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D'Addario Planet Waves Two-way Humidification System Reviews

3.5 stars based on 43 customer reviews
Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves Two-way Humidification System?

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves Two-way Humidification System?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Braden
    from Rocky Mountains February 12, 2017Music Background:

    Work great with a decent case

    These are wonderful as long as you have a decent case and keep it closed. I live in the mountains of Colorado and it is consistently 10% humidity or less. Proper humidification is a huge issue. These last for about 6 months as long as I keep my case closed when I am playing. Some people re-humidify the packets with distilled water after use. It seems to be work, but is a slow process.

  • Lido Raposo
    from Rhode Island November 21, 2015Music Background:
    Music & Visual Artist

    Planet Waves Two-way Humidification System

    I purchased a Taylor T5z Standard Guitar and I cannot imagine not having this system always in the guitar case with the guitar to keep the constant humidity needed for that guitar investment. You know it's working because a) the guitar is not warped anywhere and always sounding at it's best, and b) the crystals in the humidity system do get hard over time because they're absorbing the extra moisture in the guitar case. It's a two-way system, otherwise known as osmosis.

  • Bill
    from Maryland March 31, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    None better!

    This is the easiest most efficient humidification system that I have ever used. Keeps the case and guitar at a constant 49-55 %. No fuss, no mess, no worries! Get it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Dennis Hayes
    from NW Georgia December 1, 2014Music Background:
    Playing guitar about 4 years, mostly at church

    Planet Waves D'addario Humidipak kit

    Purchased a new Taylor 814ce Es2 in March 2014. Installed the Humidipak system within a few weeks of owning guitar. Live in NW Georgia. The packs are just now getting firm. So they lasted me about 8 months. Maybe it is where I live or that I installed the packs right after getting guitar and it was not dried out yet but am very happy with their life span . I only average getting my guitar out about 3 times a week at about 2 hours at a time and always keep my case closed with the humidipaks inside.

  • Allen Miller
    from Trenton, OH September 17, 2014Music Background:
    Live/Recording Musician

    Humidipak Kit

    Works as advertised! I was worried about leakage, etc., but have not had any issues with this product. I have a kit in my new Taylor 814ce case and a kit in my Taylor T5 Custom case.

  • linda
    from carlisle, PA June 10, 2014

    "...... A"

    these are the best thing since sliced bread, except for my new Taylor that is. but anyway, I always liked the herco's for humidity, using hygrometers, I dialed in a system for them to use with my Les, and an acoustic; one keeps a Les at 50% and it takes 2 to keep an acoustic at 50%. they are great little products and I still am using one with the Les, however when I bought the 324, I also ordered this kit. I did not humidify it first per the instructions, this may not work for everyone, but for me, they are still nice and squishy some 3 months later, i love these for the acoustic, no more refilling and no guesswork, time to retire that ol' hygrometer. probably gonna get another for the Les too. that is also a tip for everyone, even though it takes less water to keep them at the right level, electric guitars need humidity just as an acoustic does, and they want water, not oil of any type, never oil, no, no, no. the effects of dryness do not occur with electrics as quickly as do acoustics, but they can still be damaging, particularly with the frets and board, try it, your guitar will thank you.

  • Rich Rodeheaver
    from Reynoldsburg, OH May 20, 2014Music Background:

    Humidipak works exactly as advertised

    Just follow the instructions - works great. I love it for long term storage (when I won't have access to some of my guitars for months). I prep the case, install my Oasis humidifier OH-1 and the Humidipak, wrap the case seam with saran wrap and 3+ months later the humidity level is around 45-50% and the Humidipak is still like new...

  • Al
    from New Jersey, USA March 23, 2014Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Great product

    The Humidipak system takes the guesswork out of maintaining proper humidity in your guitar's case by releasing moisture when needed and sucking it up when it isn't.. It is important that you use one of the plastic sponge humidifiers to get the inside of the guitar damp enough as not to make the Humidipaks harden before they get to work. After a couple of days with a plastic humidifier you can use the Humidipak and it will last quite awhile. When the paks get hard simply find a Rubbermaid airtight container, put about a half inch of water in it.. Using a cup or something to keep the paks out of the water but still leave a little space, place them on top of the cup and seal the lid. In a few days they are good as new. I do keep a new refill around just in case. Make sure as others have noted that you keep the paks sealed in your case when playing your instrument or they start to release their moisture into the room instead of your guitar.

  • James T. McGuiness
    from Virginia Beach October 19, 2013Music Background:
    Intermediate guitarist

    Great product.

    This product is great for the guitar owner who is willing to pay to get out of the fuss of messing water. Most hydration devices need to be checked and refill with water or sponges wet. Who wants to do that? And even at that you can't be sure whether you're over moisturizing unless you buy a hygrometer (been there too). This product just works to either emit hydration or suck it out of the case. Results vary though where you live. I hate great results in NYC where they last 3-6 months. One time PW recalled the product, sent me a check for the list price and sent me a bunch of new ones for free when they had some growing pains about 8 years ago. Bob Taylor endorses them.

  • CJ
    from Ashland,KY June 5, 2013Music Background:

    It keeps your investment healthy

    I am pleased with the Humidipak. I put it in my case in April and it is still going strong in June. Keeps my guitar and inside the case a constant 54% humidity. I cant complain about the product b/c it does what it is supposed to do and you dont have to worry about filling it with water every 2 or 3 days. You just put it in and check every time you play your guitar and you are good to go. Just remember to keep your case closed when not in use.

  • SC
    from Hibbing Mn. April 13, 2013Music Background:
    Played Guitars for 42 yrs.

    Works Great

    The guitar Humidipak kit is working great, I use it with my taylor guitar.

  • Cb
    from Va. USA May 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Songwriter

    It works.

    It works great. Don't be swayed by the bad press here. But gotta say, close your case when your baby is out. Otherwise they will suck up the humidity in the room, and latch it too. Mine have been in my case with my Taylor 914 ce for over three months and they are not hard yet. So get one, I am getting them for ALL my guitars.

  • Mark Patalita
    from Fort Wayne, IN November 23, 2011Music Background:
    lifelong musician

    Quality investment for your fine woods

    Wanted to find something or my Martin while on the road. Oh, so happy! Planet waves comes through again with a great product for a great price.

  • S
    from Jacksonville Beach, FL March 3, 2010Music Background:
    Avid Guitarist

    Work as described

    I live in northern FL and these have consistently maintained the humidity of my guitar between 45-48% for the past 3 months. Because of the unusual weather this winter my the humidity in my house has varied wildly from dry (from use of central heat) to very humid, yet the humidity in my case has remained constant. No problems with leaks, discoloration, whatsoever. This is a great product and after 3 months, I expect I'll get the entire 4 months of rated useage.

  • Ben Pumpiner
    from On The Road 365 June 29, 2016Music Background:
    I play for food.

    Close your case!

    These work great, the only thing I would say is mandatory is to keep them sealed in your guitar case when your guitar is out. They will try to balance a whole room if you don't and they'll harden quickly. It is very easy to bring these back to life when they start to harden. Soak a paper towel in distilled water and put it in a quart plastic bag, keep it open by folding back the flap. Put the humidipaks near the opening of the bag and close your case while playing your guitar. The paks will re-humidify within a couple of hours to a day (do this every time you play and the paks can last indefinitely). Remember they add humidity in dry climates, so with no introduction of external moisture they will harden up quickly (within a month). Try the above hack to save yourself replacement pak costs!

  • Larry
    from NJ March 16, 2014Music Background:
    35 years exp/teacher

    It works...

    After buyin my Taylor from Sweetwater I knew I needed to ensure proper humidification. After wetting sponges for two weeks I started looking for something better. I read reviews and thought I'd give this system a go. It is very easy to install and as others have stated it needs alittle hand holding to prolong its life. First, when not in use I put both pouches in the strap compartment inside the case and latch the case. This will prevent the pouches from loosing moisture to the room. Second, when one or more of the pouches starts to harden I wet a dampit humifier and put it with the pouches inside the case compartment for a few hours. The pouches absorb the moisture from the dampit, re-soften and are ready to go. Its still less work than wetting sponges every three days and is a better solution as both the body and headstock/neck are evenly humidified.

  • mike parker
    from roseburg, or November 29, 2016

    You can restore the packs before they get hard

    I've had the system for about 5 years, and still use the same packs. I take them out and feel them every so often. When the packs are drying, but before they get hard, I put them in a plastic container, inside a larger plastic container that has a little water in the bottom, and it's lid on, so they absorb the moisture and they are like new again. I did let the first one get hard, and it did not work after it was hard.

  • Customer
    from June 22, 2016

    Planet Waves Humidification

    The system does a very good job of maintaining proper humidification. My only complaint is that the new container with the plastic clip-on top is harder to use than the old system was. It is difficult to put together and hard to get it to fit between the strings and into the sound hole.

  • Jeff Hachtel
    from Kalida, OH February 25, 2016


    I have this in three acoustic guitars right now, 2 Seagulls and a Martin. They seem to be working fine. Nice to not have to stress over humidification, just drop these in and done. The packs are a touch wide for the Seagulls, but they do fit with a little help. The pouches are pretty tight in the holders. I start them and shake them down in like I do my pillows in their pillow cases. The plastic parts are not finished well and have sharp edges, so I recommend cleaning them up with an exacto knife before letting them scratch up your guitar.

  • Rich
    from New Jersey February 24, 2016

    Great but expensive

    They do what they're designed to, but the refills get expensive, especially if you own multiple guitars. I've had them last over 3 months during the summer season, but as little as a month in the wintertime.

  • Tommy
    from Divide, CO April 7, 2015

    Not as excited about the new sound hole pocket

    This is still the ultimate set and forget system. But the new sound hole two-packet hole leaves some to be desired. Instead of the older system with two connected pockets that hung over the D and G strings into the sound hole, one must now shove two humidifier packers into a single pocket and clip it closed with a plastic clip. Getting the two packets into the single pocket led to some cursing. And I'm concerned about the potential for the sharp edges on the plastic clip to rub against the guitar and wear into it while the hard case is being jostled around. Other than that, it is the same old effective system it has always been.

  • John Ward
    from Fort Wayne January 23, 2015Music Background:
    15 Years, Hobbyist

    Works well

    Works well. This time of year, add a wet sponge and keep it wet. This will provide the moisture, help keep these from hardening. In fact, unless the humidity is above 45%, keep a wet sponge in case. These balance the humidity, and last a lot longer with a steady source of moisture.

  • John Yaschur III
    from Delaware April 20, 2013Music Background:
    Berklee Alumni

    Planetwaves Humidipac

    I have a small fleet of acoustics with my oldest 42 years old in mint condition. Why is in mint condition? Because I maintain that guitar, as well as all my guitars purchased at Sweetwater with humidity, the best friend a guitar can have. Humidity keeps the wood alive, keeps the glue from drying out and letting go, keeps the frets from popping from a humid-less fretboard, and allows your instrument to age better than a fine wine regarding the sound improving. For years I did this manually, but with the Planet Waves Humidpak, it keeps my guitars at a constant 45% humidity level giving and taking humidity, like it is breathing humidity to keep it right without any work on your part.. It is important with this product that when you take your guitar out you close the case, so the packs are not spewing humidity into the open air. You will prematurely exhaust the 3 packs that come with the kit. When your packs are exhausted (they get hard feeling) simply replace them. This is simply the best system for guitar humidification on the market. My guitars are all high-end instruments. I am a professional in the music business, and 2nd best is not acceptable. Planetwaves Humidipack's is a First Rate product, and should be used by anyone who wants their guitar to last, and perform properly for years to come

  • Mike Rhoads
    from Mclean, VA USA December 28, 2012Music Background:

    Perfect to keep your guitar in good condition

    The humidipak is easy to use and makes keeping your guitar in good condition an easy thing to do. You just put one in the top of your case and one hanging down off the strings before you case your guitar and thatís it.

  • Customer
    from July 8, 2010

    Seems to work good.

    I have been using them since Dec. They have lasted about 3 months. In the low humidity winter here in SE Missouri, they tuned hard. Now that we are in the high humidity of summer they are turning to liquid. That would seem to me that they are doing what they are supposed to do, and the humidity gauge in my case concurs. Like another reviewer I only give it a 4 because of the high price of refills.

  • William
    from Reno, NV February 26, 2010

    They work for me

    These have worked great for me in protecting my Taylors. I've been using them for awhile and have never had any leaks or other issues. The only reason I give it a 4.0 is that the refills are a bit expensive but the product does work.

  • Luke
    from December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Playin for over 35 yrs.

    Why didn't anyone think of this SOONER?

    Back in the late 70's I had a Harmony Regal. That puppy sung like a harp. Well, being in New England your heat runs from late fall to early spring. You guessed it, my guitar ended up drying out & cracked in 2 spots. Having 2 guitars now and knowing what MY experiences were, I bought 2, one for each. Don't let people tell you it's not necessary. Depending where you live, if you run the heater for a number of months, I'd say by all means, protect your investment. I even bought one for my nephew for Xmas.

  • Charlie(sonny)Louvin Jr.
    from Nashville, Tn. March 1, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Don't think they're worth the money?

    I've been a pro for 42 years, and thought that this might just be what i've been looking for. Installed new packs Jan.24, and they're already getting hard? I don't think they're going to even last the min, which is supposed to be 2 months. This is unexceptable..especially since they cost as much as they do! I guess it's back to the old stand by method? They do work great, but for the price, they ought to last longer!

  • Customer
    from May 9, 2016

    Update to "Poor Design" review from July 17

    It's only fair that I update my poor review from July 17. I still have some of the same reservations about the new design and think the old one was better. But I've now used this for almost a year, replaced the packets once and have had no issues. The concern about the rod separating the sound hole packets damaging my fretboard appears to have been unfounded (and really, wouldn't have been an issue beyond aesthetics anyway given I'm not actually fretting notes at the very end of the board). It's still a bit worrisome stuffing the packets into the smaller pouches but not worthy of a one-star rating. The product keeps my guitar humidified just as well as the older design.

  • Larry G
    from June 8, 2016

    New Humidipak Kit

    I bought these because I was worried about the high humidity during Summer in my area (Northeast) and wanted a way to control humidity levels in the guitar case. I just put these in and so have no idea about their effectiveness or life span but I do feel the need to comment on the system's design.

    This probably would be a great system if it wasn't for its poor design. Regarding the sound hole pouch system, the nylon pouch is the same width as the humidipaks and it is very difficult to insert one pouch let alone two pouches. It is quite a struggle as there is not enough room to insert your hand into the pouch with the humidipaks to guide them in. I now know why the video here shows Rob putting the humidipaks into the top of the pouch and not the actual insertion of the paks into the pouch. It's a good opportunity to use some choice words. The video shows Rob easily clamping the top to the pouch rod when in fact you may need a hammer to get these two components together. I finally placed the pouch on a desk with the top clamp underneath. The rod went on the fabric that was over the clamp, stood up, and used all the leverage I could muster to force the rod into the clamp. It's definitely not something you can do easily. Finally, the sound hole pouch is too big for the sound holes on my two Taylors and a Guild. The pouch is a bit wider than they are and is much deeper than the width of the guitar body (these are full-size guitars). The top clamp is wider than the pouch and care must be taken not to have it rest on the fret board. They do say you can put the pouch in the space behind the heel or cutaway of the guitar but the large, stiff, plastic clamp makes this difficult without folding the pouch (I'm assuming folding would not be a good idea). I settled for bunching the pouch on the bridge side of the sound hole with the clamp slightly above the strings. Not the nice 1, 2, 3 as shown in the video.

    I don't think I'll but replacement humidipaks when these dry out because of the hassle of putting the system together and the poor fit of the sound hole pouch. Guess I'll stick with the good old Oasis humidifiers. Too bad.

  • Customer
    from October 14, 2012

    Pre condition

    I have not used this product yet, but the instructions say that one must pre condition their guitars by adding a damp sponge to case. If sponge is dry after twenty four hours, repeat until sponge stays wet for twenty four hours. Then use the humidipak. I am not certain, but Foregoing this process may be why customer's packs are being used up so quickly on their first attempt. I had to pick a rating in order to offer this potential advice...

  • Jay
    from Killingworth,CT December 11, 2013Music Background:

    Good, but tough in dry climates

    Lasted a month on the first pack. We have a pellet stove here so it does get real dry. I purchased replacement packs, if these continue to fail after a month, I will change my method. Nonetheless, no leaks, no guess work, so that is an added bonus.

  • Bob
    from CT April 21, 2011

    Planet Waves Humidipak

    I can't say that I'm to thrilled with these Humidipaks. I purchased them about 3 weeks ago for my new Martin GPCPA3 (which I absolutely love, btw). The humidy in my case, at the time, was reading around 36%. Granted, the Humidipaks have been holding it steady at 44%, but the packets are already beginning to get hard.

    I doubt if I'll see another 2-3 weeks from them before they need to be replaced. This is no where near what Planet Waves claims.

    I guess I'll be looking for another product to maintain my guitars humidty level.

  • junior
    from February 19, 2010


    had these in my martin case,started to turn case a darker red where pouch touched case over sounhole.and all 3 pouches turned to a liquid.emailed company they asked if i could send them to them so they could investigate them ,so i did,they said they would replace them but 2 weeks later still havent got them

  • Dave
    from Michigan February 14, 2010Music Background:
    Acoustic Guitar

    Planet Waves Humidpak Kit

    I have had this for 2 weeks, here in Michigan, and the packs are already getting hard. I seriously doubt these will last a month, let alone the 2-3 months they have been said to last per Planet Waves.

  • Stuart Pedaso
    from Thornton, CO March 15, 2016


    If you want a dried out cracked guitar this is the product for you. Expensive, ineffective and just bad for your guitars health.

  • Customer
    from February 4, 2016

    New Design Is Flawed But They Work Well

    I have used this kit and the replacement packs for several years. They work really good. However I needed another kit that contains the pouches for another guitar and they changed the design of the pouches. The new design is terrible.

    Another reviewer summed it up best about the flaws. My take is pretty much the same as theirs: 1) The clip type rod is really tough to snap on and is frustrating. I give it about 3 uses and it is going to break for sure. (I wonder how many takes they had to do in the promo video for the guy in the video to get it first try:) 2) The hard plastic rod hanging system rubs right up against your guitar neck where it meets the sound hole. Also not happy about how it touches the front of the body near the sound hole once the case is closed. 3) it takes way longer to get this put back into your guitar and position so it hopefully does not rub the hard plastic against your guitar. Old version was quick and easy to pull out - play your guitar - put it back in when done playing. This one is a pain and always leaves you wonder if the next time you pull out your guitar if it is going to have a wear mark in the wood!

    The old design was much better which leads me to a question. Why the leak proof pouch re-design? Was there a problem with accidental leakage in the old version? If so why is the pouch that goes in next to the headstock not leak proof and like the old style?

    These do work well as far as humidifying and not having to keep checking and changing them like the sponge systems is great. But the new pouch system stinks. I may pick up one of the old style versions. I did see some places are still clearing out the old ones.

  • Jason Jouett
    from Portales, NM January 4, 2017

    Not Sure About This

    So I purchased this at the recommendation of my sales engineer. I appreciate my sales engineer and respect his recommendation, but I am honestly not sure what to think of this "system". I saw three packs came with the system, and went ahead and added in another three pack. I wasn't pleased though when I found out it was three packs used at once in the case. So at only 2-4 months per 3 pack and to have to buy them again, I think I will just get a different"system".

  • M. Marco
    from Smyrna, GA September 29, 2016Music Background:

    Terrible Redesign of a Previously Good Product

    "New and Improved?" Not by a long shot. This "new and improved" version of a reliable humidification system has one of the worst design improvements (indeed, design flaws) I have ever come across. Have a shallow acoustic? Nope, won't fit. Parlor or travel-sized guitar? Nope, won't fit. Indeed, if you have either one of the foregoing, the plastic piece you are now required to use will probably damage your guitar once you close the lid on your case.

    Companies really need to learn when to leave well-enough alone. If you can, find and buy the old version. This one is simply not worth the money and aggravation.

  • Customer
    from July 13, 2016


    If you want to spend a lot of money on zero protection this is your product.

  • Customer
    from May 30, 2016

    Planet waves 2 way humidification

    Terrible product, ruined a fine guitar.

  • Jason Fillion
    from Killingworth, CT March 22, 2016

    If you live in the Northeast

    If you live in the Northeastern U.S beware this humidification system will last 2 weeks. I have no issue with these between April-November, but Mid-November into late March the weather is too dry here and these harden within a few weeks.

  • Customer
    from July 17, 2015

    Poor design - old version much better

    The new design of this system is vastly inferior to the old one. Specifically, the sound hole pouches are much harder to install and use. The old system featured a folding pouch for the two sound-hole packets. There was clearly one compartment for each packet, and the middle of the pouch fabric, dividing the pouch in half, was where you hung the pouch over your two middle strings into the sound hole. The new system requires you to stuff both pouches into a single compartment, turning them on their sides and folding them into themselves - increasing the chance of breakage and leakage - or else there will not be enough room inside the sound hole for the system to hang (the plastic hanger would protrude over the strings). And you need to push together the plastic rod and clip - I know that's going to break one day, rendering the system useless (vs. the old system - I have been using two of them for years just as effectively as the first day I bought them; the fabric does not wear down). Once that's finally all done (takes about 10x longer to do than simply slipping the packs into the folding fabric pouch on old system), I hang it from my two middle strings and the rod is resting on my nice ebony fretboard, with a half-inch of plastic protruding above the strings to be pressed into them (and my fretboard) when I close the case. I cannot avoid this by pushing the whole thing toward the bridge - it spans the entire sound hole on my Martin GPCPA series. The old system was so easy to use and I love it. I didn't check the description on this one closely enough before ordering it. I thought it was the same. Now I'm off to look for the old, all-fabric system on eBay.

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