Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Type 2 Pickup - Gold, Neck or Bridge, 2-Conductor

Gibson BurstBucker 2 with Alnico II Magnets and Gold Cover
Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Type 2 Pickup - Gold, Neck or Bridge, 2-Conductor image 1
Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Type 2 Pickup - Gold, Neck or Bridge, 2-Conductor image 1
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Gibson Accessories Burstbucker Type 2 Pickup - Gold, Neck or Bridge, 2-Conductor
Special Order

Gibson Pickups!

It would be a big mistake to assume that all humbuckers sound alike. Truth is, there are a number of Gibson humbucking pickups available, and each one has its own distinctive personality. The BurstBucker Series delivers all the vintage vibe of the legendary "patent applied for" (PAF) humbuckers, best known from the 1959 Les Paul Standard. All three BurstBuckers have unpolished magnets and non-potted coils. There was tremendous variation among those early hand-wound humbucking pickups. Employees would wind the bobbins "until they were full." This was typically about 5,000 turns. The BurstBucker 2 is wound in the range of the original 1957 Classic, with slightly hotter output than the BurstBucker 1. It works well in the bridge position, matched with a BurstBucker 1 in the neck position. This one has a gold plated pickup cover.

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Tech Specs

Type Humbucker
Active/Passive Passive
Magnet Material Alnico
Position Bridge
Number of Conductors 2
Covering Covered
Number of Strings 6
Manufacturer Part Number IM57B-GH

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Iconic Gibson Burstbuckers, May be best of them alll

When it comes to PAF style Humbuckers you can always start an argument about which are the best.So many other boutique winders out there, some very famous, some not so, some with huge followings and Star endorsements and who can really tell which are best. Pickups and Guitarists being what they are and sound being such a subjective form. One thing is certain late 1950's Gibson created a tone that shook the guitar world and still is shaking it.The reason I give BB 1 and BB 2 5 stars is because I have an R7 and an R 9 and a 79 Gibson Custom with patent number pups and a Les Paul with BB pro;s. I also have a pair of 1960 Gibson PAF's that I bought from Gibson in 1961 and have used in various guitars over the years.My 1957 reissue has BB 1 and 2 in it and the tone is 1957, 1959 everything that could be dreamed of from those halcyon days of saturated magnificent guitar sound. My 1959 reissue came with "Custombuckers" a BB clone with AL 3 magnets instead of AL 2 magnets. Dispite what you may have heard they are quite inferior to Burstbuckers as also are BB pros with AL 5 magnets. Al 3 magnets have no Cobalt and are far weaker magnetically than AL 2, the theory being less pull on the strings equals more sustain, this is a not rational in a properly set up guitar,with proper pickup height. I replaced these with the BB 1and 2 to my great saitisfaction . I believe Gibson really got it right with these pickups and the proof is that they are even superior to my 1960 real PAF's.
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