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Blackstar ID:60TVP-H 60-watt Programmable Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from April 3, 2016

    ID 60 Head

    Top notch service from Sweetwater as always,when I ordered this amp,it was on backorder,and I still got it in 5 days!!This is without a doubt the best non(tube) powered amp on this planet,so user friendly,great tones and loud enough to do whatever ,wherever

  • from Northern MN June 24, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Weekend Warrior 6+ years

    5 Months in and Still in Love

    I purchased this amp from the awesome people at Sweetwater about a half a year ago and I am still in love with it. I purchased it to replace my Marshall JVM 410 for the road (don't worry I still have it). I wanted to find an awesome tube sounding amp without the cost and maintenance of a tube amp you normally find.

    Over 12 gigs later I still love the tones. We play classic rock/new rock/ metal/ etc and this amp has all the tones I need. I use Les Pauls, Strats (with humbuckers), semi hollows, and a couple custom made guitars through it.

    I may purchase a second one to keep with my other band so I don't have to keep hauling it back and forth.

    If you are looking for a tube-like amp without ANY tubes and insanely low maintenance, this amp is for you.

  • from Secaucus, NJ December 1, 2014Music Background:
    12 + years experience metal, rock, thrash

    Another hit from Blackstar

    I was a bit skeptical about getting a hybrid solid state amp. However the advances in technology have forged ahead by leaps and bounds since the 80's. This amp was a very big exception the TVP tube emulation is amazing to say the least all the different tube emulations sag just like the real thing. The note articulation.is superb, I am thinking of scraping all my pedals because the on board effects are about the same or better than my top end pedals. I have owned Mesa's, Marshall and the lot, this amp for the money was a no brainer and you could play it at a gig. This thing is loud and yet could be used for bedroom practice. The engineers at Blackstar are truly mad scientists!

  • from Bonita Springs, FL March 10, 2016Music Background:
    Classic Rock

    ID:60 - Tube sound and tube feel, without tubes..

    Had this amp for about 2 months now. Sweetwater - perfect as always.

    You play live? Get it with the footswitch. It's important.

    Yes we know, SS amps are not tube amps. And they are not. I've had both. This is going away the best SS amp I have owned. SS modeling amps sound cheap, That is NOT what this is. What bugged me about SS amps is not even so much the sound but the FEEL of playing one. Horrible.

    This one however, is a deal breaker. The TVP makes this amp. It changes the feel of the SS play completely. So is it better than a tube amp? Yes and no. Tubes create their own tone, very nice tone, the best tone. But it takes a lot of messing around to get them there and within a year or two it all changes as the tube wear out. Also tube amps are limited with just a few available sounds. I am not a pedal fan so I need lots of on board selections - AND tube amps are expense and heavy.

    So that being said, this is where THIS amp shines. You can program just about any tone, including LEAD punch ups into this thing. Set your pre, add whatever effects you need, THEN dial in the TVP selection to make your sound get out there just the way you like it, sweet!

    12 programs are available from the FW and that is plenty for me. When you crank it, it is 90-95% tube sound and 90% tube feel. The next time you turn it on, its plays the same. And 5 years from now, it will sound exactly the same. I run a 2x12 closed bottom cab and it is plenty loud. And the more I crank it, the better it gets.

    There are only 2 drawbacks I have discovered. Use the SW for backing up your program settings and updating firmware. That's it. The rest of it is pretty much useless to a gigging musician.

    The second flaw, if you want to call it that, is changing the programming on the fly. Since only the Volume and a couple of other panel controls are active in a programmed mode, make sure you have setup each to your liking beforehand.

    But without question, I will keep this amp. It transports easy, is plenty loud and no more getting to a gig and wondering what will it sound like today or if a tube is about ready to go off in the ditch.

    I have already sold off my others including a VOX and a Mesa. It would be pointless to keep them. This does 90% of their sound and has 500% of their features with 0% of tube drawbacks.


  • from July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Composer and Guitarist

    Very good amp - remarkable feel and depth of tone.

    A very cool amp to own! My band recently switched all it's gear to Blackstar and we've been very satisfied by the quality and diversity of the brand. I own the ID:60TVP-H and so far, it is a wonderful tool for any serious production or quick in and out shows. The acoustic tones are loud, sharp and well rounded while the distortions are very crisp and dynamic. To attain the type of sound that I wanted, I'm plugged in a cabinet of an old Fender Blues Deville fueled by a Custom Gibson Les Paul. With the versatility of this amp, I'm able to play pretty much anything ranging from soft Jazz to technical death metal with very loud tones. The amp equally delivers in all aspects.

    This amp can serve several purposes but for anyone that is unsure of what type of tone they want, this is a good tool to get them started. It is a high quality product and very stage worthy.

  • from MO, USA May 26, 2013Music Background:
    Have owned (and sold) over 85 amps. Guitar 35+ years.

    It's finally here! A tube sound with no tubes!!

    Th ID series is an unbelievable effort by Blackstar to provide a tube sound without the complications and the expense of using tubes to get it. These amps are unbelievable! All the different sounds, all different tones, it's in there. These aren't modeling amps. They give you different tones that you can mix and match to make the tone that you're looking for. They also don't have all the crazy space noises that most of the modeling amps provide in their arsenal of tones!

    I'm sure most tone snobs will agree, this amp can really do it for you. Blackstar has done a fantastic job providing an average cost amplifier with a high dollar tone. I can't say enough about it! I will probably always be a Blackstar fan, as well as a customer. I would venture to say most players aren't as good as this amp sounds. There's no need for tone snobbery here.

    If this is Blackstar's first offering of this technology, I can't wait to see what the future brings. No more biasing, no more tube expense, no more warm-up and cool down, and no more backbreaking weight. My only, my one and only, ding for this amp is the tuner. You can only tune to standard tuning. My band plays a half step down which makes this a lot more difficult. (D#, A#, etc.). Hopefully in the future the firmware upgrades can upgrade the tuner to be able to adjusted up or down for tuning and give you more options. Oh, and the Software does let you switch from the MP3 in and line out jacks to an effects loop.

    Blackstar you rock!!

  • from Mi June 19, 2015Music Background:
    Played on and off for 25 years


    I got this amp to use in place of my tube amp when I wanted to create a sound, you can do a lot with this and it sound good for being a modeling amp. It is not a tube amp and you can tell that. Nice for metal, progressive sounds, practice and whatever, it gets the job done. Nicely built.

  • from Central NJ February 25, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician,Songwriter

    A very

    This amp is a rare combination of ease of use and options. There is a lot to like about these amps. The tone is good and easy to dial in. The cleans are great and there is plenty of distortion for any kind of music. The more gain the better the heavy channels sound. Its nice to have options to control the amp (I got it with the foot controller). A new update allows it to have an effects loop. There is usb reamping and recording options as well as tones to download from a user group. Amp cranks out good volume for 60 watts with a reasonable amount of connection options to cab of your choice.
    The effects are useable. They are not bad, although I am not a huge fan of the rotate knob and guess what its actually doing approach. I wont fault blackstar for this as they aren't the only company doing it, and you do have more control when using a pc. The tone on this amp is good, however if you lower the gain on the crunch or heavy channels it does lose its convincing quality. That said you can get pretty darn close to any tone you are looking for. I like the tube TVP concept (they do really sound and act differently), and overall delivers what was promised.
    I cant throw out my tube amps and hail this as the new gospel, but I will leave them home more often. The lack of hum, clean power and varied options both for live and recording should place this amp on anyones seriously consider me list. I am very picky and pretty impressed with this amp. And best of all it is well priced. Half the cost of any tube amp I have bought.

  • from Grayslake, IL March 14, 2014

    This is a fine amp, for any kind.

    First, this is NOT "just another modeler" as another reviewer posted. The technology is completely different. More importantly, it sounds different than a modeler, except for maybe the high end stuff like Kemper.

    My overall rating is for this as an amp, of any kind. If compared to other SS or Modeling Amps, then that goes to a 5. It is simply the best non tube amp I have tried, period. And it is a great amp of any knd.

    Does this really have the feel of a tube amp? Yes it does. It responds very much like a tube amp. With the TVP, it sounds and behaves like a tube amp. It even opens up a little at louder volumes. As much as a tube amp? Maybe not, but, it's pretty darn good.

    This is a very versatile, great sounding amp, period. I've had tube amps, I would take this over, just on the tone. I also have a Rivera and Marshall, that I'd take over this as well.

    But this amp WILL hold it's own. A great studio or cover amp.

  • from ohio June 9, 2013Music Background:

    another modeler...

    I demoed this amp and its a nice SS amp.. and if it were 299 it would be a great buy... Its only 60 watts... but its got plenty of punch.It has so many tweaks. It reminds me of a peavey vypyr but costs more and has less.. I also demoed the new vypyr vip series although they only are selling combo units (for now?) and you need to buy a sanpera foot switch to unlock all the features. I still find the vypyr to be a bettter choice, cheaper in price and a better overall amp,,, There is nothing really bad with the blackstar (ps it also requires an add-on pedal), but IMO the ID series is more of a toy for nubes who want something a bit more than a basic amp..both the ID and the vypyr are definitely gigable

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