TC-Helicon Harmony4 TDM

TDM Vocal Harmony Plug-in with Four-part Capability Mac/PC TDM
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TC-Helicon Harmony4 TDM image 1
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TC-Helicon Harmony4 TDM
Delivered By Download

Create Perfect Vocal Harmonies!

If you've dreamed of producing a hit song, you've surely thought about great harmonies. Now think about arranging and stacking the perfect harmony parts long after the singer has done the main wing! Maybe you could quadruple each of the three parts your singer did in three quick passes through the plug-in. These are your options with Harmony4. With a choice of MIDI controlled and automatic control methods, anyone can take advantage of this new way of working regardless of instrument skills. The sonic difference lies in TC-Helicon's research and implementation of humanization features, the accuracy and speed of the patent-pending pitch detection and other great algorithms you'll discover when you use Harmony4 on your next song.

TC-Helicon Harmony4 at a Glance:
  • Voices come alive with Humanization functions
  • Easy visual interface with "harmony heads"
  • Four control methods for simple operation

Voices come alive with Humanization functions
The Humanization tab is where the harmony voices come alive. Humanization makes each harmony part sound more like it was sung by a different singer or the same singer in another take. Choose between the handy pre-programmed styles or dive right in with adjustments. Dynamic pitch and time randomizing algorithms not only offset the start of each harmony note, they modulate during notes as a real singer would. Smoothing acts like subtle pitch correction on the harmony voices to heighten realism. Add scooping, vibrato, detune and portamento to taste, stir well, and you've got tasty vocal harmonies!

Easy visual interface with "harmony heads"
Check the status of Harmony4's four voices at a glance in this convenient visualization area. The "harmony heads" show each voice's gender (or formant) setting, pan position, level and pitch shift interval simultaneously. Above the heads is a dynamic musical staff showing the recognized notes from the singer and their relationship to harmony notes sounding at the moment which is helpful when arranging vocals.

Four control methods for simple operation
Arranging harmonies is easy in Harmony4. There are four control methods that allow you to call upon varying degrees of Harmony4's musical intelligence. The harmony mode with the most intelligence is Scale mode where all you do is pick a key and a scale to suit your song and the harmony interval you've chosen follows the vocal intelligently. Chord harmony responds to MIDI chords while calling upon its intelligence to follow the input voice harmonically. Finally, the Notes and Notes 4 Channel harmony modes give you complete control by allowing you to layer each harmony part as you would any melody on a MIDI keyboard. Shift mode requires no intelligence or MIDI; you simply choose a pitch interval and it stays fixed to produce Gregorian chants or unusual pitch shift effects.

TC-Helicon Harmony4 Features:
  • Creates convincing virtual harmony tracks from a single vocal
  • Latest generation harmony technology with robust input pitch detection and smooth harmony sound
  • Produces rich vocal harmony and memorable special effects
  • Individual voice control of humanization features and more
  • Harmony voices can sound like clones of the lead singer or 4 different singers
  • TDM only - no AAX or RTAS support
Build the perfect harmony parts with Harmony4!

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Tech Specs

Software Type Harmony Generator Plug-In
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format TDM
Hardware Requirements - Mac PPC or Intel Processor
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.4 or Later
OS Requirements - PC Windows XP
Manufacturer Part Number 947015901

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