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Planet Waves PW-HPRP-03 Two-way Humidification System Replacement Pak Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Planet Waves PW-HPRP-03 Two-way Humidification System Replacement Pak?

Questions about the Planet Waves PW-HPRP-03 Two-way Humidification System Replacement Pak?

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  • from DC November 27, 2014Music Background:
    amateur singer-songwriter

    Great way to keep humidification consistant

    This is the best product on the mkt to maintain your guitar's humidification by a long distance. If your guitar is properly humidified-40%- these packs last a few months dependent on the weather-season and your home's humidification.

    If your guitar is dry, it will take 1-2 rounds of fast drying packets to get your guitar where it should be--40-45%. I saw the comments of concern about the "fast dry-out." Its not this product, but your guitar begging for water. Not a good way to care for your axe.

    Be kind to your guitar. Keep it humidified. Letting it dry is the best way to destroy your investment in a nice guitar. Dont. These are not expensive and highly effective

    We have a full home humidifier today to keep both my guitar happy and our sinus from drying out in winter.

  • from Nashville, Tn August 18, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist...live church music

    Great after the the first two :)

    As mentioned previously in another post, when the instrument is humidified the packs will do a great job. My first one lasted just @ 3 mo. The 2nd...4 mo. and the one I have now is just over 5 mo old and is just now starting to show signs of use. I am at present ordering my 4th. Love these little guys...and this is an easy way (at a reasonable price) to take great care of your guitar!

  • from Nevada July 6, 2012Music Background:
    Player and Collector of fine instruments

    Works Great, but here's a Tip for longer lasting product time

    I really like this product over the wet sponge method, but I too am concerned about how long they last. Your first tip before you even put these in your instrument is to get the instrument humidified first. If you put these in a dry guitar it will of course suck all the moisture out of the paks. I use the Planet waves sound hole method with the wet sponge and a home made one for the neck. Have your humidifier guage in place and use this til your instrument case and guitar are reading 40-45%. May take a few days depending on your instrument. Then when this happens remove the sponge method, and add the Humidipak in its place. So my first set started to get hard at 4 months so I ordered another replacement pak. You will notice that the Humidipak is two way meaning it lets moisture out and absorbs it back when it reaches the correct humidication keeping your instrument just right. So I took the used hard paks and placed them in a plastic container with a small bowl of distilled water and a humidity guage. I sealed it with a lid and got all the air out. I left it for 24 hrs. I noticed the guage was reading 49% that I could see thru the clear plastic bowl. So I carefully opened it not to spill water and behold the humipaks had re-juvinated themselves. Nice and gushy. So they absorbed water back. Just to be sure I took out the water bowl and re-sealed the container. After 12 more hours the guage was still maintaining 49%. So I re-opened the container and the humidipaks were still soft as new. So I then took them and replaced them into the sealed bag my new Paks came in. I now have a backup set. I will date these and see how they maintain in one of my guitars to see how long they last, and that they maintain the correct humidity. So far this experiment looks good. I expect to get double life at least this way. So that's my story and I'm sticking too it. Good luck and keep those guitars safe. They are an investment and require care. The company or me cannot guarantee this to work, but if you have your instrument pre-humidified first they will last a lot longer...

  • from Downers Grove, IL October 17, 2011Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Love it

    These work great is you're anal about keeping the correct humidity in your acoustic like I am. I used to fill the good ole' fashioned humidifier dipstick each day but this is way better and maintenance free. I've bought these 3 times. The first set seemed to last almost a year. I got about 6 months out of the next set.

  • from June 22, 2015

    Planet waves

    Seems to work well

Questions about the Planet Waves PW-HPRP-03 Two-way Humidification System Replacement Pak?

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