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Blue Microphones Icicle Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones Icicle?

Questions about the Blue Microphones Icicle?

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  • Sarah Alawami
    from Las Vegas, NV May 28, 2013Music Background:
    student, sound ingineer, singer, arranger

    This product is very very good. Well wirth it.

    This product rocks. I used to for a live remote when all of my equipment died. I also used to to record something in my home studio just to test it out. The noise is clean sounding to my ear and the product is well worth the price.

  • Connor
    from Los Angeles, CA July 12, 2011Music Background:

    Excellent Interface - I highly recommend it

    I have used an Apogee Duet exclusively before trying this Icicle. Obviously the Duet is in another class, but coming from that experience, I was blown away by the quality and functionality of this little interface. At the price they are definitely a steal.

  • River
    from Colorado, USA June 8, 2011Music Background:
    Gigging Hobbyist

    Works Perfectly, Adjustibility is Great

    The attractive in-line design and variable gain make this a keeper. The gain adjustment stays put despite dragging around the floor. Suits my miced amp requirement perfectly.

  • Steve from Salado
    from Salado, Texas May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musicain - Sound Guy


    Does exactly what I need it to do. Compact and easy to use. I wasn't blown away because the only draw-back is the plastic construction. But to have everything I need in a small package this really works for me.

  • jose antonio aguilera
    from mexico city October 10, 2010Music Background:
    radio announcer, radio post production engineer


    Sorry about my english, but i try, well i received my icicle yesterday, and i tried with my mac recording with audacity, and with my laptop recording with sound forge8 any problems with my other ldc mics (blue bluebird, akg perception 220, akg c3000, behringer c1 and my lovely neumann u87) but with the rode nt1-a i have a lot of noise and clicks and pops, the blue lights in the icicle turns white, i suposed that the icicle dont have enough power for that mic, if you have a rode nt1-a the icicle is not for you, but with another mics the icicle works really good, no noises,hums or things like that and the gain knob works really really great with a extraordinary quality, i wiil use my icicle for interviews for broadcast, i recomend this item obviously not with the rode nt1-a. peace

  • Victor Castillo
    from Los Angeles August 16, 2012Music Background:
    Student/Producer/Recording Artist

    Ice, Ice, Baby

    The Icicle is a great preamp as an inexpensive alternative to having an MBox. You'll find that you'll need little to no EQ on your vocals. One serious downside is that you have to set your sessions to 44.1/16 bit or it won't work but for 60 or so dollars, it's totally worth it.

  • Steve Humes
    from Tampa, Florida August 11, 2010Music Background:
    Semi pro muscian and engineer

    Weak phantom power for LDC mics

    When plugged into a Rode NT1A, the phantom power was not enough, and experienced clicks and pops.

    Used a 58, and no pops, but the idea was to place a large diaphragm condenser on the desk to record both guitar and vocal.

    Checked the computer spec on the USB output vs the requirement for the Icicle, and tried both USB ports, and still had the problem.

    Routed the NT1A through a mixer, using it's phantom power, and line out, and it worked well.

    The objective was to have minimal gear, and because of the weak phantom power, the original set up failed.

    It may be enough for an active D.I. box, but not a LDC mic.

  • Mike
    from San Jose, CA February 22, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer

    You get what you pay for...

    I own a production studio and tend to travel a lot for my day job so I bought the Icicle as a travel A-D converter thinking that I could do some on site sampling with my laptop when on the road and having to pack light... boy was I wrong. I plugged in an AKG C414 B and the audio sounded like a scratched up dirty record. There were nasty pops and clicks every couple of seconds. After reading a few reviews, I found out that this thing can't handle large diaphragm condensers at all because the phantom power simply sucks. So bummed, I decided to see how well it worked with an SM58 dynamic mic... well, the pops and clicks were less but still existed. So, for me this is completely unusable and will be going back ASAP.

    Other things to mention about it:
    * It is super cheap plastic (they couldn't use metal... really?!)
    * The converter is sensitive and sometimes looses clock causing crackle distortion
    * It feels like it would break if you tried to put in a laptop bag or something
    * The gain nob is hard to actually work because its so recessed.

    Bottomline.. don't buy this cheap piece of crap... buy an Apogee One, you will be much happier

Questions about the Blue Microphones Icicle?

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