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Audient iD4 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 45 customer reviews
Questions about the Audient iD4?

Questions about the Audient iD4?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Santa Monica June 23, 2017

    Love this cute guy

    Read the reviews,discussed with my Sweetwater rep,iD4 shows up and is now the centrepiece on my desktop,simple as that.

    This guy is ALL that the previous reviewers say, absolutely top grade for very few $'s

    Buy the best from the best,not the rest!!

  • from Memphis June 22, 2017


    I'm a bedroom singer song writer,just getting started so I needed something simple to allow me to concentrate on developing my recording skills.

    I wanted the iD4 to help me,not get in the way with driver issues etc.

    Simple feature set with what seems to be everything I need, so it feels like the Audient folks had me in mind when they designed the iD4 and I much appreciate it.

    Great recommendation from Sweetwater and for their service and attention, the sweets were a nice touch !

  • from Baltimore June 9, 2017

    Great starter interface

    I'm a singer/songwriter and I'm just starting out so I wanted something really simple,easy to use and hoped that it would be built to last.

    I checked around the web and Sweetwater pointed me to the Audient on line resources and I chose the Audient iD4 over the iD14 as I'm not a mix engineer and wanted something that seems to offer just what I need.I can't compare the iD4's performance to other interfaces,all I can say is so far it works flawlessly on my MBP,it's easy to get what I think is a great sound and feels like it's a quality build that will live in my gig bag for a long time.

    Very happy with the Sweetwater recommendation.

  • from Atlanta May 24, 2017

    Real Deal

    I'm a VO guy and earn my living off what I deliver.

    ID4 delivers clean,detailed recordings for me and for my clients,way better then my previous one.

    All metal package, nice sold knobs, great monitoring choices and being bus powered,removes cables from my workspace.

    What's not to like !

  • from Seattle May 14, 2017

    Game changer for me

    Not been happy with what I was getting out of my Solo and had a few $'s saved, so I followed my Sweetwater guy's recommendation and traded up a class of interface.

    The results are just astonishing,I'm hearing things for the first time in a way that I just didn't hear before.
    Kinda shows up my poor technique though but then that's what i need to hear if I'm ever to get better.

    Stupid money for an amazing new tool.

    Audient and Sweetwater rock

  • from New Jersey May 1, 2017

    iD4 sounds great

    Based on Mike's recommendation, I traded up to the Audient iD4 when my Solo became unusable.

    Suddenly everything's more clear and detailed.
    When I listen back on my previous takes they sound muddy,as if there's a filter on them.

    The iD4 hardware inspires confidence as it's an all metal box with metal solid knobs and the feature set is just what I need as a singer songwriter. I was told the mic pre comes from the their high end Asp console,I don't know what that really means,all I do know is that the iD4 delivers the sound I have in my head and is night and day better than anything I've used so far.

    What a difference a few $'s more makes these days - thanks for the recommendation.

  • from North Carolins April 30, 2017Music Background:
    Voice-over Artist

    Excellent choice for VO's

    I was using another interface and it was okay but wanted something that sounded better both preamp and conversion wise. Doing voice-overs I just needed one channel and I heard some great things about the Audient ID4. Everything I heard was true! I've used some great interfaces in the past and the ID4 blows them all away in simplicity and sound. I highly recommend it!

  • from Austin,TX April 24, 2017

    Great portable starter interface

    I'm new to recording and wanted to find something that was easy to use and deliver great results

    Took a look at the usual suspects and decided to go for the Audient iD4 as it looked like it will last me quite a while and the reviews here on Sweetwater seemed very positive,including Mitch's great feature overview.

    Seems like the engineers at Audient totally get what people at my level of experience need as the iD4 really over delivers on its promise,it's really simple and a dream to use.

    Very happy so far.

  • from San Franscico April 11, 2017

    Mitch's Soundcheck said it was good

    and so it is

    Cool product video from Mitch and the iD4 is all he says it is

    very happy,thanks Mitch!

  • from Overland,Kansas City April 7, 2017

    Great value for the $'s

    Traded up from an AudioBox and it sure is a massive improvement in sound and ease of use.

    My tracks sound way more clear and detailed and all I changed was the interface.

    Feature set is exactly right for what I need for recording vocal and acoustic guitar.It's built like tank,all metal box gives it just the right weight and feel.Controls are on the top so very easy to use.

    I'm not an expert so I want something that just works and the Audient iD4 sure delivers.

    Thank you Sweetwater for the great service.

  • from NYC March 30, 2017

    VO application

    I'm a VO guy and was looking for something better to really reveal my tone and not the sound of the audio interface,after all that's what my clients buy.Having read the other reviews here and sought my Sweetwater guy's advice ,I'm now the proud owner of an iD4 and got nowhere to hide if I don't get it right.

    This interface is awesome for $. No idea how they do it for the $'s,as far as I am concerned the iD4 is the new VO standard.

  • from Catonsville Maryland March 28, 2017

    Amazing,amazing !

    Traded up from my ECHO.

    Unbelievable improvement in the quality of my tracking,clear and clean ..... at last!

    Controls on the top make Logic's workflow real easy and Scroll control is genius for editing.

    The iD4 just inspires

  • from Boston March 25, 2017

    Desktop or Mobile,great sound

    Simple feature set,housed in a rock solid metal chassis and has all the features I need to get recording instantly.

    Very clean sound and it just works.

    The Audient iD4 delivers on it's promise,at $,what's not to like ?

  • from Oakland March 22, 2017

    Great for going mobile

    This little interface is an audio powerhouse.
    USB powered makes it perfect for grabbing it from my bag and get recording within seconds.
    No problem with bus powering my Rode and the dual headphone allows me to share with no hassle.
    Pro level sound,solid build,this thing will be with me for a long time.

    These days big things come in small packages!

  • from Miami March 10, 2017

    Great mobile interface

    I use the iD4 as a mobile "notepad" type of interface,just for getting idea's and sounds down quickly.

    Bus powered from my MBP + Logic,a great combination with great sound.

    For my use,the iD4 proves although it's small in size,it's big on quality

    Hadn't really heard of them before but Audient seem to be really happening these days !

  • from San Diego February 22, 2017

    Brilliant starter interface

    This is my first review and Audient iD4 is my first interface.
    I can't compare to anything else but the iD4 seems to be a great way to get started with recording as it was so easy to set up and it's build quality seems top notch,very reassuring from the moment I opened the nice box.

    My recordings seem very clean and transparent and it looks very cool next to my MBP.
    No power lead,just the USB cable so my desktop is not cluttered.
    I find scroll control very helpful to control my Logic plugins.

    I expect the Audient iD4 to last me a long time.

    Great experience Audient and Sweetwater.

  • from Chicago February 15, 2017

    iD 4 changed my recording life

    I'm just starting out and I know my review title is a little sad!

    As a noob,I was getting VERY frustrated with my previous interface,just couldn't track a clear sound no matter what I tried.Grabbed the iD4,10 minute set up,plugged in and the recording I got was transformational.I don't know how or why and I don't need to!

    Results were clean and clear which is all I need as I have such a lot to learn with recording to Reaper
    Love that I don't have to fight the technology as well.

    Seems with iD4 I don't have to ... stellar results for $

  • from Philly area January 5, 2017

    THE new standard

    Been learning the iD4 over the holidays or perhaps more honestly,it took less than a couple of hours to get to grips with the iD4 (set up was a breeze) and the rest of the time was spent trying to improve my recording technique to match the iD4 audio performance !

    This little guy does everything the other reviewers have commented on and I'm really loving the dual headphones and the sound of the Mic pre.I don't track for more than a simple vocal and acoustic,anything to get my ideas down quick before I loose the flow.

    The iD4 is perfect for note padding rough ideas.

    Thank you Sweetwater for great service and recommendation.

  • from Metro Miami area December 31, 2016

    Great sounding interface

    The iD4 is my second interface and I'm still learning how to track with Pro Tools.
    Although I've only been using it for a few days over the holidays I'm already astonished as to how clean it sounds,making tracks created with my previous M ***** sound fuzzy and mushy (not sure if that's the right way of explaining the obvious difference between the two as "sound" is hard to describe in words).

    The product build feels very solid and with the metal knobs on the top surface it just inspires the tracking process when pulled out of my gig bag and a simple USB lead connection to get started (no set up drivers needed).

    The Di seems to add a nice tone to my guitar and dual headphone outputs are very cool for use when working late.

    Ridiculous price,ridiculous value


  • from December 22, 2016

    Quality and value!!!

    Been using this thing for a couple months and I love it! Easy to use, built like a tank, and it sounds great! I had an Emu 1820m for the past 12 years and it finally puked on me. I actually had to track down a very old computer just to keep it going the last couple years. Anyway I wasn't sure if a USB audio interface would compare with that system. I bit the bullet and bought a decent computer, cubase, and this and I'm not looking back. This bedroom rocker is up and running again. I love toiling away in obscurity with this thing!

  • from Austin December 18, 2016

    Santa delivered early!

    Wish he'd showed up earlier before I bought the other English brand's interface that's now on Craig's.

    Breeze to set up,no driver hassle as it just shows up in PT,tracks sound smooth and clean and the second headphone socket is really useful.

    The iD4 just works,how amazing is that in todays music creation world!

    All I can add is it's a great time to start creating music with all the amazing tools available to us for so few $'s

    Thank you Sweetwater for bring us such great deals!

  • from NYC area December 14, 2016

    Great choice to start out with

    Putting together my bedroom studio with Sweetwater's help.
    iD4 is the key piece as it all routes through it.
    Great professional sound,this little thing has a better mic pre that on the console we had at College!
    Easy to use,don't need to be a computer nerd to get tracking and the results seem stellar.

    No hesitation in recommending.

  • from Atlanta area December 9, 2016

    Easy decision

    The iD4 is my second audio interface,replacing an old M Audio product which finally gave up after many years of service.

    I don't really know how to describe just how much the difference in audio performance this little thing delivers,I hadn't realized just how smeary and fuzzy the M Audio was.

    Up and tracking in 15 minutes from opening the box,built like the brick outhouse,great sound and metering and love the scroll control knob,can even use it with my iTunes library!

    I look forward to using the iD4 for a long time.

  • from Las Vegas area December 7, 2016

    This is Pro grade

    Been having driver problems with my previous interface so took the leap and bought this guy.

    Amazing improvement in every respect,just works,why should I think that's brilliant!

    back to the music!

  • from San Diego area December 2, 2016

    Game changer for me

    Logic + MBP + iD4
    My Sweetwater Sales guy recommended I try the Audient iD4 as an upgrade to my previous interface which was starting to have MBP usb connection issues.

    I checked what others have said here and I now figure that I should have asked for his advice way earlier !

    This little box is an interface powerhouse,I'm hearing tracking detail that was absent before and just so simple to use.Di input is nicely colored when driven hard,the dual headphone out is such a cool idea as it means we can both listen to what's going on through our AT's and it's just so much easier to have the controls on the top rather than on the front,allowing me to concentrate on the take not the interface.

    Scroll control,what a cool idea,it just shows that the Audient designers sure know their stuff!

    Rather than just comment on all the excellent features and sound I now get in Logic,I recommend you just try for yourself.

  • from Fullerton,CA November 30, 2016


    iD4 and Reaper.

    Despite being only a few $'s more,iD4 delivers pro style and shows up my previous audio interface choice to have been low grade.

    Making music is so easy and affordable these days and Sweetwater's SE really help with the choices we have!

  • from Minneapolis November 23, 2016

    Cool tool

    The Audient iD4 seems to be a major trade up at every level from the other English brand I was using.
    Rock solid build quality and tracks with a sound to match.Lot's of detail that wasn't present with my other interface and a nice saturation effect on my vocal when the pre is overdriven a little.
    Love the Di,seems really smooth.The headphone metering choices shows that the designers are recording musicians.

    Check this thing out,you won't be disappointed.

  • from Nashville area November 21, 2016

    Rocking and scrolling !

    This little thing is small in size but HUGE in performance.
    The console mic pre delivers real detail in a rock solid build package.
    Loving the warm Di,neat metering choices and the scroll control feature is just genius for Logic PI's.

    In my opinion,there's nothing like it for 'my first audio interface' choice,it just inspires creativity and keeps it all very simple.

    Big league sound and great advice from Sweetwater

  • from Plano,Tx November 16, 2016

    Brilliant starter interface

    Way better than I am at recording which is why I bought it on Sweetwater's recommendation.

    The iD4 only costs a few $'s but delivers at a level way more than I could have imagined and will stay with me as I progress.

    PT12,dream to set up and so simple to use,built like a tank and just plain sounds great.

    Buy it.

  • from LA area November 11, 2016

    Just starting out

    Just getting into recording and wanted to start simple as I haven't got too many spare $'s or experience and wanted to see if the recording process could excite me to venture more into the world of dreams of a singer,songwriter.

    Haven't had much experience with the other interfaces at this price level but I think I sure made the right choice with the iD4 (thanks for the recommendation Sweetwater!)

    My tracks just sound 'right' to my ears,what I hear in my head is what I hear back through my headphones.

    Real simple to use,this interface just feels like a class act in every respect and no wall wart to power it !

    The guys at Audient have got this one down - no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

  • from New York October 31, 2016

    Audient desk top and gig bag

    I'm lucky enough to have an iD22 as the central hub for my home project studio,an amazingly flexible product that delivers a rich and detailed sound.Been a very happy user for 3 years now without ANY issues

    I saw the iD4 and it's claim that it delivers the same sound but for bus powered mobile use!
    To my ears, the iD4 delivers in every way as it's big brother has done.The same Mic pre,same Di and headphone but with even better metering.

    Same sound,mobile or desktop,genius.

    Great service from Sweetwater as well.

  • from Miami October 25, 2016

    All I expected and more

    Simple feature set and seems to do all I need and does it brilliantly.

    Great sound,a few minutes to set up and with the controls on the top makes tracking so easy.

    Mic pre and Di deliver detail I've not heard before,makes previous interface sound 'smeary' and scroll control is just such a better way to mix.

    Audient rocks it

  • from Richmond October 25, 2016

    Nice to finally get more for your money

    If you like what it has to offer then buy it. The ID4 is simple and it WORKS. Plugged it into my Mac Mini and works like a charm. Set your audio ins and outs in preferences and software, plug in your guitar, set the input, mix in the DAW, and you are good as gold.The other audio interfaces I have tried all have problems (software crashes, clicks and pops). Also, Audient support answered my questions regarding something unrelated to the ID4 in less than 24 hours. Did I mention it WORKS.

  • from On the road again! October 21, 2016

    So easy

    I'm sitting on the tour bus,Mac Book Pro,bus powered iD4,AT headphones and fooling around with my DAW tracks to pass the miles away.

    This thing is genius,solid feel (dropped it a couple of times already),true plug and play and it just makes you feel creative.


  • from Fort Myers October 16, 2016

    Best choice for small VO studio

    Gave up on my Solo as too much hassle to keep it working with W10 and my Sweetwater guy recommended I gave the iD4 a spin.

    Total no brainer in all respects with just a perfect feature set for my small VO business.

    The pre is amazing,delivers a real smooth tone and the iD4 just works.

  • from New Jersey October 9, 2016

    Top class entry interface

    Been playing with the iD4 for a couple of weeks now,so far so good.

    It's been flawless with my Macbook Pro,a breeze to set up and loving the very simple feature set,just what I need to track on the go.The unit feels rock solid and having the controls on the top panel is just genius,makes tracking so easy when needing to adjust the gain of the Mic pre.

    The iD4's noise floor seems invisible (unlike my previous interface) and the metering is clear and helpful.

    Top class product,no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

  • from Columbus,Ohio October 5, 2016

    Very impressed

    I'm a noob to recording so wanted something simple to get started with and Sweetwater recommend I give the new iD4 a try.

    I checked some of the online reviews and decide to put down the $199.

    Very happy so far,very classy sound

  • from Cartersville, GA October 5, 2016

    Loving it!

    I bought the iD4 as an upgrade from a cheaper interface I had been using and to put it simply I love it!

    I've had no issues thus far, it's efficient, sturdy, recording is seamless, it does exactly what I need it to do. When I first plugged it in and started listening I noticed a much higher level of clarity and detail in the music that I had not heard before with my other interface. The dim and iD scrolling feature are also very nice little additions which come in handy!

    If you're looking for a new interface and on a budget I highly recommend you look into the iD4

  • from Westchester October 3, 2016

    Great interface

    I've got an iD22 at the centre of my project studio and now need to track on location.

    The iD4's full 48v bus powering sealed it for me,same crystal clear sound as it's big brother so no difference which interface the track came from.

    iD4 is great value at $199.

  • from Pasedena September 28, 2016

    Best I've used so far

    I'm a simple user,just need an interface to use for location recording.

    My previous interface had been having some driver issues and I'd always felt that the recordings I was making were a little fuzzy when I played them back through Reaper.

    Read great things about the Audient iD stuff, so for $199 I thought there's not much to lose and boy,have I now understood how much there is to gain!

    The results are truly,truly,amazing. Same mic,same DAW but not the same results.

    This thing is night and day better.

  • from September 24, 2016

    The best sound I've heard

    This sounds amazing. The sound you get with this is simply beautiful. Natural, beautiful, clear, no words.
    It is very easy to use, has some nice features and looks really great and is highly portable. Beautiful sounding product!

  • from Sacremento September 24, 2016Music Background:

    I own an iD22 and needed to go mobile

    I bought an iD22 a couple of years ago to use as the central hub of my project studio.
    Been very happy,no issues at all and it seems to make things sound just 'right'. A great feature set.

    We're off on tour and I needed a portable interface for the long hotel room nights and days on the bus so I grabbed the iD4 based on my iD22 experience.

    Very happy to say that to my ears,the iD4 has the same sound as the iD22 and the same ease of use.
    No drivers this time,just plug and go.
    The feature set with just the pre and Di are just what I need and the 2 headphones outputs are so cool so we can listen as we go.

    Pure gold for the road!

  • from NYC September 23, 2016Music Background:
    singer songwriter

    Just buy this guy

    Rode NT1 and iD4
    As a solo artist looking to just make music,this pairing is a winner for me.

    Way better than my previous interface that seemed to add a 'film' over my tracks,iD4 is crystal clear and clean and build like the outhouse!

    Simple to use,no drivers and with the controls on the top, it seems to make it real easy to concentrate on the track.

    True plug and play and bus powered with plenty of juice for my NT1,means I'm mobile and not tied to the wall.

    Just my opinion but Audient seems to be a happening company!

  • from September 8, 2016

    Great interface

    Quality build, great sound. I chose audient based on many reviews who praised the id14 but the id4 seemed to be enough for me. If it had midi i/o I would give 5 stars :)

  • from San Francisco September 8, 2016

    Harsh sound, save your $$$

    Was looking for a sweeter sounding version of my original 'red colored' box, this aint it.

    Preamps are bland and brittle sounding, its awkward to carry around too.

    I gave this to a guy at church and instead bought the 2nd gen red colored interface and its exactly what I was looking for.

    Don't waste your time, stick with the market leader.

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