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Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Pro Pickup - Nickel, Bridge, 2-Conductor Reviews

3.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Pro Pickup - Nickel, Bridge, 2-Conductor?

Questions about the Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Pro Pickup - Nickel, Bridge, 2-Conductor?

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  • Chris Jones
    from Detroit June 28, 2015Music Background:

    A Fave!

    I was a bit skeptical before purchasing, but I totally dig this pickup (matching set) I play original, punchy rock and roll (ala garge/powerpop) and it sounds great for that. Perhaps a bit 'punchy' for hardcore vintage fans, but I don't find it too hot either. I suppose it depends what you play, but for most rock and roll applications, these are juicy!

  • Customer
    from December 17, 2015

    Case of bad sounding pickups or bad electronics?

    I have used the Burstbucker PRO and the 498T. They both have their own distinct qualities and I like them both very much. I have had the unfortunate luck to purchase another 498T that much like one of the other reviews here for the Burstbucker PRO sounds thin and less than responsive. Not at all like my other guitar with the 498T. My only point here is that we may loose perspective on the fact that it is possible for a company like Gibson to occasionally put out a sub par product, but we also must look at the signal chain and electronics on the guitars themselves. Are they the best they can be? My current Les Paul, a Trad Pro II, started out sounding bitchin with the stock '57 and Super '57 combo. After a few gigs the pickups started to sound thin. I replaced the bridge with a 498T and it sounds thin. Is this a pickup problem or did something go wrong with one of the control pots. I cannot believe that both pickups sounded thin or the Super '57 would all of a sudden change it's tonal characteristic. So here I am looking at the Burstbucker PRO. I think a better option at this point would be replacing all controls and then seeing what the 498T sounds like and if the problem lies in the controls like I think it does, I will then purchase the Burstbucker PRO.

  • Mike Carolina
    from east coast March 8, 2014Music Background:
    amateur musician

    One of the top pickups

    These are great pickups, they are standard on my Gibson Les Paul Standard model. They are hot enough and dynamic enough to play many different kinds of music, really good for rock, classic rock, blues rock, etc. I think some reviewers here have pickups that they bought used and just think they are BB pros. You know the only way to be sure is if you open the sealed package from Gibson. Unpacked many pickups look alike, and you can sell them as BBPro when they are actually not even close. Try these out by going to any Gibson dealer, they come standard on many new Gibsons. And play them on a good tube amp that costs over $1000.

  • Brandon Burnett
    from WI, USA March 29, 2012Music Background:

    My favorite Burstbucker

    I was skeptical of this pickup at first, but I was totally surprised at how good it sounds. Its different from the other Burstbuckers, especially the BB3. The BB3 is a very bright pickup. Treble is its dominant trait. However the BB Pro is much more balanced EQ-wise. Its also very punchy and articulate. Surprisingly it does well with high gain too. It stays tight and retains clarity. If I had to compare it to another pickup I'd say somewhere in between a Seymour Duncan Custom and Distortion, but it still has that PAF sound in there too.

  • Alex2002
    from Mid TN USA March 30, 2013Music Background:
    40 yrs hobbyist, playing rock, metal, blues, alt. guitar-keys

    Burstbucker revision

    Previously I rated the Burstbucker Pro pickup as a bad pickup. Having thought about it for a while, I am amending that rating to OK; I failed to take into perspective the fact that it does well on clean settings. I did not care for the tones on distortion, tube or pedal, but it does a reasonable job on clean settings.

  • Alex2002
    from middle tn USA March 25, 2013Music Background:
    40 years rock, metal, alt, blues, some soundtrack

    Burstbucker Pro a bust!!

    You folks are not going to believe me, but this is a BAD pickup. Dont get me wrong, I am a Gibson guy through and through. I own several les pauls and number of other Gibson guitars. and I thought I knew this company. Year before last I decided to change some of my les paul classic guitars around from the standard, mediocre 496 and 500t pickups to a richer more melodic alnico pickup.

    Tried Burstbuckers on the Bridge of honeyburst and 498t on the bridge of Goldtop. For 2 years I have been muddling by using the Honeyburst with the Burstbuckers in my music room. where I use my axes, Gibson., strats and Damien Elite 7FR through a nice stereo'd Marshall 900 4100 stack, with FX thanks to TC Electronic G Force and pedals.

    I have been alternating the HB with the Goldtop there and not caring very much for the Honeyburst (Burstbuckers) but using my Boss Mega Distortion for power. I did like the goldtop with the 498T better, but just by a bit. However I did notice there was something that that system did not like about the Burstbuckers. But the Boss Mega Distortions analog power was able to push its way through with either pickup.

    HOWEVER, last week, I made the discovery of a lifetime. I put both HB and the GT through my Marshall DSL 100 in my den, no effects, straight guitar into the valves, guitar, me, and stack.

    And holy moly the Goldtop sounded fanstastic through the 498T on bridge, especially on leads with the tube overdrive ON. Wonderful Power chords galore, and sweet cleanish distortion on the leads. And I mean SWEET, and smooth too.

    The STUNNER? When I hooked up the Honeyburst ,with the Burstbuckers direct into the DSL stack. I was Shocked, SHOCKED, to hear a crummy, chunky, yucky distortion of even harmonics, very few odd harmonics and NO Sweetness at all. The chords were almost tolerable because yes they were distorted, but NO sweetness there, and no smoothness or articulations on the individual lead notes! and no smoothness at all.

    I would NOT recommend this pickup to a friend. I would NOT puchase these burstbuckers again, and I just got through paying my guitar tech to pull the Burstbuckers out of the HB guitar, and placing 498T in there in the bridge. I am disappointed in Gibson, and really surprised at the experience.

    And I am VERY impressed with the 498T and how sweet its lead tone is through this Dual Super Lead. At least I found one pup that made me happy. Bottom line, my DSL LOVED that 498.

    It was certainly not my cup of tea, the BBPro. Try one with your gear before you sink your money into this expensive pickup.

  • sg
    from SoCal January 19, 2015Music Background:
    serious hack

    Will Be Replacing the Bridge Pickup

    a split rating..l'm happy with the Neck pickup and will keep it. I have Dimarzio FRED's in my Ibanez JS guitars, and the Fender DH-1 in my Deluxe Strats. The bridge pickup is hot enough.. but very harsh in muddy esp when playing chords thru a high gain amp. It has a very unpleasant tone. I'll probably look to throw a FRED or possibly try a Frankenstein. Reading the reviews it appears I'm not the only one who notices the bad gain sounds. You would think with 75% of out there cranking it up that Gibson would ship with more appropriate pickups.

Questions about the Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Pro Pickup - Nickel, Bridge, 2-Conductor?

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