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Hofner Ignition Club Bass - Sunburst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Hofner Ignition Club Bass - Sunburst?

Questions about the Hofner Ignition Club Bass - Sunburst?

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  • from MEMPHIS, TN January 16, 2017

    Great sounding bass that's fun to play

    I bought this on total impulse, haven't owned a hollow body "beatle bass" since I was a kid.
    I really can't see how the real German made model could be any better that this one.
    The fit and finish are top notch, the neck is perfectly straight and the fret job is excellent.
    I strung it with the La Bella flats and it has all of sound and vibe you could want.
    Removed the pick guard, it looks better with out it because the finish on the top is so beautiful.

  • from Redmond, WA October 10, 2016

    Very retro and hip!

    Totally enjoying this retro bass. Loving the short scale. Wasn't sure it would be easy to get used to but found no issues with it. Way recommended!

  • from Austin Tx October 6, 2016

    Nice single cutaway!

    I love this single cutaway, has a great feel to it. Love the vintage style control panel too! Will probably upgrade to the Tea Cup Knobs as well.

  • from September 24, 2016

    Hard To Believe

    I normally don't buy a bass without playing it first. But the Hofner Ignition for some reason just drew me in. After watching the video and hearing this thing I decided to give this bass a go. I ordered it on Thurs., I received a call from Aaron Cieslikowski on Fri. telling me it shipped, and on Sat. I was playing it. Just unbelievable...I love everything about this bass. Believe me, you will not go wrong purchasing one of these. And hats off to Aaron and the everyone at Sweetwater. They make you feel like a million bucks...

  • from Chicago, Il May 10, 2016

    Nifty Single Cutaway

    Dig this Hofner single cutaway Club Bass. I play rootsy rock and country...didn't want to always be associated with Paul McCartney. I own a couple Hofner Violin Basses as well.

  • from Amarillo, texas November 3, 2015Music Background:
    I play upright and bass guitar in every style from classical to Rock.

    Old sound that is fat and warm

    I just turned 60 and have played bass since I was about 12. I not only liked the idea of a Hofner for its heritage but also the nice light weight is a plus also. I immediately put a set of flat wounds on it and dialed in that fat and warm British Invasion sound I Love. All the factors fell into place and this became my new bass of choice for gigs. It is easy to play for hours and the short scale neck makes it fast as well. This one easy on your wallet and your shoulder.

  • from WI October 3, 2015Music Background:

    Thuddy and warm, great bass

    Light as heck, thuddy and warm=great lil bass! made very well, great price at Sweetwater and always great service! I love this bass!

  • from Columbus, OH April 11, 2017Music Background:
    Bassist, keyboards.

    I love all things Hofner!

    The is my 3rd Hofner. I have owned a 500/1 and a 5000/1 in the past and I have kicked myself for selling the 5000/1. I liked the 500/1 but I learned it had a bad truss rod. I paid extra for the 5000/1 and traded under warranty. A divorce and hard times fell upon me and I sold it. I have regretted it ever since. I have owned 30-35 basses over the years and have some very nice basses. I always missed the Hofner though. The Club Bass I bought is such a nice bass for the money. I thoroughly enjoy playing it. It came to me flawless. The fit and finish is spot on. The tuners work well. The electronics are dead quite. The neck feels good and the whole bass is light and well-balanced. I can't believe how nice it is for the money. You want that Hofner woody tone? Here it is. If you are considering one of these basses; just pull the trigger and buy it. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Sweetwater is a great company to deal with. Customer service is top-notch. Jeff does a great job and I have no complaints.

  • from May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Sixties rock - folk, folk/rock, country-rock, etc.

    Retro Rocker for Mr. Impatient

    I bought this li'l beauty a coupla months ago, since I'd been ogling it for about a year. Its look speaks to me of the sixties, which was when I was growing up (if you want to call what I did in those days by that name). When I received it, it was not in perfect condition, but the imperfections were minor.I might have sent it back, but since I'm a pretty OK shade tree guitar tech, I decided I could bring this lovely thing into maximum playable condition without too much heartache. It was kind of a process, but this afternoon I finished my final adjustments ( Adjusted the truss rod and bridge heighta month ago, did some careful fret filing, which I definitely do not recommend for the uninitiated, rechecked intonation, and put in a set of Rotosound RS77S flatwounds. Picked it up, tuned it up, and rocked! I've just finished telling myself I've got to give it a rest, because it's a bad idea to overplay strings on day one. Whereas before, this was a perfectly nice little retro jewel, It turned into a thudding, growling animal under my careful tutelage! Yahhhhh!!!
    Buy this thing, and if you do, take it to a decent guitar tech, and pay him/her the going rate for a setup & string change. It will be worth your while. Happy trails!

  • from Texas April 22, 2017

    Almost there!

    The bass seems to be built well and is beautiful. Right out of the box, I was disappointed with the sound and playability. With new flatwound strings, and with truss rod and intonation adjustments, it plays and sounds great. Control switches are strange, but they do what they do. I really like it now.

  • from New England USA November 4, 2016


    If you define the "ideal" bass guitar in terms of a "Hofner" and cannot afford to shell out $ for a German Hofner then the Ignition Series is your only choice (barring the Beatle Bass knock-offs all over the net). This comment and review applies to the Beatle Hofner as well as the Club Bass. As I said if HOFNER is your choice and money is limited than this is the bass for you. However, do not rely on the 55 point evaluation here. First off the bridge was still on that foam strip that comes from the builder so no intonation could have been done here (and mine was way off). In addition be prepared to rubber mallet down some frets as mine had buzzes at the 17th fret/B string and at the 12th fret A string. Oh, well...what do you want for $? As for sound and ease of action (when the bridge was lowered from its mile high perch)--which accounted for the buzzing at low action...BUT LOW ACTION IS A MUST---when that was done the play-ability and sound is unbeatable . Keep in mind that low, buzz-free action should not only come on instruments over $500. All said...I still like the bass. But keep in mind that a "Hofner"-ish at this price WILL REQUIRE SOME TLC on your part. I have seen Squiers come from the factory without a need for a tweak. But TWEAK YOU WILL WITH ONE OF THESE.

  • from Bassett, VA. January 5, 2017Music Background:
    Have Played Bass (Blues) for over 50 years

    Hofner Ignition Club Bass Great Bass- Marginal set-up

    Upon receiving the Hofner Club Bass the first thing I did with it was put a set of flat wound strings on it and cot rid of those round wound strings. Then I found it necessary to take it to my favorite Guitar Tech to give it a proper set up. The intonation was terrible and the strings buzzed everywhere, the nut needed work and the bridge needed adjusting. After all this was done it sounds great and plays like a dream. It's great and I love it.

Questions about the Hofner Ignition Club Bass - Sunburst?

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