazed at how the violin and string sounds are so close to the real instruments.

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana February 4, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing and Powerful Roland Synth!

    This Module is amazing! Over 6000 sounds in this thing. So many Roland sounds you know and love. All the SRX cards too. Also all the sounds from the Jupiter 80 plus 50 more super natural tones. Also you can use your Ipad wirelessly to control the Integra 7!If you are a Roland user and have been for years like myself then this is a perfect synth module for you. Has 128 polyphony , maybe could be mire. 256 would have been great. Also a VST AU plug in for the Integra 7 would be awesome. Hopefully they will have one soon. Overall I highly recommend this synth. You will Love it!

  • from KY November 6, 2012Music Background:

    Integra 7

    great sounds, unique 5.1 surround that I've not explored yet, and 6,000+ sounds! I'm just learning all the unit's features but it is a great expansion sound module that I plan to use in my keyboard setup. I love the SuperNatural sounds!

  • from texas January 16, 2016Music Background:
    professional musician of 27 years

    worth the money

    well I've been using the integra and i have to admit, i reach for it a lot more often than software these days. the sound is SO CRISP AND IN YOUR FACE it just leaves most plugins in the dust. they are selling these for 1400....some places have them on sales for lower if you watch. it is worth every penny. plugins are so cheap. yes. but if you buy a new computer ......headaches. i have lists of songs I've created over the last 5 years and sometimes i load them and "wheres my sounds?". not so with the integra. time will be the ultimate test. how much more fidelity can they bring to a unit without wiring it directly to your brain. this unit will be in use for a long long time. i have read that the sounds are not inspiring or modern....well you know, if you can't get something out of this box then you don't need to be making music in the first place. the integra 7 is an endless source of sound. and its always there, ready to go. no mousing. finding sounds is so easy. that is why i depend on it more than my KOMPLETE LIBRARY> its fast and easy. not to knock native instruments by any means. awesome. but its nice to have a hardware unit to TOUCH. and selecting sounds is a few quick button pushes. and also, it doesn't tax your computers resources which would be best applied to Audio, Compression, EQ etc etc etc. GET THE INTEGRA

  • from DeLand, FL January 7, 2016


    Amazing sound module. Just scored a film trailer with it. Thousands of sounds, great functionality and flexibility. Detailed menus and readable screen display. Easily integrated with my daw and all my other midi gear and devices. A little different at first that is not laid out in banks and patches, rather studio sets. But, after using a short time it's a great concept, and naturally everything is categorized for easy navigation. The Ipad editor is a must since there is so much inside this box. I would like to point out that I was hesitant about the fact that the rear usb port can accommodate either pc or Ipad connection, and not both at once. There is a usb port on the front which allows wireless Ipad connection but, I'm not a fan of using wireless and haven't tried that out yet. Then I realized, why not just connect Ipad via the midi din jacks. Works perfectly! Even the Roland techs insisted you can only connect Ipad via usb, wrong. My only complaint was that the other editor that's offered as a plug-in is VST3, which is not supported in my version of Sonar.

  • from Dallas Texas July 11, 2015Music Background:
    Professional, composer for film television and radio

    A rack synth in2015? Why?

    In an age of very fast computer power and enormous ram and solid state hard drives and amazing soft synth plugins what possible advantage could a rack synth like the integra provide? Well AS IT TURNS OUT PLENTY. Need a new computer? Need to update your software? No problem, the integra is still plugging right along! And when the creative juices are flowing nothing kills it like endless mouse clicking menu diving in software synths while on the other hand the integra is laid out in such a way as to Make finding the right sounds much much faster. It's truly worth the Rediculously low prices they are being offered. Do not listen to those who dismiss this huge resource. Hardware is also not so easy to download and Crack!

  • from United States October 24, 2014Music Background:
    composer / engineer

    Very impressive

    This is a sort of a trade off between unlimited adjustments and massive sound library. Own a kronos x so between the two this is different. Like that can spend the time layering endless tones for massive sounds over near endless kronos adjustments. The sonic quality is extremely excellent. The samples air all over the map from airy to dreary! This is still a very deep instrument with a lot of adjustment still to be had. Run it off a cme 88 board and the velocity and aftertouch is near perfect.

  • from Seattle, WA USA September 12, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    King of Sound Modules

    I'm using this as my primary gigging sound engine, with a MIDI controller and an additional Hammond SK-1 for my organ tones.

    The SuperNatural tones in this thing are amazing. The acoustic instruments are particularly convincing, thanks to the fact that they aren't simply samples. If you need to add convincing acoustic instruments like strings, woodwinds, brass, or guitars... you shouldn't need to look elsewhere (except maybe the Jupiter-50 and -80 synths which are related to this rack unit).

    The motion sound is cool, if you're producing for 5.1 then this really makes it simple to deal with the sound field. But for me I only use it to create a cool soundscape for our band's intro, and for positioning some SFX for a Pink Floyd cover.

    Roland's marketing of their latest products has baffled me as they seem to have missed their target market. This is seriously a great piece of kit for the gigging performer who doesn't want their acoustic tones to sound like digital keyboards. You need to add a harmonica in one song? or a cello? or that sweet flute solo in that outro? You won't find any other hardware device capable of such convincing tones as this guy is, thanks to the behavioral modeling that adds essential nuances to the tones when played. The piano tones are excellent, as are the EPs. I can't speak to the organs as I use my SK-1 for organs. This replaced a Yamaha Motif XS and a Korg Krome; it's definitely a big step up from both.

  • from Half Moon Bay, CA February 23, 2014


    I thought I'd never buy a sound module again, but I gave in and picked this item up. It's basically got every Roland preset and sound library over the past 30 years. All the SRX cards and the same synth engine as the Jupiter-80. Another way of thinking about it is a rack-mount Jupiter 80 Plus a bonus of all the SRX cards. (well, and half the polyphony of a JP-80...)

    The sound quality is astonishing. Roland has a knack of having amazing presets and having this collection is super awesome.

    Giving only 4.5 stars because the Audio Unit is not 64bit yet so the innovative plug-in editor does not work yet :-( :-(

  • from Maryland October 23, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Roland Integra-7 Sound Module

    This has very rich sounds that is unmatched by any other product!! Well worth the money for such a great product in a light weight rack model.

  • from USA VA February 21, 2017Music Background:

    I can't Fix its out put problem

    it have a good quality but its not easy to fix to install .I got a out out problem. I heard the sound only a right speaker I try to fix too many times but I can't

  • from June 25, 2015Music Background:

    Polophony to small

    Supernatural sound quality is perfect, i them a lot!
    I got it with the expectation to have some 2 or 3 instruments playing along with me when playing piano
    The sound get chopped up in small pcs and swallowed, because polyphony is too small, when having more than 1 part selected from all 16.
    Only 1 supernatural instrument can be used at the time, when I asked for support on Roland USA website, they just closed the question without even answering,
    i hope there will be some update or improvement in the future

    I do not understand we have dualcore -> quadcore -> octacore Full HD, but a polyphony of only 128 ??? That is a true shame!

  • from Jacksonville, North Carolina November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    Roland INTEGRA-7

    I'm sure the INTEGRA-7 is an outstanding piece of gear however unless a person is experienced with setting up a sound studio they will be lost trying to use this machine. I have had the INTEGRA-7 now for about two weeks and as yet have NOT been able to use it. As far as I am concerned this machine is not for a novice. I have a friend who has a studio and who is trying to help me with the INTEGRA-7 setup. He is even having trouble. Roland does not pack enough detail in their instructions that come with the INTEGRA-7. For me right now all I have is a very expencive paperweight. I am not displeased with my purchase as I will more then likely get it working eventually however the INTEGRA-7 is definitely not plug-n-play.


  • Mitch Gallagher

    Roland has rocked the synth/keyboard world over and over again with their many innovations, from the original analog Jupiter to the digital D-50, from the JV-1080 (and all of its expansion cards) to the recent Jupiter-80 -- not to mention their incredible digital pianos. And let's not forget their industry-leading electronic drum kits. Imagine how cool it would be to have the full range of Roland's synth, drum, and keyboard sounds in your studio or live rig.

    As nice as that would be, not many of us could achieve it -- if nothing else, finding and maintaining those vintage Roland synths is a difficult proposition. But there is another alternative: the all-new Integra-7. The Integra-7 is a 2-space rack module that is a virtual library of all things Roland, with a stupefying selection of 6,000 onboard sounds. Need TR-808 or TR-909 sounds? In there. A gorgeous grand piano or an electric piano? In there. Vintage and modern analog and digital synths? In there. Orchestra strings? Ethnic instruments? Guitars? Brass? Acoustic drums? Special effects? Yep, all in there!

    The Integra-7 offers 16 parts, each with its own EQ and multi-effects, 24-bit/96kHz sound quality, and loads more. Put it this way: it's no problem to create a full band, an ensemble, or an orchestral arrangement using the Integra-7. Also included is Motional Surround, derived from Roland's proprietary RSS processing, which provides 360-degree placement of each part -- either in stereo or true 5.1 surround!

    The Integra-7 is not lacking in the I/O department, either. There are four sets of stereo outputs, including a pair of balanced XLR outputs and a digital output. A USB connection allows you to stream 24-bit/96kHz digital audio directly to a computer, and it also gives you MIDI control.

    You can wirelessly control the Integra-7 using your iPad and Roland's free Integra-7 Editor app. The Integra-7 Editor app gives you complete control over the Integra-7, as well as the attractive full-screen user interface that makes operating the unit super intuitive.

    It's hard not to rave about the Integra-7. The power of this synth borders on the ludicrous. If you can have only one synth to cover all your sonic needs, this is it. If you're looking to expand your palette, this is it. If you love creating sounds and textures, this is it. If you love acoustic instruments, this is it. The list goes on and on, but so does the capability of the Integra-7. Sorry, Roland, I won't be returning the review unit. It's staying right here with me!

Questions about the Roland Integra-7 Synthesizer Module?

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