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Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pedal?

Questions about the Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pedal?

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  • Customer
    from June 9, 2017

    Phenominal Effect

    If you are into harmony, this is the deal. Great price with quick turn around .

  • Drew
    from NE Ohio February 15, 2017Music Background:
    semi-amature hobbyist

    Great pedal....

    Not much to say....it is a Boss pedal. Anyone that has owned a Boss pedal knows how great they are...The quality and durability is amazing... This pedal does what it says it does...using this along with the expression pedal works great....

  • Sheldon R.
    from PA May 9, 2016Music Background:
    Long-time guitar player


    WOW...Never before did I think that I'd be able to play my guitar in my room, & have 2 other guys (who actually AREN'T THERE) accompanying me! However, this is a REALITY with this pedal. For example, try to play the Felder/Walsh harmony leads at the end of "Hotel California". You will be amazed!
    This pedal is A MUST for those who want to have even more fun than using a single-effect pedal.

    As I've written numerous times over the past few years, MIKE SOPER is a TERRIFIC Sales Engineer, as well as a super-friendly & most-caring customer advocate! He will always treat you right in providing you with what you need, & will spend all the time needed to answer your questions, to explain technical info., etc.! For example, in this case, I am new to the "pedal world", and I bought several other effects pedals along with this one. I also bought a pedal board. Mike gave me step-by-step directions on how to connect the different cables to where, & he even advised me as to the best order of which pedal should go 1st, 2nd, 3rd,...and so on! As a result of Mike's great knowledge & advice, I am having a freakin' ball playin' my electrics with my effects pedals! When you buy from Sweetwater (the ONLY place to buy from), do yourself a big favor, & ask for MIKE SOPER at Extension 1342.
    You will be very, very happy with the results!

  • Customer
    from January 18, 2016

    Cool Effect Pedal

    So far it is everything I thought it was and then some. The detune feature and harmony parts are really cool and I haven't explored the furthest reaches of those applications. I sort of thought when I bought it that to fully use the S BEND feature I would need an expression pedal and after playing with it I have found that to be true. I am really pleased with the product overall.

  • Jack Bigham
    from Northport, AL July 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro guitarist, 50 yrs

    Love this Pedal !

    I absolutely love this pedal... it's the most fun I've had playing one guitar, while sounding like three ! You can play octaves, two and three part harmonies (major & minor) in any key, as well as detuned that gives an amazing simulation of two guitars playing the same notes together.
    This pedal also does a great job of working a tailpiece (whammy -bar). There is also the ability to plug in an expression pedal for even more control !

  • SpAzMaTrOn
    from USA September 9, 2013Music Background:

    Whammy Users

    I have been trying for a while now to find a pedal that could do the digitech whammy detune shallow mode. I purchased the corona chorus and have not been satisfied with it. It was to far in the background and if I brought the mix up the sound would jump in volume not as transparent as I would have expected. I came across this pedal on a gear demo and I have been blown away by it. Nails all of the whammy tones better then the whammy does in a smaller box with no noise issues like the whammy has (no tone suckage). I run this into the effects loop going through a mesa boogie Mark V and absolutely love this pedal!! No more chorus for me detune mode is that way to go!

  • Davis Beaston
    from United States January 25, 2011Music Background:

    Really Epic

    I got the Boss PS-6 Harmonist for Christmas last year, and all I can say is that I'm blown away from how amazing it can be. With all of the effects I can put into my guitar now, it sounds amazing! Plus, it doesn't take the great sound away from a Marshall or a Vox amp. If you get this for a holiday or your birthday, take it from me, you will absolutely love it!

  • Brad Spead
    from Grand Rapids, MI October 20, 2010Music Background:
    active musician, hobbyist, blues/rock/jazz/fusion guitarist

    My 2nd favorite Boss pedal...

    like any new pedal with multiple functions, it took me awhile to get used to this pedal, but now that i have it's become my 2nd favorite Boss pedal (only behind the legendary, but discontinued, DD-5)

    the harmonies are amazing (as long as you have the settings right) and as long as they are used tastefully, it can add alot to make a passage sound more full.

    the detune option is a great 80's era chorus effect (think Enter Sandman introduction). I don't have a chorus on my board, so whenever i need one this fills the role perfectly.

    My favorite option is the Superbend. I can now get crazy whammy-esque effects for my stop-tail guitars, and setting the rise and fall knobs to the max provides some really fun noises.

    Boss pedals have a reputation of either being amazing or leaving alot to be desired... in this case, they knocked the ball out of the park with this one!

  • ronnielawson
    from bend or USA February 28, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro musician


    waiting to get this pedal for a long time not disappointed love the s-bend feature can play sleepwalk without slide.response of harmonies is better than old shifter.

  • Ted Anderson
    from Spokane, WA August 24, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong musician

    Great pedal

    Better than expected, this pedal delivers in several ways: besides being a lead harmonizer, the detune and pitch effects give you great chorus-like sounds I didn't expect. And the s-bend provides dive bomb capability even when you're playing an axe without a tremolo.

  • Martin Short
    from November 24, 2013Music Background:

    Ps-6 > whammy

    This pedal has great tracking and an awesome chorus sound. The s bend also offers more options in a compact effect. Little noise and it won't ruin your tone.

  • David Greenfield
    from United States December 12, 2012

    A really versatile effects pedal

    I've only had this pedal a few weeks but am already using it for far more than I initially anticipated. I originally bought it principally for the S-Bend mode so that I could reduce the number of guitars I need to take to a gig. I saw that Dan Auerbach used the PS-5 on Lonely Boy (a song my band Red Room Black covers), so I knew it would work well for that. But I've also learned that its chorusing effect (e.g., Detune mode with Harmony dial set in second 3-voice mode from bottom left) very nearly emulates a rotating speaker sound. Works very nicely on tunes like Cold Shot. Plus I have used the great harmonizing capabilities of the pedal on tunes by the Allman Bros and Bad Company. I can only imagine what all I'll be using it for in a few months if I've already been able to put it to such good use in so short a time.

  • Ron
    from Yukon, OK August 5, 2014Music Background:
    Seasoned musician

    Its a keeper

    I just use it for the detune setting. For a long time I have been trying to get that harmonizer sound that Eddie Van Halen had during the balance era.
    I tried use eventide H3000, and tried the pitch factor twice. Always running in parallel W/D/W post time based effects. Each time it always sounded like nothing more than a thin chorus pedal. Maybe operator bad. What ever the reason, it wasnt working. After years of frustration I just gave up. One more time. After researching more I stumbled across PS-6 and found people were be successful in achieving
    the balance era tone with this unit. So I hesitantly bought one and drop it in. Yes!!!! there it is. Thick detune harmonizer sound. Not spot on with EVH sound but, I dont want to sound exactly like him. Thats why I dont use his guitar or pickups.

  • Frag
    from October 30, 2012Music Background:
    Active musician

    Solid product that still needs tweaking

    Boss has made another solid product; however, the engineering folks need to modify the range on the controls. Most of us don't gig or practice on the extreme settings, but would rather have more control in the typical playing range for effects.

  • Ray
    from Caribbean November 30, 2011Music Background:
    Active musician since 1985

    Get's the job done

    It's the best Harmonist considering price and features.
    I believe Boss have improved the user interface to make it easier than it's predecessor and also added some other cool features like pitch shift (by pressing and releasing the pedal).
    As with many other harmonist effects, there will be some limitations and your overall sound will depend much on the place where you put this on the effect chain.
    When using it with an overdrive or distorion, the distortion quality will have a dramatic influence on the harmonist sound (depending on the direct and effect level mix). I use this with a Fulltone OCD and sometimes with the Ibanez Tube Screamer and get very nice sounds with those combinations.

  • Jim
    from Pennsylvania June 1, 2017

    Harmony pedal

    Haven't had much time to play with it, but so far I think the only real use I'll have for it is the octave effect. The harmonies are fun to play around with, but hard to see how I'd use them. The detune gives a nice sort of chorus effect.

  • Jordan
    from Montana July 14, 2014Music Background:

    Compact Pitch Effects

    I gave this pedal 2-star rating because the quality of the shifted sound is bitter on clean mids & highs, but other than that, things function as Boss claims that they do. What impresses me the most is the detune mode's quality & the smoothness of the super-bend.

  • Zech
    from United States October 22, 2014Music Background:
    10 years guitarist, progressive metal band

    Just a toy

    I was dissapointed that the harmony only works in major and minor keys, because i tend to use melodic minor and harmonic minor, and various other alternative scales. also the sound quality was dissapointing. it sounds much different than my actual guitar tone, more synthetic i suppose, especially when used with high gain. I suppose this is a fun toy to play with at home, but would never ever recommend someone use this live or in the studio.

Questions about the Boss PS-6 Harmonist Pedal?

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