Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-in - Native

Oxford Tube-Emulated Dynamics Processor Plug-In - Mac/PC AAX, RTAS, VST, AU
Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-in - Native image 1
Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-in - Native image 1
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Software Compatibility

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Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-in - Native
Delivered In Minutes!

Inflate Your Mix!

NOTE: This product requires iLok authorization. For more information, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at (800) 222-4700.

The Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native provides an increase in the apparent loudness of your tracks without obvious loss of quality or reduction of dynamic range. It also avoids damaging increases in the peak level of the signal. Oxford Inflator's processing can also bring power, presence, and warmth to your tracks while providing additional headroom complete with the subtlety and sound of famed tube systems. It's a favorite among mixers at Sweetwater for its ability to make just about any source sound more vibrant. Add the Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native to your plug-in arsenal, and see what you've been missing!

Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native at a Glance:
  • Maximum loudness
  • Multi-purpose tool
Maximum loudness

No matter how limited, compressed, and crushed your program may already be, the Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native will provide even more loudness. It will even add volume to a full-scale white noise signal or add musicality to previously clipped signals! The Oxford Inflator Native was developed in response to requests from mixing and mastering engineers who are required to compete on the basis of the overall apparent loudness of their final results.

Multi-purpose tool

Use the Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native to produce louder mixes than you thought possible without overloads or compression pumping, or use it to add natural warmth and character to acoustic or jazz mixes. Use it on single instruments to add presence, softness, and depth, or use it on percussion and drum tracks to produce amazing dynamic presence, tightness, and volume.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native Features:
  • Increases the loudness of almost any program material
  • Creates warmth, character, and dynamic excitement similar to that of analog systems
  • Provides virtual headroom above digital maximum to allow percussive peaks to pass without causing signal overload
  • Creates artistic effects ranging from subtle, tube-like harmonic characteristics for warmth, presence, and "in your face" fatness to outright saturation distortion modeling
  • Features 2 modes of operation (direct and band split) for maximum flexibility and artistic creativity. These 2 modes also ensure optimal DSP usage
Add magic to your mixes with Sonnox's Oxford Inflator Native!

Tech Specs

Software Type Dynamics
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
iLok Required Yes
Format AAX (Native, HDX), RTAS, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Processors, 1GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC 1GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.4
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7/Vista/XP
Manufacturer Part Number NATINFLG5

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
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I don't know exactly what this is doing under the hood but it sounds phenomenal. Also I really like the fact that you can get a perceived 3db gain without it really adding any volume. Crazy and unbelievable but it's true. Also pushing it will add a little warmth.

There's nothing like this.

If you search reviews and forums nobody really understands how inflator works under the hood and that's what makes it so special. It will add warmth and perceived loudness to any mix but not in the regular ways other plugins do. It's one of the plugins you need in your arsenal.
Music background: Audio Engineer - 10 years

Adds sense of depth on master bus

Threw is on master bus at 50% effect before Ozone 6 and Boom!!!!Great depth of sound, although I have no idea why, must be MAGIC.Must be some sort of compression and harmonic enhancement combo.Just get it, it's great.
Music background: Mix Engineer

Oxford Inflator is close to being a magic plug-in...

I heard about this plug-in being used in Electronic Music mix & mastering sessions (as well as many other forms of music,) and downloaded a trial version of it.After learning a few things about it (as well as some of it's quirks) from Youtube vid tutorials, I put the Inflator on my 2-Bus while mixing out (not Mastering.)In single band mode and boosting the Effect slider blew my mind in how the mix got "big" and seemingly louder but my gain hardly boosted at all.Note that the Inflator is NOT a limiter. Even though it has the not-over-0db button on it, it should not be treated as a limiter. It is something else and I love it's character and subtlety even though it seems like it is doing some Master-style boosting & limiting in one step.I love it and will now have it on my 2-Bus for when I am mixing out.During Mastering, I have learned to keep it toward the end of my Mastering Chain. I like it just before my final maximizer.As unpopular as the Loudness-Wars are, in Dance Music, if your tracks aren't at industry volume, DJs won't play them. Sad fact.This plug-in gets your mixes & masters a lot closer to that perceived loudness and I recommend it to anyone on that quest.I love my Oxford Inflator.
Music background: Electronic Musician, Sound Designer, Video Editor, Dad, Generally helpful dude...

One of the best plugins on an overall post production mix

This is just one of those plugins that will instantly add warmth and magic to any mix. It can even boost perceived loudness without destroying your mix. I now use it on almost everytihng.
Music background: Post-production Media Composer

Sweetwater Advice

Carson McClain

This is the plug-in that will make your tracks pound, bump and thump. I get many calls from Pro Tools users asking me, "How do I make my drum tracks punch through? How do I make my tracks loud like the CD I am listening to now?" The Oxford Inflator is the plug-in for just that. The inflator is a tube-emulated dynamics processor that adds warmth to your mastered tracks and an overall louder sound that will seem thicker to your ears and of course to the stereo in your car. You can use this on instrument tracks, audio tracks, and of course your master bus. We can also have this plug-in delivered to you electronically so you dont have to wait for it.

Brad Every

I've found this plug-in breathes new life into any mix. The way it enhances the mix and brings the overall level up without distortion can only be described as magic. I now use it on every mixdown!

Ben Robinson

The Sonnox Oxford Inflator makes you feel like a mastering engineer. Only four sliders, but they make such a big difference! It's the closest thing I've found to a "magic button" for a mix.
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