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Hartke HyDrive 410 - 4x10" 1,000W Neo Bass Cabinet Reviews

4.5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Jared Kalish

    Many bass cabs can't give you the best of two worlds, but that's where the Hartke HyDrive series of bass cabs step in! You get all the lush warmth of a traditional paper cone coupled with the razor-sharp definition of the signature Hartke aluminum cone - all in a lightweight design. I use this cab paired with the Hartke LH1000 head for the ultimate "do anything" bass rig.

  • from Jacksonville, Florida December 26, 2016

    Excellent Bass Cabinet

    I play in a progressive metal band playing 6 string basses, and this cabinet handles every frequency exactly how I want. Some people are right when they say that it doesnt have a lot of bass extension. But I find that that keeps things very tight and even across the board. I don't want flubby super low bass notes. I retain an aggressive drive even when riding a low tuned Ab or F# to accompany 7 and 8 string guitars. Even then it has so much of that loved rumble bass players are looking for.

  • from Vincennes, IN November 28, 2016Music Background:
    Old EB0 player turned collector

    Excellent Bass cab!

    Back in my early gigging days, we were encouraged to play through the monstro speakers...the more 15" in a cab the better. That was more than 45 years ago. I have called myself a bass player since then until I heard Victor Wooten play through one of these. Now that I'm back to a collector I have paired this cab with the LH1000. The response is unbelievable. Turns out these hybrid 10" speakers are capable and more than willing to reach down for the lower frequency responses and handling the midrange and highs are a walk in the park. The 1000 watt capacity will take all the amp wants to give it and sound like a champion. Even at modest settings my neighbor tells me he enjoys some of my rehearsal sessions. Buy this cabinet, but just wait long enough until my second one arrives to add to the mix. You cannot beat the value of this cabinet and you certainly can't get better service than the experts at Sweetwater. Everyone here is a total class act!

  • from November 22, 2016

    Won't let you down

    Bought this along with the 1x15 and LH1000, they all work together perfectly. I love the compressor option on the back, when I want to get slapping and really bring out the high end all I have to do is flip the switch (I like the compressor all the way on) and BAM! tone that will inspire you to play.

  • from Jacksonville, FL October 30, 2016Music Background:
    Celebrating 50 years as a Weekend Warior

    Very Impressive 4x10

    A great cab paired with the LH1000. Much lighter that I expected and very compact. My band mates have all commented on the punchy-ness of my sound. I was going to do an A/B test with another 4x10 but after only two gigs there is no need for a comparison. I'm keeping this cab for sure. Many thanks to the folks at Sweetwater for another job well done.

  • from EAST YAPHANK, NY September 13, 2016

    Very Impressive.

    I was a lifetime Ampeg user, and was looking for a lighter rig than my vintage SVT 8X10. I bought this cabinet and have not looked back. Sounds great with plenty of versatility and thunder. I'm using it with a Hartke LH1000 and I also bought the Hydrive 2x10 to add onto this for bigger gigs. I love this rig.

  • from Greenville SC July 25, 2016Music Background:
    musician for over 40 years

    Hartley HyDrive HX410

    The cleanest sounding most powerful amp I've ever owned. The sound blows me away.

  • from Louisiana April 29, 2016


    One awesome unit,the tone THE RUMBLE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY.......

  • from Oak Lawn, IL March 21, 2016Music Background:
    Basement solo artist

    Thanks Hartkte and Sweetwater

    Having played through a Crate BX-100 for over 10 good years( A great amp in my opinion ), I felt it was time for an up grade. After doing my home work I decided to go with the Hartke Hydrive 410 and the LH1000 head. I feel I made the right move. More than enough power for my little home studio, and more than enough power to gig out when I get around to that. Now I'm saving up for the 115 for the perfect storm. Big thanks to Brad and the Sweetwater team for making my shopping experience perfect as always and Thanks to Hartke for putting out these powerhouse cabs and amps. Cheers!!!

  • from North Carolina August 14, 2014Music Background:
    Working Musician

    great product great service

    Got the new speaker with two little dents in one if the cones. I ssnt it back and a few days later a new one was on my doorstep. Richard Whittington my sales engineer was so helpful. The speaker is awesome. Very clear and super for slap. Clear enough to hear 32nd notes clearly. A HX115 would go perfectly with this cab and round out the bright sound and make it a bit warmer. Going to get the 15 sooner or later.

  • from Baltimore, Maryland August 11, 2012Music Background:

    Awesome cab!

    I am truly blow away by this cab. Running my Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 through this cab and it sound AMAZING! I'm really loving the amount of bottom end coming out of this as well. I've thought about getting the 500 watt 15 cab to couple with this, but a) I don't really need to and b) I may just go with another 4x10 if I get another cab. Maybe get another one and a Hartke Kilo 1000 watt head? Sounds like a plan to me.

  • from Sidney. OH October 11, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbist (was pro years ago)

    Hartke HyDrive HX410 (4 x 10")...WOW!

    I've been out of music for almost 20 years now, but want to rekindle my passion for it. Previously, I had a couple of Fender Bass Amps and more recently a Peavy 1810 cabinet with a Mark V head. I loved that setup.

    But the Hartke cabinet along with the Hartke LH-1000 Amp head is by far the best rig I've ever owned. Its powerful with really bright sounds!

  • from Calabash, NC July 22, 2011Music Background:

    Awesome cab

    Hartke really did bass players a favor with the HyDrive line of bass cabs. I can't say enough good things about this cab. I recently picked up my second HX410 cab from Sweetwater, so now I'm playing through my Hartke LH1000 head into two HX410s. This cab can do it all, most likely because of the hybrid paper/aluminum speakers. You can go from a warm, old school tone to a modern, edgy tone and everywhere in between and it still sounds great. The tweeter adds even more high end, should you need it. Personally, I find the -6 db setting to be just right. If you've been looking for a do-it-all cab that won't break the bank that sounds great, look no further. Seriously.

  • from Niagara Falls, ON Canada February 18, 2009Music Background:
    Studio owner/producer, engineer, musician

    Nothing compares to this 410!

    Got it 2 days ago and I've finally stopped playing long enough to write a review, which I never do but I had to review this cab. In this time I used a Hartke HA series head with a Fender Jazz, Gibson Les Paul Money, 2 Washburn Bantams(1 active) and a Rogue fretless and REALLY this is the best sounding bass cabinet I have EVER heard. The sound is so natural and non colored, smooth, deep, punchy, amazingly clean. After noticing the tweeter switch was off I switched it on and WOW the brightness and punch with the most incredible clarity came alive, well it was just unbelievable. It's not like the older, all aluminum speakers at all. They're more like a paper speaker with way more brightness and clarity. I own a classic 810, a pro 410(Eminence's) and a 115 cabinet and none of them in any combination with tweeters on or off come close to this 410 cabinet on it's own.
    Thank you Hartke you hold the title now!

  • from New York September 26, 2009Music Background:

    HX410 Hartke Hy drive cabinet

    I would have given this cab a 5.0 but one speaker blew during a rehersal after 3 weeks from new. My confidence level has not been restored yet, but I will say that it was repaired within 6 days. The sound is great, clean with no coloration. I use a Hartke LH 500 head and with the 410 cabinet the head is only putting out 350 watts. Why did the one speaker blow?

  • from Swmi October 14, 2016

    Great but not what I needed

    It really was a phenomenal sounding cabinet, but when I played a B chord on my p bass it just didn't have the response and sounded almost like a bad driver but after getting sent a replacement it turns out it's just the cab itself. It sounds really great other than that and is super light, but I think because it's sealed it just can't handle what I do.

    Shout out to Matt Kreamer for being on the ball with me on this though, sweetwater has some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with.

    Above all, if your not a weird chord playing bassist this cab is solid and I'm not talking down about it, however be prepared to not have a lot of throw and good low chords and a decent volume

  • from Johanneburg South Africa August 10, 2012Music Background:
    old and very worn bass player

    Good honest value rig

    Played with lots of gear but never been a Hartke man. I now play an LH1000 through the HX410. Very happy with it. I have played a lot of pub / club gigs with it and it has never let me down. It has a very useable range and can certainly handle the LH 1000. People looking for HUGE amounts of bottom end need to look at a different cab and probably another very large amp . Powerful bass doesnt come cheap and you need plenty of watts
    I will use this cab until it dies - and then buy another one!

  • from Long Island, N.Y. May 27, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Hartke Cabinet Is Awesome

    I've been using Hartke equipment for live performances for years, The product is well made, and can withstand the abuse of roadies, and night after night, it still performs like it just came out of the box.

  • from Chicago December 29, 2009Music Background:
    25 years Pro Bassist rock, funk, jazz

    6 months... jury still out

    Love the look, the light weight, the sound, and the price is ok, however...
    I bought the HX410 and the HX115. I use a GK1000RB head with a Musicman Bongo axe. The low end is pretty amazing. I found myself cutting down the low end below flat and will probably cut some more.
    For smaller gigs I just used the 410 and found the 1000 watt rating is more like 250 watts. I blew one of the speakers and the whole cab dies except the horn. I'm actually more impressed with the HX115 cab. I had to use it by itself while the other was repaired. No problems by iteslf. Then I stacked a BagEnd cab single 10" with a horn I have and it screamed. The 410 was repaired quickly but the speakers tend to flap when I attack aggressively and the punch drops in and out at a volume level of 4 1/2. I'm going to try a few more settings and possibly a compressor/limiter to the rack before sentencing.

  • from Tampa,fl April 12, 2012Music Background:
    25 +yrs of playing all styles of music

    Not enough a.. !

    ehhh, it sounded great in the store at a low level ( like everything else ) but when I got to play it @ a gig the low end presence wasn't there like I thought it should've been, with that being said I'm always skeptical of socalled 800 -1000 watts bass enclosures rated @ 8 ohmns

  • from Tampa Bay June 19, 2010Music Background:
    Bassist (Born of Hades)

    Not enough low end

    I bought this along with the LH500 head as an upgrade from my old trusty 1974 Peavey bass rig. I sounds awesome at lower volumes but lacks the kick in the nuts that my 2x15 peavey delivers. So I've since scrapped the cab and stuck with my old 4 ohm Peavey matched up with the LH500 head (which is much better than the old Peavey 400 Series head).

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