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Bose IE2 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
  • Keyonda Sparks
    from FL, United States June 17, 2014Music Background:


    I've heard the Bose CD player before...and I liked it so I decided to give these earphones a whirl. WOW! The sound is truly amazing! Crystal clear. I used these while working on my album (monitors are still best of course). But I use them mostly at church for my in ears. (I play drums & guitar) They don't isolate the other sounds but they still allow me to hear what I need to hear. Bose isolating ear phones will probably be next on my list! And S/O to my "Guy" Alex Morales for always treating me w/ VIP status! Hands down, the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • Bob Drake
    from Ware Shoals, SC June 9, 2014Music Background:
    part-time vocalist with an R&B/Beach Music Band

    Review The Bose IE2 in ear monitors with

    Hey greatest earplugs I've ever worn and I've tried them all for afternoon runs and playing with an R&B band. The comfort tips on these earplugs are so innovative, and feel great and allows one to get the maximum out of those "great" Bose" in-ear monitors....of course the sound is great...hey, it's "BOSE".

  • Ken
    from Mississippi March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Sounds great!

    I've been looking for ear buds that sound good, but don't seal you out from the outside world. I lead worship at church, I don't like being cut completely off from the crowd's participation. These do the job, sound great, fit great, comfortable.

  • Blake Duncan
    from Lagrange, GA June 21, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Best Earbuds EVER!!

    As the rating says WOW!!! I am blown away by these earbuds! Just got them, unpackaged and plugged them into my iTouch...holy rockin drums, bass, clear mids and crystal highs Batman! These are better than my $150 Seinheiser Studio headphones that I've been using to do mixdowns. I intentionally bought these for in-ear monitoring while on stage with my band so I can't wait to see how they perform in a live setting. If they don't work, so be it - they will serve very very well for everyday listening to my iTouch. "Beats" earbuds... what the heck are they...go Bose all the way!

  • Chris A
    from NY August 31, 2012Music Background:
    Classical musician.

    BOSE IE2 earbuds

    I love these buds. For the price, I have been nothing but happy with them. Crisp sound and clear plugged into many different platforms. I have an ecclective taste in music, and these perform well from rock and roll to classical, to jazz.

  • bigtyme175
    from New jersey February 22, 2012Music Background:

    Sonic supremacy

    First off these IE2 sound great they are a pleasure to rock out with.
    Noise cancellation they are not but it forms such a great seal in your
    Ear they almost feel like they are noise cancellation headphones until a louder Outside Source reminds you that they are not,after you get use to wearing them you don't even realize that you are wearing them,I would
    Use these in a pro audio application because what you record is what
    You hear,if you like being lied to by your headphones fine but if you dont THEN BUY THE BOSE IE2 listen to your favorite records on them & hear what you have been missing.

  • Joseph Speek
    from Maple Falls WA. November 29, 2011Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Music Producer, Engineer:

    Bose IE2

    I do not like in ear anything {really}. after getting the Bose IE2 and
    getting the right ear pieses in they were unbelievable. Off the
    chart, no kidding. The sound quailty is better then my headphones.
    They worked great for my first concert allowing me to mix live on
    stage. The price is with in reach and a well placed investment.

  • Steve G
    from Southern California November 21, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    BOSE IE2

    Although they do make quality products, I'm not usually very impressed with Bose in terms of bang for the buck, and I don't normally write reviews, but I couldn't pass on this one! The Bose IE2 gets a 5.0 from me because it delivers great sound at a great price. I'm using them with a Shure PSM 200 system for in ear stage monitors and they are just right for me. I prefer an ear bud that doesnt totally seal off ambient sound. The gel design fits perfect without totally plugging my ear, is comfortable, and never falls out. I can hear everything I need to with plenty of headroom. There are some high end earbuds with multiple drivers out there that cost nearly 5 times as much, and they are great, but for my needs the IE2 is clean, clear and just right. I use them with my iPod as well and they blow the stock earbuds away!

  • Customer
    from Marion South Carolina July 16, 2011Music Background:

    Great clarity

    This is my first time buying a bose product, and when I listen to a song on them they sound like I am right there in the studio or at a concert with the band. I highley recommend these to anybody that is a music lover, because not only is the audio crystal clear but you can even hear bass lines in a song that you would not normally hear on any other earphone or headphone. Bose really knows how to make good products and they live up to what they say. So get you a pair and start listening to what music is really suppose to sound like.

  • Customer
    from January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong hobbyist. Guitarist

    Great Buds!

    By far the most comfortable and stable ear buds I've ever owned. I've had problems with iPod type ear buds hurting after prolonged use and also falling out of my ears. Not the case with the Bose IE2s. The sound quality is very good for ear buds. They can't compete with traditional headphones for low end response but I expected that.

  • Brent Nultemeier
    from Outer Banks, NC July 4, 2013Music Background:
    Acoustic Guitarist

    in-ear monitor that works great and FITS!

    I just bought the Shure in-ear monitor system for over $600 and HATED the ear buds that it came with. My rep at Sweetwater told me about these and he couldn't have been more spot-on. These ear buds fit and they stay in.....PLUS, I can hear the audience and the rest of the band. I usually play with just one in so I have a good sense of what's going on live. Great ear buds. HIGHLY recommended for those who hate anything in their ear.

  • Marc Winkfield
    from East Providence RI November 24, 2012Music Background:
    Bass; Church Musician, former club musician

    Outstanding Product

    I purchased these because I don;t like earbuds that you have to virtually shove in so far you hit the timpanic membrane just to get good bass. With these, the innovative silicon fit and direct sound port just works! They stay in my ear and sound fantastic even for a picky bass player like myself. We are about to get an in ear monitor system at church and can't wait to try them on stage in a live situation. Great Product

  • Mobius
    from NC October 24, 2013Music Background:
    Modest involvemnt.

    Bose IE2

    Excellent quality @ good price from Sweetwater.

  • Customer
    from July 19, 2011Music Background:
    Music director for First Evangelical Fee

    good choice

    Great for the price. We use them for in ear monitoring at church and my bass player is pleased with the overall sound. That is tough to do for $100.

  • Monte
    from Tennessee July 5, 2013Music Background:
    professional musician

    positive, but limited

    The sound from the IE2 monitors is very clear, and precise, and full. I have no problems with the sound quality. But for something that is marketed as "in-ear monitors" i had assumed that they would isolate the listener somewhat from outside noises of on-stage monitors, drums, etc. Which they do not, at all. IF you want to hear music clearly and can pay the price, they are for you. But don't get on stage with them unless you are a solo artist.

  • Jamie Resse
    from texas tx August 19, 2014Music Background:

    dont buy !!!

    Ive heard better 25 dollar buds than these Bose seriously don throw your money away .

  • JRA
    from Salt Lake City, UT June 23, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Owner - Lighting / Sound company

    Muddy to me...

    I own 3 pair of "good" in-ear monitors: Bose IE2, Shure E2, and Ultimate Ears 7, with the UE7s running at $700 (custom fit), the others at $100 ea. I own a Bose home theater system, and generally have been happy with the audio quality of Bose; however with their IEM, I was (surprisingly) disappointed - the sound is muddy. Bose has clearly tried to enhance the bass frequency in the speaker, but have overdone it. My UE7s have dual bass speakers, so the bass is 6 db higher than level, but the clarity of the UE7s is excellent - the bass is not overdone. Shure wins in the low cost, single driver category.

  • yan bellavance
    from July 18, 2013Music Background:

    OMG Dont buy these crappy earphones

    You cant hear nothing and not enough bass. The earphones that came with my samsung note II are way better and louder. i only purchased those because my other pair had broken plug. worst 100$ i ever spent

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