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Hartke HyDrive 115 - 1x15" 500W Neo Bass Cabinet Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from OH December 28, 2016Music Background:
    metal classic rock been playing for 9 years

    Great cabinet great power

    This cabinet so great with my Hartke 4 10 XL cabinet and Hartke LH 500 head. It can take the power without compromise very sturdy construction. The low end is great any kind of music no Victor Wooten David Ellefson ,and Frank Bello use Hartke. That says it all!!!!!. The quality of the speaker is my favorite part of the cabinet considering I blew 2 400 watt cabinets and the head wasnt even turned up.

  • from Louisiana April 29, 2016



  • from Nashville, TN June 6, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer

    Hartke Hydrive 115

    This is a great cabinet for the price! I already owned a Hydrive 410 cab and was wanting the matching 115 to compliment it! I power both with a GK MB Fusion 500 and its an amazing combination. Sounds great for all styles, especially slapping! If you are looking for a great cab for a great price, look no further!

  • from Rio Grande Valley (South Texas) October 25, 2015Music Background:
    Part Time professional

    My First HARTKE

    I've had this cabinet about four months now. It was very well packed and so lite (I expected it to weight more). I unwrapped it immediately in my garage and rolled it inside the house. Honestly, I didn't even set it up until after a month later. The punch is awesome (paired with a Hartke HX112), mids and highs clear and clean at all volumes powered with a new 500w TC Electronic head. However, Hartke needs to modify two things. The rear panel needs to be recessed ( it can easily be damaged in transport) and the caster diameter is too small ( the smallest pebble will stop it from rolling). I highly recommend this cabinet.It's a little pricey but worth it. P.S. Get a cover for it, The covering can get damaged very easily.

  • from Birmingham, AL January 14, 2014Music Background:

    Bring the rumble!

    This cabinet goes quite nicely with my HX410. I still need to experiment with crossover settings, though I'm currently sending it frequencies below 600Hz and am fairly pleased with the result. After having owned an HX410 for several years, I had certain expectations for the 115 and was not the least bit disappointed.

  • from Michigan USA June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Blues, Rock, Funk, andCountry

    What I expected

    I currently play in a blues band and got this cabinet about 2 years ago. I use a line 6 rackmount preamp and run a biamp setup with this cabinet and a 210xl twin 10" all alumin cone 200 watt cabinet for the mids and highs both cabinets are powered my a crown 2500xls. I love the tune and flex that this set up gives I can select many different amp sound from the line 6 modeler and make it sound like just about anything. Only regret is that I should have bought the 410 hydrive so I could leave the 210xl twin at home and run it as single amp setup. This guy is my heaviest single piece of equipment to move and it just 62lbs. I gig just about every weekend and it has held up great. I don't play a 5 string but I've never had any issues with this thing this cabinet got down to 20hz, that's crazy low and yes with one of my sub octive effect I get now to 20 hz even with a four string.

  • from Topeka, Ks. USA December 26, 2011Music Background:
    Working Pro Musician

    Hartke Hydrive Not What I Expected

    I bought my Hydrive HX115 enclosure from my hometown dealer that is a personal friend. I use the HX115 in tandem with an Ampeg Classic SVT 410HLF cab with a Yamaha PreAmp and a Crown XTI 2000 Amp. I play Blues, Country, Jazz, and Classic Rock. I use both 4 and 5 string active and passive basses...everything from a Frudua to an Xotic. The HyDrive just won't take any volume louder than soft lounge jazz without having problems with "farting out" with the B string. I am a seasoned old player, and I don't "camp out" down there, but I use it when I need it, and it just won't handle anything very low...even though it's supposed to when you're playing at a blues band sound pressure level. About the second time that I took it out on a job, it sat in the jeep for about an hour in 90 degree heat, and all the glue holding the tolex on the back of the enclosure let go, and it really looks bad. I would not buy another one of these at gunpoint!

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