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Lynx Hilo with USB - Silver Reviews

5.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Lynx Hilo with USB - Silver?

Questions about the Lynx Hilo with USB - Silver?

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  • from Mclean, VA July 30, 2014Music Background:

    Perfect for my needs

    First: I am using this device in my home audio system, the DAC is used with the music server, and the ADC is used to record vinyl into the music server.

    Sound: The sound is great, I did two comparisons. 1) I played a downloaded DSD through the DAC and compared that to the SACD I had running in an Oppo BDP-105. A-B comparisons were practically identical, both had a large sound stage (wider than my speakers) with full bass depth even at low volumes and smooth highs even at high volumes. 2) I recorded an SACD through the ADC into my music server and then played that through the DAC – once again comparing it to the original SACD. Practically identical.

    Features: Something that wasn’t stated anywhere, the device will automatically select its input source based on signal. This was very cool. I could turn on my Sonos and the Hilo would switch to the Optical input (which is where it was connected), then pause that and hit play on the Music Server and the Hilo would switch over to the USB input – all while I was sitting on the couch!

    Operation: Very easy to operate, just like the manual describes. The touch screen is easy to work with and you can use a touch pen if your fingers are too large. Probably the neatest feature is the rotary knob. That knob will become the variable control for just about any item you select; line level input for setting recording levels, line output, monitor output, headphone output, just about anything that could use an analog variable control can be controlled with that one single knob – very well designed.

    Price: As a DAC alone it performs as well as devices costing more (this is per reviews of experts), but add in the ADC and it becomes a real bargain. I almost went the route of Benchmark separates (DAC2 HGC and ADC1), which would have cost considerably more, and am very happy with the choice I made.

  • from USA April 3, 2014


    Listening through the Lynx is a unique experience that leaves the listener wanting nothing more. Finally.

    It's quite expensive, but once you test it, you will know where all that money went.

  • from Portland, OR June 26, 2013Music Background:


    It sounds fantastic. Significantly better than my old Fireface 400. Great A/D conversion, too. Incredible value for the money.

  • from Boise, ID August 29, 2012


    If you have a good mic & preamp, the hilo is worth its weight in gold! The sound is incredible! Vocals shine like nothing else! The sound is crystal clear and accurate. Make no mistake, no amount of eq or compression can make up for bad conversion. After owning this, I finally understand.
    5 Stars!

  • from Marlton, NJ June 28, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Remix/master, DJ

    The Convertors To Beat

    I purchased a UA - Apollo from a local gear store after hearing how great it sounded to me. Then, I had the opportunity to hear this unit in my friends studio and sold the unopened Apollo. I opted for the Hilo and a quad UA card; because that is the caliber of sound I was hoping for from the Apollo; I was personally disappointed. On to the Hilo, first the minor gripes. When the unit is connected to a USB hub on the same line as other peripherals (PC) there tends to be an issue in touch screen response and latency issues; easy fix if you require less port space, simply move other devices to ports further away. Honestly, I don't have much to complain about, but I felt I had to be thorough. Now for the positive aspects, the unit construction is very solid, the knob and housing are metal. From what I have read and (as communicated by Phil Moon of Lynx) the touch screen is constructed from a company that manufactures hospital equipment touch interfaces; so reliability and integrity should not be an issue. The most important aspect is sound quality and this is where the Hilo shines. The sound is pristine and very detailed with a 3 dimensional immersive quality that is unlike other interfaces I have experienced before. The Hilo sound is less colored with better detail than my friends Orpheus and Lavry Gold. I could go on and on about how fantastic it sounds, if you get a chance take a listen and you'll understand the hype.

Questions about the Lynx Hilo with USB - Silver?

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