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Gibson Accessories Dirty Fingers Pickup - Neck or Bridge, 4-Conductor Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Accessories Dirty Fingers Pickup - Neck or Bridge, 4-Conductor?

Questions about the Gibson Accessories Dirty Fingers Pickup - Neck or Bridge, 4-Conductor?

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  • from Tennessee June 17, 2016

    Great Addition to Epiphone Les Paul

    I installed one of these in my 2004 Epiphone Les Paul bridge position replacing the "HOTCH(G)" pickup; I wired it using the "standard humbucking operation" diagram included in the instructions. This Dirty Fingers pickup is a different beast, it's hot AND clean and even sounds great when ran with the neck pickup (center switch position on a Les Paul) and seems much smoother than the pickup it replaced. When playing with overdrive/distortion, you get a good chunky sound in the lower notes, I'm considering putting one in the neck position, I imagine that would be wild.

  • from May 12, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Musician

    High Output Tone

    I purchased this pickup after coming to the conclusion that I needed more output from my backup guitars. My main axe is a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Burstbucker Pros. My intention was to out this in a 2001 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop to help a drop in volume and gain when switching out guitars but didn't want to mess with a Gibson without testing it out first.

    I dropped this baby in my 1975 Ibanez Pre-Lawsuit Les Paul Custom and wow did it sing. There was an increase in gain with very little loss of the warmth and sweetness the Alnico 5 magnets in the Burstbuckers afforded me on my Standard.

    And installing this was a breeze. I found a wiring schematic for Les Pauls and simply soldered where it needed it and presto-change-o I've breathed new life into an old guitar.

  • from Seattle to Hawaii - Great Guitars and Quality waves February 22, 2015Music Background:
    30 plus years as an active pro musician & Studio owner/engineer currently working on PH.d in Psychology

    Dirty lil secret - Tone for weeks

    Add a Dirty Fingers to an Epiphone custom Les Paul (or even a standard) will make an EXTREME difference in tone, harmonics and sustain for days. You might ask: Will it be to muddy or mid tone compressed? Answer: No, this pup has power yet clarity to cut through in upper frequency. Oh yes she does indeed have a powerful full low end that works well for blues to rock (not over compressed tones like an active EMG etc.) and this pup also can do D' tune or Full step down tunnelings. Want a full on shred sounding Epiphone? . Add a dirty fingers to the bridge and a Gibson 500 T Super Ceramic or 496r Hot Ceramic in the neck....Now stand back cause your stock Epi is a now a flame thrower...I don't kid around, and I'm not paid by Gibson or Epiphone to write reviews and hype their products. I have done these upgrades to two Epiphone LP's with excellent results. Note I also added 500K pots and oil/paper caps to make a full "tone" machine. Take your $300 to $600 Epiphone and drop another $300 into top shelf upgrades and your Epi Les Paul WILL have tones (many times better I have seen) Than a $3500+ Gibson standards, classics and simply blow away stock Studio models. If for any reason you doubt my words here? Visit my FB page and look at my "Studio Gear" album. I have owned many a Gibby Les Pauls and a few Epi's that were modded to MAX tone machines. JD 30+ year semi-pro & pro musician Studio owner/engineer.

  • from Clear Lake, Wi March 28, 2012Music Background:

    dirtyfingers good pickup

    The best distortion pickup i have ever heard. I put it in my les paul with a sh-1n in the neck.

  • from San Diego, CA March 18, 2009Music Background:
    On tour

    To the other guitarist review

    For one i just want to state that tom delonge is a very creative guitarist. He does not suck. You need to realize that he played as lead and rythem while being a front man of singing. Do you know how hard that is. Two these pickups are amazing. The give a highly versitle tone that has a distinguished sound. I wanted a pick up to play punk but there were times i needed it to have its sound without having to much "mud". I highly agree with these pickups.

  • from Eatonton, GA USA October 13, 2008Music Background:
    Musician in rock band.

    For a Bigger-Than-File Tone

    These are great pick-ups. I am glad that Tom DeLonge brought them back to life (he may not be a great guitar player, but I like his tone). I bought these as an addition to a project guitar I am working on (Epiphone Les Paul Junior). I wanted to see if I could turn a low-end guitar into something I wouldn't mind playing. I have.

    Put these pick-ups as close as you dare to your strings (without unwanted noise) and they are the hottest tone you can find (unless you use active pickups). They made my $119 guitar sound like its worth much more. The Dirty Fingers allow me to get the specific tone I am looking for: hot, full, but transparent. If you set your amp up right, you can get a big sound and still hear every note in the chord. Fantastic product!

Questions about the Gibson Accessories Dirty Fingers Pickup - Neck or Bridge, 4-Conductor?

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