Blackstar ID:60 TVP Bundle 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with IDFS10 Footswitch

60-watt 6-channel Guitar Amplifier Combo with Infinite Shape Feature, True Valve Power Feature, Digital Effects, Footswitch, and 1x12" Speaker - Black
5/5 3 Write review Item ID: ID60CombowFS
Blackstar ID:60 TVP Bundle 60-watt 1x12
Blackstar ID:60 TVP Bundle 60-watt 1x12
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Blackstar ID:60 TVP Bundle 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp with IDFS10 Footswitch
In Stock!

Six Channels of Massive Tone!

Blackstar's ID:60TVP guitar amplifier combo with footswitch combines the feel, tone, and volume of a real tube amp with the convenience and flexibility only a solid-state amp can provide. Blackstar calls it TVP (True Valve Power). It lets you select what kind of tube tone you want, and then you can save your custom sound for instant recall later. The ID:60TVP combo responds to your playing dynamics like a tube amp, breaking up when you dig in and easy to control with your volume knob. Factor in Blackstar's patented ISF tone shaping, built-in effects, and direct recording via USB, and you'll see how the Blackstar ID:60TVP guitar amp combo is at home both onstage and in your studio. The multifunctional Blackstar FS-10 footswitch is included in this package.

Blackstar ID:60TVP Guitar Amplifier Combo with Footswitch at a Glance:
  • Sculpt your ideal amp tones to create a signature sound
  • Blackstar's ISF gives you a wide tonal range
  • Six channels give you amazing tonal flexibility
  • Take complete control of your amp with the FS-10 footswitch
Sculpt your ideal amp tones to create a signature sound

The patent-pending True Valve Power gives the Blackstar ID:60TVP guitar amp combo six different responses modeled after the most popular power tube types. You'll get EL84, 6V6, EL34, KT66, 6L6, and KT88 responses, dynamics, sag, and break up characteristics. It's like owning six separate tube amps. You can create entirely new amp tones on the Blackstar ID:60TVP when you blend your True Valve Power and your ISF controls together to sculpt your signature sound.

Blackstar's ISF gives you a wide tonal range

You can create virtually any classic guitar tone you can imagine with the ID:60TVP guitar amp combo, thanks to Blackstar's patented ISF control, or Infinite Shape Feature. ISF lets you adjust the response of the entire tone stack in the ID:60TVP combo, letting you shape tones to match the sound of different amplifier types. This means you can re-create the sounds of classic American amps, British amps, or even create your own combination of the two.

Six channels give you amazing tonal flexibility

The Blackstar ID:60TVP guitar amp combo has six separate channels: clean warm, clean bright, crunch, super crunch, OD 1, and OD 2. You're no longer stuck with just two channels of tone; the Blackstar ID:60TVP is a sonic juggernaut. From ballads to funk to rock and metal, this amp has a channel that is perfect for you. Once you dial in your perfect tone, you can save it to one of 128 storable sounds. A USB interface lets you easily tweak and save presets via your computer.

Take complete control of your amp with the FS-10 footswitch

The multifunctional Blackstar ID:60TVP FS-10 footswitch is designed to give you unprecedented control of any Blackstar ID:60TVP amplifier. The FS-10 lets you navigate patches, effects, turn on and off the tuner, and set the tap tempo through various modes. The patch mode lets you switch between three banks of patches (the same ones available on the front of the amp), and it activates the built-in tuner. You can individually turn on and off your effects while in effects mode. In navigation mode, you can choose from all 128 stored patches to access any and every sound that you've created. Take the stage armed with the Blackstar ID:60TVP FS-10 footswitch and access your amp like never before.

Blackstar ID:60TVP Guitar Amplifier with Footswitch Combo Features:
  • 60-watt programmable guitar amp combo
  • Powerful, multifunctional footswitch gives you access to tons of amp functions
  • 1 x 12" speakers
  • Patent-pending Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • True Valve Power control emulates popular power tubes
  • 6 channels ranging from clean to metal
  • Built-in digital effects and tuner
  • USB connectivity for editing and re-amping
Create your ideal sonic signature with the Blackstar ID:60TVP guitar amp combo!

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Guitar Amp Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 6
Total Power 60W
Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band (ISF, TVP)
Inputs 1 x TS
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 19.1"
Width 23"
Depth 9.84"
Weight 24.25 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ID60CombowFS

Customer Reviews

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2 Thumbs up!!

Had a friend get me this from Sweetwater for doing some painting in her home. She needed painting, I needed an amp so we made this arrangement. I must say I am so happy I went this route because this amp is amazing! If ya pick a tube complement ya wanna explore, then scroll thru the different voicings you are on your way to the sound that's in your head!! I found this route the easiest to get around and find the sound ya need ta have. I have been able ta find amp sounds from various tube amps that I have been using for 40 years now. I've played and or owned alot of tube amps, ask my friend Shelly, she'll tell ya!!! LOL! Pick ur tubes and use the voicings and you'll find what ur lookin fer. From there it just gets better!!! YEP! On to the ISF. Now things are gonna start getting even better. Being able ta change the voicings ta British/American or somewhere in between adds a whole new depth to the six voiced channels ya have to work from. You don't really hear this to much in the videos out the to how much this does really shape the character of the tube selection and voicing you are working with. Ya get some very useable tones from this knob. It's a real bonus to the amp as it would be to any amp. Some amps and pedals call this a "Character" effect. Hey we haven't got to the effects yet!!! This will help you ta scoop a Callie type sound or give it a British flavor of sounds and it actually works to. The effects. These are a good bunch of effects that really shine if ya use the Insider Software. The software helps alot ta dial in ur effect to achieve the sound in ur head. When ya get into the effects thru the software you will see just how dramatically you can fine tune these effects. At this point I have not delved to deeply into them but yes I have played with them and I do and will use them because that was also a point to buying this amp. The effects and the software were a selling point and as of now I can say is this is just gonna get better. There are vids on youtube that teach ya how ta use pedals the right way and the Insider Software allows you to utilize these effects. It really does help ta be a techie at times ta learn just what something can do both good and bad so by all means search out how ta use effects ta help ya get that sound in ur head. I have messed with the Tremelo and the chorus, and found those ta be wonderful. The delays are also very nice, with the Software so you can tame em. The Reverbs are very nice as well. Bottom line on the effects is the Insider Software, free from Blackstar. This makes a huge difference. OK the master section. The Resonance really brings out the bottom of the amp per room size. Sometimes bottom end gets lost and this knob really helps. Presence is ur higher freq.s that is per room size. And of course a Master Volume. This section is really helpful when sculpting sounds is different sized rooms. They seem to resonate differently and this section of the amp helps alot. Bottom line. Well thought out amp. Very useable in any situation. Well worth the money especially if ya get the Pedal and the Software.
Music background: 40 years

Blackstar Rocks!!!!!!!

I'm very impressed with the sound of this amp. I have owned a few tube amps Peavey,Engl,Rivera.This is the best non tube amp I have ever heard. It actually sounds just like a tube amp. And the option of different tube types is incredible.I'm actually considering getting rid of my tube amps and getting a Blackstar series one tube amp. Try a Blackstar ID for yourself and I'm sure you will be impressed.And by the way sales engineer Patrick Schaefer is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Music background: Retired Semi Pro

Amazing amp for the money

Matt Alexander has some of the best customer service I have seen working in sales. Please ask for him. As far as the amp goes, its an amazing amp for the money, more flexibility than a standard amp.
Music background: engineer/producer and hobbyist.
See also: Combo Amps, Blackstar, Blackstar Guitar Combo Amps