AIR Update to Hybrid 1.6 for Current Owners No Longer Available

Update to Version 1.6 of Software Synthesizer with Sample-accurate Synth Engine and 23 Filter Modes — RTAS
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AIR Update to Hybrid 1.6 for Current Owners image 1
AIR Update to Hybrid 1.6 for Current Owners image 1

Sorry, the AIR Update to Hybrid 1.6 for Current Owners is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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AIR Update to Hybrid 1.6 for Current Owners
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An RTAS Soft Synth with Analog and Digital Sounds!

Note: This is a specially priced update to Hybrid 1.6 for current owners of Hybrid. Please call your Sales Engineer for details.

Put a powerful synth to work for you, right inside your Pro Tools rig! Avid's Hybrid software synth brings you the sound of vintage synths and the flexibility and features of a virtual instrument. Developed by Avid's Advanced Instrument Research (AIR) group, Hybrid offers the warm and distinctive sounds of '70s synths, combined with an amazing array of presets, tweakable LFOs, filters, sequencers, a cool Modulation matrix, and editing options. As suited to live work as it is to audio production and sound design applications, the Hybrid lives up to its name. You'll love this synth!

Each Hybrid part features two multi-functional oscillators with algorithms ranging from classic analog waveforms to digital wavetables. Choose from seven different modes, including saw sync, saw cross modulation, saw multi, square sync, square cross modulation, square pulse width modulation (PWM), and wavetable. Hybrid offers 100 wavetables with up to 64 single-cycle waveforms each. A third oscillator section includes saw, square, or triangle waves plus a noise generator and a sub oscillator for deep bass effects. Once you get inside Hybrid, you won't want to leave.

Hybrid's amazing multimode filter lets you control the tone color of a part by removing or accenting certain frequencies. Select from Hybrid's extensive collection of 23 modes. Then dial in the filter cut-off, velocity, and key tracking. Use the resonance dial to change the tone from a nasal sound to a ringing tone by emphasizing frequencies around the cut-off and generating self oscillation. A blend of the third oscillator and noise generator can serve as an audio modulation source for filter cut-off, producing distinctive electronic audio effects. Adjust filter saturation to add some serious edge. Hybrid creates distortion by overdriving the filter rather than distorting the signal before or after the filter.

This is no ordinary soft synth! Hybrid includes three LFOs per part: two monophonic and one polyphonic. Use the LFOs to modulate pitch, loudness, or cut-off, producing vibrato, tremolo, or electronic sweeps. Choose from eight modulation types, ranging from sine and triangle waves to random, "drift," and sample-and-hold modulation. Change the depth, rate, phase, and sync mode to quickly and dramatically alter the sound.

Use Hybrid's four envelope editors to easily sculpt the filter, amplitude, and any two other modulation envelopes. Adjust velocity, attack, decay, and key tracking, then type in the envelope rate. Two onboard 16-step sequencers enable you to create modern-sounding patches that move. Set note values, velocity, and modulation. Then, pick from nine playback options to use the sequencer as a step sequence, arpeggiator, or MIDI phrase generator.

Hybrid also offers a flexible and easy-to-use modulation matrix with 16 assignable modulation sources and more than 20 destinations. Assign modulations to an oscillator or filter. Hybrid allows multiple assignments of sources and destinations, all with adjustable intensities. You can assign any rotary control or fader on the plug-in's interface to one of the four "morph" groups. Assign pan, filter, or amplifier envelopes to a morph group to alter sounds from your controller while recording or playing live. Each morph group can control several parameters simultaneously. You, in turn, can control morph groups from the dials on the interface or from a MIDI controller.

Want effects that really perform? They're right onboard! Hybrid provides two insert effect sends per part, each with more than 40 effect types, so you can quickly change the sound of a part. A separate master effect section lets you select reverb, delay, and chorus effects to enhance - or warp - any of Hybrid's sounds at the patch level. Easily adjust effect parameters and sync effects to a chosen tempo.

Avid Hybrid Software Synthesizer Features:
  • More than 250 presets with a range of analog and digital sounds
  • Comprehensive user-modification capabilities from a straight-forward interface
  • Sample-accurate synth engine for super-fast envelopes and high-definition sound
  • Two simultaneous parts for creating complex patches
  • Three high-definition oscillators per part - two with seven wave modes
  • Revolutionary filter design with 23 filter modes and true saturation for warm patches
  • Flexible editing options with four envelope generators and three LFOs per part
  • Performance-oriented features, including a modulation matrix, "morph" groups, and a step sequencer/polyphonic phrase generator for each part
  • Two effects inserts per part, plus a master effects section
Avid's Hybrid puts outstanding synths inside your Pro Tools setup!

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Manufacturer Part Number 8115-61721-00

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