Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack

Hear Back Four Pack with 4 Personal Monitor Mixers, 1 Hub, and Cables
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Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack image 1
Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack image 1
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Hear Technologies Hear Back Four Pack
In Stock!

Custom Monitor Mixes for Everyone in the Band!

The Hear Back Four Pack system changes the way monitor mixing is accomplished onstage and in the studio! Imagine getting your mix exactly the way you want it. With the Hear Back system, you save time and get your mix right the first time. This affordable system is perfect for headphones, wired and wireless in-ear monitors, and/or conventional floor monitors!

Hear Back Hub

A single Hub supplies audio signal and power to a maximum of eight mixers — this bundle includes four mixers. That's one for you and three more for other members in the band! You can always purchase more mixers (again, up to eight) if the need arises. If that's not enough, hubs can be daisy-chained using the HearBus in and out for virtually unlimited system size. The Hub supports 8 channels of ADAT lightpipe or analog via DB-25 input. It couldn't be any easier!

Hear Back Hub Features:

  • 3 switch-selectable 8-channel input sources: ADAT Optical, Analog, and HearBus
  • 24-bit A/D converters
  • Digital inputs: 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates
  • Less than 1.5 milliseconds system delay
  • 3-LED 4-level metering
  • Standard Cat 5e — delivers power and audio signals to the mixers
  • Daisy-chain hubs for very large systems
  • Internal universal input power supply
  • 1 RU chassis

Hear Back Mixer

The Hear Back Mixer is your personal control surface that allows you to create your own monitor mix. The mixer features 10-channel control, eight incoming signals, and your own monitor volume. You also have control over the built-in DSP Limiter (designed as a "brick wall" limiter for hearing protection and to protect monitor wedges from overload). Also, for convenient onstage or in studio use, the mixer offers a built-in standard threaded mic stand mount! Each mixer is connected to the hub via affordable and easily available Cat 5e cables. Total control of your own mix — that's the Hear Back system!

Hear Back Mixer Features:

  • Local control of up to 10 channels of audio
  • Master volume
  • Built-in DSP limiter
  • 24-bit D/A converters
  • Less than 1.5 millisecond total system delay
  • Bus status indicator
  • Headphone amplifier fault indicator
  • Stereo/mono link indicators
  • Standard Cat 5e power and signal connection
  • Balanced line outs, mono/stereo
  • Stereo AUX in: audio/drum module/metronome input
  • Built-in, standard-threaded mic stand mount

Save with the Hear Back Four Pack

The Hear Back Four Pack includes four Mixers, one Hub, four FREE 50 foot Cat 5e cables, and one FREE Hear Back analog DB-25-style cable, saving you a total of $130!

Hear Back Four Pack Features:

  • Virtually unlimited system size
  • Very attractive pricing
  • Excellent audio fidelity
  • Built-in DSP Limiter
  • Very long digital lines are possible without loss of audio quality via Cat 5e
  • Audio inputs via ADAT, analog, and the HearBus are switchable on the front panel.
  • Local control of up to 10 channels of audio (8 inputs plus a stereo aux input) Master Volume (controls the level to the headphones, line outs, and the aux input to the line outputs)
  • Built-in DSP Limiter (designed as a "brick wall" limiter for hearing protection and to protect monitor wedges from overload)
  • Headphone amplifier fault indicator — red LED for alerting the user of a problem.
  • Link Indicators — whenever 2 pairs of mono inputs are linked for stereo operation, the link LED is illuminated
  • Standard Cat 5e power and signal connection — cost effective, simple, non-obtrusive way to connect 8 channels of audio. The cable is held in place with a built-in cable-strain-relief
  • Balanced line-outs, mono/stereo
  • Stereo aux in
  • Built-in mic stand mount may be mounted to a standard mic stand or clipped onto a stand extension bar or clip
  • High power, low distortion headphone amplifiers

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Tech Specs

Form Factor Desktop
Manufacturer Part Number HB4

Customer Reviews

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Hear Back

Great sound and flexibility. Incredibly easy to setup. This was definitely a game changer at my studio with client cue mix complaints.

Nothing Compares

I have been using a typical headphone power system in my home recording studio. I use it for recording and jamming with typically no more than 4 people. For some reason, we could never get a mix that everyone agreed on, and as the jams went on, all the musicians would keep turning their volume up. That made a very ugly sound and made the experience not fun. Although the HearBack is expensive, I thought I would try it.... and I will tell you it's like a new studio. Everyone gets control over their own mix, and everyone is happy. The sound is clear and true. I would have bought this a long time ago if I had known about it.
Music background: Drummer, Pro Musician, Music Technology Consultant,

Crystal Clear Sound

I was doing research into different monitor systems and I kept coming back to the HearBack because of the features. I finally purchased the system and I am amazed!! The sound is crystal clear and the ability to be able to link channels is something that I could not live without now. I have owned and used other monitor systems and for the price, the HearBack is well worth it!!! I highly recommend it.
Music background: Musician / Studio Engineer

Easily the Best: Couple Small Issues

I have used nearly every headphone system commercially available and I think the Hearback system is the best all-around headphone distribution I've used. Why? - Ease of Use - Sound Quality - Cost Effective - Reliable But there are a couple weaknesses. First, the pots are not great. They get scratchy and blip pretty easily. It's wise to keep them very clean and lubricated. Second, the cat5 ports can become damaged with a bit of abuse. Ours are all still fine, but I've seen more than a few hubs with damaged ethernet sockets. So be careful. The conversion delay is very minimal. But I do notice it from time to time. Aside from that, wow, great system. Very recommended. Best bang for the buck by far.
Music background: Sound Engineer

a very pleasant surprise

When this was first suggested as a solution for independent headphone mixes the thought of running Cat 5 cables in my studio that already has plenty of XLR and TRS jacks spread aplenty prompted a quick "NOPE!" I use the RME FF800 interface with the Mixer Matrix and decided I just needed a headphone amp and purchased the Presonus HP6 in conjunction with an old Oz Audio Qmix- This worked but I seemed to spend a lot of time re-adjusting sessions (I do a lot of live recording with small groups) and as the session wore onm, inevitably someone would turn up and then everyone else would want more "me" and at some point the signals would become rather hissy. I stopped using the Q-mix, relying entirely on the RME Matrix Mixer, but I still spent way too much time adjusting each persons level and the Presonus (IMHO) was slightly under powered. I finally (mainly in frustration) decided that the Hear Back would simply let each person be in charge of their own damn headphone mix! Several hours to run the Cat 5 cables (if you make your own cables be prepared to have your patience tested), the mixers mounted using Atlas podium mounts and short extensions and some aux busses set-up to route mix or click to ch1/2, drums to ch 3, bass to ch 4, guitars 1 and to to ch 5 and 6 (respectively), keyboards to ch 7, and vocals to ch 8 (although your needs may differ)... each mixerr can power 2 headphones, and there is an aux in on each mixer (though i haven't used) amazing clarity, plenty of volume, despite one comment on a forum that the 1.5 msec latency was distraction (his hears must be much better than mine or the folks that have used it), a major improvement. my nits (which are few)- I wish ch 1 and ch 2 could be unlinked as a stereo channel (a combined level control for both) I wish the signal could be totally 'mono' if desired I wish analog and digital inputs could be used together
Music background: recording engineer, musician, singer/songwriter
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