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Blackstar ID:100TVP 100-Watt Modeling Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Kansas City Missouri April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Punk rock a holic

    Emulates any amp sound you need

    Love this built in noise gate and delay and reverb and tuner oh my! This amp ain't in Kansas no more. Replaced my mesa and all my pedals cut down stage set up by five minutes ahhhh yaaaa no more being the last one ready at a show. It's loud at 12 o'clock no need to go past unless your playing into the Grand Canyon.

  • from Summerville SC February 5, 2016

    Bad to the bone

    Worth every penny can't beat the price and killer thru my Marshall 4 12 cab.

  • from Lawrence, KS August 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio & Live Engineer

    Wide range of stellar authentic tube amp tones!

    Purchased the ID:100TVP Head for my live rig recently after I picked up the ID:60TVP combo for a practice amp. This new direction that Blackstar has taken with tube modelling is outstanding and the feel and response is hard to distinguish from the real tube amps these tube modelling combinations are able to emulate. Incredible versatility and the ability to go from a Blackface Fender to a Vox AC30 to Marshall Plexi is exciting. I've tried most of the other mid-price modeling amps (Line 6, Vox, Fender) and for it's price point none come close to the realism. Back off your guitar volume on a nice, crunchy AC30 tone and it cleans up just the real thing for rhythm / solo control.

    The integrated effects are also first rate. I use a Boss GT-100 which I run through the FX loop for a couple of unique sounds that the Blackstar can't do, but I'm exclusively using the amp for reverbs, delays, chorus, phaser for just about everything. Overall these are tones that Boss is well respected for but sound better from the amp.

    Blackstar touts the 'Loud as Valve' statement for this new line of amps, and while this head can get close, it can't quite hit the full-on bore of a 100 watt tube amp. In my opinion, not a deal breaker as this is still one very loud amp through a 412 cab. Even through my Bogner 212 it will peel paint and still holds up sonically at those levels.

    The Insider software is very good, with a couple of minor tweaks that Blackstar needs to address, but very minor. The only negative is the FS-10 footswitch, which IMHO is not well thought out and just a little wonky in how it is designed to change between patch select and stompbox modes. Moved to using a dedicated MIDI controller (Rolls) for patch changes and happy with that.

    The only thing I can't comment on is the longevity and build quality but having also owned an HT Soloist 60 for sometime with nary a problem, my gut feeling is that these are also built to last.

    Keep up the good work Blackstar and thanks for providing me a flexible and amazing sounding head!

  • from Ohio September 30, 2015Music Background:
    classical, choral, r-n-r, metal, historical

    Blackstar ID:100TVP Modeling Head

    Lots of bells and whistles with little decipherable instruction provided.

    Sounds good, valve simulations reasonably accurate.

    Blackstar has consistently failed to return e-mail inquiries regarding product applications - BEWARE of lack of customer service .... would get a better rating w/o the bad attitude.

    They should learn from Sweetwater about service ; I received the amp less than 24 hrs after placing the order but Blackstar can't be bothered to respond at all.

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