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Blackstar ID:60TVP-H 60-watt Programmable Head - with IDFS10 Footswitch Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Bonita Springs, FL May 12, 2016

    Second Review of this amp

    This is my second review of this amp. After having this amp for a few months (and I was not impressed initially) and spending the time to setup 12 or so patches accessible by FS, I finally got it out to do some full band gigs. Can it keep up with the loud drummer and over the crowd noise? I never had the master vol above 4. And they still bitched I was too loud. I run a 2x12 cab with Warehouse celestion 30's.
    Just to tweak it a little, I stuck a cheap 7 band EQ on the front of it to do some scooping.

    This thing is sick~! We do everything from the Beatles to Led Zepplin back to Tom Petty. It covers them all perfectly. Granted it took time setting up the patches, but wow. Clean to slightly broken chimes to all out rip roaring rhythms and leads. And all the on board effects you could ever need.

    Its official, I am done with tube amps. It would be pointless.

  • from Montevideo, Montevideo November 27, 2014

    What a deal.

    First I need to say that this amp is so versatile that after playing it for almost 3 weeks every single day, I am still learning and finding new sounds.

    Brian my sales rep has been great through the whole process, by the way.

    It doesn't matter what style you play I definitely recommend buying this amp. I have a PRS 7 string for Metal and a P24 trem and a Gibson Les Paul.

    Finally I will start building my own tone and sound without having to purchase multiple pedals or amps.

    Blown away.

  • from MO June 29, 2013Music Background:
    Have owned (and sold) over 85 amps. Guitar 35+ years.

    It's Finally Here! A Tube Sound With No Tubes!

    The ID series is an unbelievable effort by Blackstar to provide a tube sound without the complications and the expense of using tubes to get it. These amps are unbelievable! All the different sounds, all different tones, it's in there. These aren't modeling amps. They give you different tones that you can mix and match to make the tone that you're looking for. They also don't have all the crazy space noises that most of the modeling amps provide in their arsenal of tones!

    I'm sure most tone snobs will agree, this amp can really do it for you. Blackstar has done a fantastic job providing an average cost amplifier with a high dollar tone. I can't say enough about it! I will probably always be a Blackstar fan, as well as a customer. I would venture to say most players aren't as good as this amp sounds. There's no need for tone snobbery here.

    If this is Blackstar's first offering of this technology, I can't wait to see what the future brings. No more biasing, no more tube expense, no more warm-up and cool down, and no more backbreaking weight. My only, my one and only, ding for this amp is the tuner. You can only tune to standard tuning. My band plays a half step down which makes this a lot more difficult. (D#, A#, etc.). Hopefully in the future the firmware upgrades can upgrade the tuner to be able to adjusted up or down for tuning and give you more options. Oh, and the Software does let you switch from the MP3 in and line out jacks to an effects loop.

    Blackstar you rock!!

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