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Blackstar ID:60 TVP 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Blackstar ID:60 TVP 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

Questions about the Blackstar ID:60 TVP 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

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  • from Greensboro NC USA May 8, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Home Recording

    Great Amp!

    I really love this amp. I have been researching my options and found that the Blackstar ID Series was the way to go for me. I got the ID60 TVP and am really really happy with it! Love it!

  • from United States April 27, 2015

    Surprisingly true valve sound!

    I have been a Marshall fan for many years. Owned about every valve amp head they built to go with 1960 cabs, but then I played a Egnater Tweeker. Awesome amp and compact compared to the BIG 4 twelve cabs. Then Blackstar came out with the ID series. I wanted a second amp in my studio for rehearsal so I ordered one. I was blown away with everything it did and the quality of the tube sounds. My Egnater is loaded with 6L6's and the sound I get from the Blackstar is dead spot on. The built in effects are quality and has elimated MANY pedals that I use on the Egnater. I now am finding myself playing the Blackstar more than the Egnater. They do need to do some work on the line out, but it doesn't matter to me because I mic my amps with a 57 anyway. By the way, you can't get any better than Sweetwater, and NO I don't work for them, but their customer service and 2-year tech support is the BEST out there! I have bought a lot of gear from them, hassle free and always ready to help with any problem that arises.

  • from Naperville, IL October 7, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Enthusiast

    This amp ROCKS

    Tube snobs beware - technology is a wonderful thing. The way that the TVP allows you to select from tube emulations is genius. You should really study up on the tubes that are used in the TVP section in order to understand how to find that sound you want - it really works the way it should! I have spent years with a Mustang 2 (v1) and although it is a really nice practice amp with some decent models, it does not come close to what the guys at Blackstar have done with the ID series. I was sure that I needed a tube amp until I found the ID series. You can go from sparkling, high headroom cleans, to gritty blues with singing breakup, to all out make-your-ears-bleed heavy metal and shred tones. And be warned, it can get loud. The best part is, all the settings sound great at any volume with the Master volume running the show.

    It also lets your guitar speak. It's great how different my Epiphone semi-hollow sounds compared to my late 80's Charvel Model 5 with Jackson passive pickups. The articulation of the strings really comes through on the amp at any volume.

    I have been on the hunt for a while and I found the holy grail. And of course, props to Sweetwater (and my rep, Mark Stein) for their ALWAYS top notch customer service.

  • from Texas September 2, 2014Music Background:

    Well rounded with great variable combinations

    Very versatile amp! You can dial in your desired tones and create your own bank of sound easily accessed by a 4 button footswitch. Fun to be able to mix various sounds from cleans, crunches to OD's with the TVP. Play mostly different rock so I can play L34, 6L6 or KT88 or more!

  • from Hartford, CT March 26, 2013Music Background:
    BM degree in classical guitar and love playing the blues

    Blackstar ID:60 TVP great

    So far we love this amp. Really has the tube sound and feel and the 60 watts DOES feel like a true valve 60 watt amp. Only had this a month so far and it powers right over drums and vocals with ease. There are too many combinations of sounds and I have not experimented enough yet to say which sound i like the best but it's a blast experimenting.

  • from McGregor MN March 20, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend warrior musician

    Amazing Touring Amp

    I'm in a few bands which perform gigs throughout Minnesota, around 50 gigs a year. I was tired of my "M" type tube amps going down from tube issues and having to service them all the time. I hear about Blackstar and their ID line and tried it out.

    The tube emulation is crazy good. When I saved my tones I A/B ed the Blackstar Next to my "M" type amp and tweaked it just right. Cleans up when the guitar volume is dropped, stands out in front of the band like a real tube amp, and is LOUD.

    I also use the emulated output for our shows. It is really handy because the emulated out is not effected by the master volume. Meaning if I want 0 stage noise from my guitar I can set my master to 0 and the PA gets the signal. Or if I want more of my guitar sound on stage I bring my master volume to 5 or so.

    I have been using this amp for over 2 years, over 100 road gigs, and countless practice hours without any issues.

  • from July 23, 2016

    Great Amp - Good Job Blackstar!

    I didn't get mine from Sweetwater, but I find reviews are helpful and wanted to share my experience to help others in their decision. I have ordered many times from Sweetwater though, with perfect service every time. They are the first website I go to when looking into new gear.

    On to the amp:

    The appeal of this amp is obvious. Reliable solid state technology, with the tone and power response of tubes. I have owned multiple tube amps: Mesa Mark V, Marshall JVM 410, ENGL Powerball II, ENGL Ironball, and Carvin V3. I can honestly say that the Blackstar gets very close to tube tone. Nothing will ever duplicate a tube amp perfectly, but the TVP series is the best solid state amp I've ever heard. Way better tone and response then the Marshall Code I tried at GC. Blackstar is onto something here that I think will be the next big thing in amp technology. The amp is loud and the tube tone is there.

    The clean tones and tube choices result in what you'd expect, bell like chimes with KT88's that I really enjoy, bright EL34 choice reflects a Marshall tone and the 6L6 is warm and full bodied Mesa territory. Makes me regret selling my Mesa Mark V. The thing I really like and find reputable about the tube replication tones is that the smaller tubes, EL84 and 6V6 drop in volume, just like the real tube amp would with these smaller tubes.

    The 6 different preamp voicings are all inspiring to play. Bright Clean for British clean tones, Warm Clean for American clean tones, Crunch creates just the right amount of lighter overdrive for a warm fuzzy leads, Super Crunch kicks up to EVH tone capability, OD1 sounds like a mid focused metal tone and OD2 is more scooped. All these variations and power tube combinations, you can program any sound in your head.

    The stock speaker is very well voiced to the amp. I unplugged it and plugged the amp into my Mesa 2x12 vertical cab and is sounded thin and had less gain. Usually that cabinet booms with any head. The amp is very loud, probably never a need to turn it past 2 o'clock. It shakes my room at 11 o'clock. The OD channels have a build in noise gate, so you don't have to worry about hiss - it's dead quiet for choppy metal riffs. The effects a decent, but not fantastic. I don't use much though, so their perfect for me. Part of me wishes I got the 2x12 combo, the but 1x12 is not bad at all to carry around and doesn't feel like 38lbs. I wanted a smaller, reliable combo amp for casual jamming and smaller to medium sized gigs. It would be great at larger gigs if your mic'd.

    I had some issues saving patches via the Insider software at first. Make sure you upgrade the firmware from Blackstar's website when you get your amp. It has been working fine since then. The software is handy for setting up multiple tones. I would clone the same tone and change the tube choice - this led me to a love of the KT88 clean a bright clean sound. I also got sweet settings for a Mesa inspired metal rhythm tone, and Marshall inspired thrash metal EL34 tone. I learned I prefer the full bodied sound of 6L6 lead tones as opposed to EL34 lead tones as well.

    Lastly, get the footswitch for this - it's the only way to access all the tones you can save. Just buy this amp - you won't be dissappointed. It outperforms all others in their arena.

  • from Southeast, MI February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Part-time Gigging Musician

    Good Tones and Flexibility with Gigable Volume

    Really good tones. If you know your tube amps you can set it to sound close to your target amp. E.G., set the TVP to EL84 and voice to Clean Bright and you get a pretty Voxy sound. Use the 6V6 setting with Clean Bright and you have an AC30/Deluxe Reverb cross. It does very good edge of break up and low/mid gain sounds. I favor the super crunch voice with EL34 TVP setting for classic rock. Great melodic solo tones on OD1 voice as well.

    For some reason, the crunch voice has less output than the other voices. You can work around this, but I find it a slight con. I can't say that TVP makes it loud as valve, but I can say that it is loud enough for the small and mid size gigs that I play.

    The tones are punchy, but there is not quite as much body or punch as in my tube amps. It's still very good sounding, and loud enough for playing out. If you need tonal flexibility, along with tonal quality, then the ID amps are worth checking out.

  • from Burlington, VT USA August 8, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar player, 35+ years

    Nice Amp

    For what it is, the Blackstar ID60 is a really good amp. The engineers over there figured out that emulating the preamp part of a tube amp isn't enough -- you need to emulate the power amp part of a tube amp also, if you want a good, tube-like sound. If you've ever coupled a tube preamp with a transistor power amp (and I have), you'll know what I mean. A huge amount of the tonal characteristics of a tube amp come from the power tubes, not just from the 12AX7s. At any rate, Blackstar has done a great job modeling the power tube chain of a tube amp, and have actually modeled six types of power tubes here. Very cool, and very well done.

    They've done a good job emulating the pre-amp side of things, too. It's got six different levels on the clean/crunch/distortion spectrum, along with a Gain control knob to mix more or less crunch into your sound. It's also got a knob that can shift along the spectrum from US to British tone.

    Really, for the price, this amp is pretty great. The built-in effects (chorus, reverb, and delay) are actually quite good -- a cut above the usual built-ins on amps -- and are highly tweakable (though tweaking them involves studying the manual for a few minutes to figure out how the editing works). You can store 12 patches for easy recall (though some of the settings on the amp won't be stored -- make sure to read the manual to find out what gets stored and what doesn't).

    I wanted to wait until I played a gig with this amp to write a review, and that gig was last night. One nice surprise was that there was no discernible lag time between patch switching. It didn't take a split second to change my sounds during a song -- it just switched smoothly over from one patch to the next. I figured with an all-digital setup, at this affordable a price, maybe the processing power would be subpar, but it's not. As far as other gig factors, I will say that the ID60 has definitely got good volume headroom. It's not as loud as my 50 watt Mesa Boogie, but it's respectable for sure. You'll probably be fine for small/medium gigs.

    One area where the ID60 doesn't particularly shine is at mildly distorted settings at lower volumes. It can sound a bit digital in this circumstance, which is a shame because aside from this Blackstar did a great job at warming up the sound on this amp. One other nit-picky note about low-volume clean sounds -- they are much more compressed than I'd like them to be. I realize that Blackstar purposely added this sort of compression to emulate the way that power tubes work, but it's just a bit much, particularly at lower volumes.

    All in all, this is a really excellent value, and a very good amp. Just moderate your expectations to suit reality. The ID60 isn't going to replace your favorite expensive Boogie, Bogner, or Blackstar tube amp -- there's just no amount of emulation, modeling, or whatever to make tubes obsolete, unfortunately -- but this amp is a good gigging amp and potentially even a good recording amp, depending on what you're doing with it. And the tonal possibilities with it are really staggering.

  • from Oregon July 22, 2015Music Background:
    Live & studio work, 45+ years


    I just bought this thing a month ago and haven't begun to explore all its possibilities - but I have three observations thus far: 1) It's versatile and easy to use. 2) haven't been able yet to obtain my "holy grail" '66 Super Reverb clean sound, but I think I'll be able to get close. The clean sounds are a bit sterile which is typical of digital amps, but the on board effects are quite good. And 3) this amp "outchugs" any Marshall half stack! Astounding power and crunch with the "Supercrunch" and 6L6 TVP settings and the resonance & presence boosted. For a 1x12 combo it's phenomenal and this is clearly where the amp is going to shine. It sounds like a wound up Mesa rectifier with a Marshall accent - great fun! Blackstar customer service is lousy - have asked a couple questions with no response.

  • from Seacoast NH January 21, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Blackstar ID60 combo

    Have had the amp for a month now, played two gigs with it, mic'd it up with an sm57 because I use the effects loop. I think a dedicated line out would have been a nice addition, especially for a SS amp of this price range. My biggest issue with the amp is that it has a noticeable hiss even at low volumes. Not able to record with it, but I play mostly live music anyway. My main giging amp has been the line 6 spider valve 2x12 so it's hard to compare this amp to that one, they are fantastic amps.
    The blackstar has good tone, don't get me wrong. The fact that you have to use a computer to change parameters is a bummer and I bought the four button switch also the amp is in my opinion useless without it.
    If you use stomp boxes in your set up, forget about them, this amp does not like them one bit. I've tried my tried and true Fulltone OCD and Fulldrives and they sound like crap. I bought the amp as a small combo to carry from practice to home without the hassle of a heavy amp, it has pleased me tone wise so far but like I said the hiss is a major bummer.
    I run a BBE sonic maximizer in the loop and it opens the amp up nicely.
    I had no problem volume wise playing to a room of about a hundred people, but then again it was mic'd up and I never went past noon on the master volume. I think it would have been nice to have an option of adding a second cab as the one twelve is a bit thin sounding. But all in all I would purchase again.

Questions about the Blackstar ID:60 TVP 60-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

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