Bogner Helios 100 - 100-watt Handwired Tube Head

100W/30W Handwired Tube Amplifier Head, with 2 Footswitchable Channels and Effects Loop
Bogner Helios 100 - 100-watt Handwired Tube Head image 1
Bogner Helios 100 - 100-watt Handwired Tube Head image 1
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Bogner Helios 100 - 100-watt Handwired Tube Head
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Based on One of the Hardest-rocking Amps Ever Made

Designed to sound just like a classic Plexi amplifier, the Bogner Helios 100 tube amplifier gives you high-octane tone. It's an aggressive 2-channel amp, and Sweetwater guitarists love the versatility of the separate Plexi and hot inputs. The Plexi input gives you Plexi-style gain on channel two, and an ultra-clean gain stage on channel one. The Hot input gives you a hot-rodded high gain structure on channel two and a clean to Plexi gain range on channel one. Whichever input you plug your guitar into, the Bogner Helios 100 rocks!

Bogner Helios 100 Tube Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Iconic, aggressive Plexi tone with versatility
  • Effects loop can be used as a volume boost
  • Control how punchy your tone is with the bottom switch
Iconic, aggressive Plexi tone with versatility

It's no secret that the Bogner Helios 100 is designed to sound like one of the hardest-rocking amplifiers ever made. But you've got more tonal range than you'd expect, thanks to a 3-way voicing switch, which gives you access to brighter, darker, and hyped amplifier tones. And if you're after the most aggressive tone possible, just flip the EQ bypass switch and send the preamp's tone full-bore to the power amp section.

Effects loop can be used as a volume boost

The Helios 100 comes equipped with an effects, with control over the return level to easily integrate your effects pedals. And if you're not using any effects processors, or if you put them in front of your amp instead of the loop, you can use the effects loop as a footswitchable gain boost (footswitch not included). Just use a guitar cable to connect the send to the return, then use the level control to dial in the amount of boost you want.

Control how punchy your tone is with the bottom switch

On the back of the Helios 100 is a bottom switch that essentially controls how loose or tight the low frequency response of the amp sounds. No matter what type of speaker cabinets you have connected to the Helios 100, the bottom switch helps you dial in just the right amount of punch and girth your tone has.

Bogner Helios 100 Tube Amplifier Head Features:
  • 2-channel, 100-watt tube amplifier based on classic Plexi amps
  • Plexi and hot inputs give you access to 2 different gain structures
  • Switch lets you select between 100-watt and 30-watt operation
  • Choose from 3 different sonic characters with the voicing switch
  • Control how tight or loose your tone is with the bottom switch
  • Footswitchable channels and effects loop (footswitch sold separately)
  • Make your tone even more vibrant and aggressive with the EQ bypass switch
  • Handwired with turret board construction
Tenacious tone is on tap in the Bogner Helios 100 tube amp!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 100W/30W
EQ 3-band
Power Tubes 4 x EL34
Inputs 2 x TS
Outputs 5 x TS
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 10.75"
Width 29"
Depth 8.25"
Weight 43 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number HELIOS-100

Customer Reviews

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Best Plexi

There are many really great Plexi clones available today. After much procrastination, and countless demos of countless amps, I finally settled on the Bogner Helios 100 as a gigging replacement for my prized Marshall. Very happy with this amp. It is pretty much plug and play with some very cool variations on the same basic theme. By utilizing the different inputs, 70's/80's mode switch, punch switch, etc. it's the equivalent of having a great Plexi, and 5 or 6 other great modded Plexi's from which to choose. I don't think it is possible to get a bad sound out of this amp. It is not ultra high gain. It is a kickass 70's/80's Rock machine. I did swap out the pre amp tubes as I am not fond of the sound of JJ 12ax7's. After sampling several different replacements all of which I preferred over the JJ's, l settled on a combination of Chinese Ruby's and the EH Tung-Sol reissues in the pre amp, and Winged C el34's in the power amp.

Marshall Plexi DNA w/hot rodded 70's/80's tones

I lived in California during the mid 80's explosion of Awesome bands with great modded Marshall tones. Working at a studio, I was fortunate enough to hear, on a daily basis, the best Marshalls with mods there were but most of the mods were proprietary to the big name bands. Well now, Reinhold Bogner has released the Helios! Think of it as a "Greatest Hits, Best Mods" amplifier for people who love Van Halen to late 80's Hair Bands. It's all there.....It's not a magic box, you still have to be able to play but the amp will most definitely give you all the tones of your heroes and more! It is pretty basic but also has lots of tonal options. Sounds best with a 4x12 with 25w Celestion Greenbacks or Bogner's 4x12 cabinet in order to really accurately dial in those great tones. With the 30watt "Variac" option, you can play "Runnin' with the Devil" to "Panama" and will require plastic surgery to remove the smile from your face! Also, if you are concerned about 100watt vs 50watt because you think the 100watt is too loud, This 100watt has it's own Master Volume which still allows you the headroom and punch of the 100watt but not the neighbors calling the police side effects. In other words, go ahead and get the'lll thank me later......
Music background: Tone Chasing Music Pro with 39 years experience

I love my Helios!

Everything works perfectly, and the tones are amazing. Very versatile, and she even sounds great at lower volume levels. The 30 watt setting is really sweet. Plexi, JCM 800, and JTM tones are all right there. I may sell a few of my other amps - the Helios does so much, so well.
Music background: Former pro, avid hobbyist


I've been waiting like everyone else to get my hands on a Helios. There was a demo available and I bought it right on the spot. I remember I couldn't sleep the day before it was to arrive at my house. I took it out of the shipping box and hooked it up. Rotated the Presence knob and it was making a scratching noise from 0 to 10 out of the cab. I love Bogner amps but this one didn't feel like a Bogner built amp. Half of the knobs felt stiff, not like the Shiva I own, where the knobs rotate with ease. I watched all the videos on youtube like everyone else and what amazing sounds that I heard. The amp I had didn't sound anything like the videos. I've been playing for over thirty years and I have played almost every amp known to man. In my opinion the Shiva 20th Anniversary is a much better amp. I returned this amp after just two days. Maybe the amp I bought was a lemon?
Music background: Over thirty years experience playing guitar
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