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HardWire RV-7 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Jarrett
    from United States August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Student/Gigging Musician

    A few things about this pedal.

    I'm going to adress a few things here. First of all, you can choose for it to be true bypass, or you can choose to have it buffered. There is an internal switch to turn the trails effect on and off. If it's off, it's true bypass. If it's on, it's buffered. I personally leave it off. That brings me to point two. If you have it on buffered (trails) mode, it will DESTROY batteries. I've never used one with this, because as a gigging musician, I can't risk it dying. With my Dunlop DC Brick, it works fine. Don't use batteries!

    That being said, this pedal is great. The reverbs are natural and not wacky. They can get big, but they don't strive to. I've got spring reverb in my Hot Rod Deluxe, so I don't care about the spring setting so much, but it is good. The plate is amazing, as is the hall. I use the Reverse Reverb for a few songs live, and it's one of those nuances that when used in the right situation, makes a huge difference. The liveliness control is a must-have, because a lot of reverbs tend to get grainy at the high end. That doesn't happen with this one. With the internal voltage ramped up to 15v, I'm not sure that would happen anyway. Either way, this beats every other pedal in its class. The Boss RV-5, the TC Hall of Fame, and even - in my book at least - the EHX Cathedral. Just get it.

  • Fuller
    from Raleigh/Durham, NC July 17, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader/Producer


    This is a great pedal for reverb! It has way more settings than I will ever use live. The lexicon reverbs are so transparent and rich... I love it.

    It's the perfect compliment to my delay pedal and allows me continuous "big" ambient sound without mud!

    Can't beat it for the price. Great to have True Bypass as well...

    from chicago il. September 10, 2011Music Background:


    I wanted something to run in effect loop of a Mesa Dual Rec,all the rack stuff i tried were hard to dial in and then they colored the sound of the amp over all,then of course you would have to carry the rack case now.So i tried the HardWire RV 7.BOOM done,i swear as soon as it was cabled up,took the amp off bypass and tweeked the level for a second i was in effect heaven,now it sits on top of the amp i switch it on and off with the mesa pedal and if i need a different patch i just switch the select controll in between songs.The pedal loads into the amp case and im done.FOR THE MONEY YOU CAN'T BEAT IT.ENJOY MY FRIENDS.

  • Don Salting
    from Bettendorf, IA October 5, 2014Music Background:
    pro musician

    all that and a bag of chips

    I won't spend time on the sound of this wonderful little beast - it is treated well above. I favor the Hall setting, too. This is also one of the most thoughtfully designed little units I've ever seen. If you do need to change batteries, the only tool you need is your guitar chord to pop the foot pedal off. No lost tiny screws in the stage carpet. It also comes with a rubber boot to put over the control knobs so that, once you've got it set where you want it, it can get bumped or roll around in a gig bag and the settings won't be altered. I agree with the above that this is one of the most underrated units out there. I gave it a 4.5 because I can't speak with as much command on the specs of this unit, but I love it.

  • Matt Ivaliotes
    from United States March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, videography sound tech

    Underappreciated Reverb

    Even before the Supernatural came out, this pedal was flying under the radar. In my opinion, it is the best value anywhere in a pedal format reverb. The modulated, gated, and reverse reverb sounds are genuinely useful, opening creative doors beyond just "cool toy" factor. All the HardWire pedals have great construction and a very usable design, kind of an evolutionary Boss form factor, albeit considerably bigger. Sweetwater and my consultant, David M., make it a slam dunk.

  • Mark Hughett
    from San Antonio, Texas October 17, 2010Music Background:
    Guitar enthusiast for over 20 years

    Brilliant Digital Reverb Pedal

    I am partial to analog effects, but this digital reverb pedal from Hardwire is fantastic. It is simple to use, extremely quiet when switching (it is true bypass) and doesn't alter the tone of my guitars. I am particularly impressed with the plate, room, hall and spring settings since they compliment my style of playing. The extra headroom is appreciated and usually only available in very high-end pedals. I am extremely pleased with the RV-7!

  • Jay Goldbach
    from New England June 4, 2012Music Background:
    Experienced amateur

    It's Reverb!

    If you're looking to reverb to improve your tone or somehow rescue your amp, I'm afraid you're already lost. Reverb is the condiment to the dish that is your sound. I say this because in my opinion far too much emphasis is placed on outboard/pedal gear to make your sound. If your rig doesn't sound good without effects, fix that first. Lastly, who is really able to tell the difference between a good and a great reverb at gig levels?

    That said, this is an adequate reverb and does what it's supposed to do well. It's transparent and flexible and gives you just the right amount of control. Argue all you want about true-bypass vs. buffered signal chain. Believe it or not, both have their place. There's plenty to read on the topic.

    What stands out to me on this pedal are some of the little things: the rubber cover to prevent accidental changes to the setting; the ability to change the battery without taking the pedal off your board (of course you should use power, but you need a battery backup), the velcro sticker, etc.

    Bottom line for me: this is Lexicon circuitry in a nice form factor.

  • William
    from Reno, NV August 11, 2010

    This is a good reverb

    I just picked up this pedal and I have to say it a very good sounding reverb pedal. It may not have as many bells and whistles as say the EHX Cathedral but has a great amount of sweet reverb sounds when you learn to dial it in. Sure it may eat batteries but many effects do. The manual even states that for long duration use to use a dedicated external power adapter. all I can say is that I am very happy with my RV-7!

  • Anonymous Metal Guitarist
    from Charlottesville, VA USA July 29, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitarist

    Bypass Problems

    The pedal has some nice, crisp reverb, but it's tough for me to get a more standardized reverb sound. I prefer the reverb sound you usually get from preset reverbs on guitar amps. The sounds are a bit too mid-frequency heavy.

    My biggest problem is that during shows and practices, my sound would completely cut out when switching from my distortion channel to clean channel. I narrowed the problem down to this pedal. It's seems the true bypass is no longer true bypass. I can't even use it at the moment.

  • HICK
    from Bagram Afghanistan March 12, 2010Music Background:
    I can play the radio, real loud!

    Adequate for a digital / NOT True Bypass!

    Has a couple of adequate sounding reverb settings and one real gimmicky "reverse" delay? Sucks a nine volt battery dry in just a couple of hours! of course my Boss digital eats up batteries, pretty quick , too; but, it also has some fantastic, lush, at least for digital, reverbs! The RV-7 is NOT true bypass! It's buffered and colors your tone (not a lot, but it colors your tone) and when the battery runs dry, the so-called "true bypass" doesn't work, it just clips and chirps in a horribly ugly fashion.

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