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HardWire DL-8 Delay/Looper Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Extremely Finicky
    from Phoenixville, PA August 7, 2013Music Background:

    Just what the Dr. ordered

    Tried about 7 other delays until I came across this one.

    Wanted something to bring my solos to life and this was exactly the "sound I heard in my head".

    I place this in my effects loop before my Holy Grail reverb. Boss pedals were too brittle, Carbon Copy and most of the others had siginifcantly lower volume drop / effect level (although most of these worked pretty well in front of my amp). However, these delays just got destroyed since I run a compressor in the front of the amp.

    I play mostly 80's / 90's rock (Maiden, Priest, AC/DC, Rush) and this gives just the right amount of flavor with medium settings, so this has plenty of headroom. I play this on a Gibson LP and Marshall TSL-602, while running a Dyna Comp in the front end. Voila...that's all it needs!

  • Heather Perkins
    from Portland, OR USA February 15, 2011Music Background:
    Composer, Sound Designer, Mad Scientist

    Amazing pedal!

    I love this pedal. It is rock solid, well designed, and sounds amazing. I would (and did) buy it for the Reverse feature alone, but the delays and loop functions are great, too. I know it doesn't have the depth of a Loop Station, but I already like the DL-8 better than the Loop Station I (briefly) owned.

    The DL-8 is very musical and warm - enough character to be appealing, but not so much that it gets in the way. Super-heavy construction, and the glow in the dark sticker (fro dark stages and studios) and the rubber guard to place over the controls so things don't get re-set on stage are nice extras.

    Two things to be aware of - the "Tap Tempo" feature takes a little too long to get to and set, at least for me. But it works very well, and has nice visual feedback. And this thing drains a battery more quickly than any other pedal I've used - I'd say that the "optional" power supply is in fact mandatory, so be sure to get one when you get this pedal.

    But DO get this pedal!

  • Byron Fry
    from Burbank, CA July 10, 2013Music Background:
    LA studio musician

    Good pedal

    Built to live on the floor and be abused, check.
    Able to take the signal level from an effects loop, check.
    Tap tempo feature, check.
    True bypass, check...
    I'm happy with this pedal.

  • Matt Ivaliotes
    from United States March 20, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist guitarists and singer/indie film sound guy.

    A great delay *and* a simple to use looper.

    HardWaire pedals are great values, and the DL-8 is no exception. I've had mine for quite a while, and I use the delay so many different ways that I actually forgot it's a 20 second looper, too. I was idly browsing loopers when I remembered. Then I busted out the DL-8, and found my lopping needs completely satisfied. It has a nice range of delay times, the detented knobs are a big plus to me, and the range of options is pretty impressive. A lot od pedal for the money, and dealing with David M. at Sweetwater couldn't be more pleasant.

  • buzzard
    from Salt LakeCity, UT USA April 15, 2011Music Background:

    Acoustically invisible, very simple looper

    I bought the DL-8 to create one or two measure loops. Two concerns shared top priority, acoustic invisibility and ease of use. It delivers.

    Iím sending it the output of a small mixer which handles an acoustic guitar, a vocal mic, and a Roland HPD-15 drum pad. From the DL-8 it goes to my Schertler Unico.

    The sound is very nearly unchanged (completely so when in bypass mode) and the box is dead quiet. No hiss. Whatís more, my ability to come in and out of loops and overdubs seamlessly required far less practice.

  • Cam Barr
    from Los ANgeles, CA March 6, 2012Music Background:

    Great Pedal for Delay and Looping

    I digg this pedal I was looking at the Boss RC-30 for short loops so i could play a few cords to practice solos over. I watched some reviews online and i decided to give this pedal a review. if your looking for an advanced looper pedal look at the Boss RC-30... think of this pedal as true delay pedal with a looper segment in it. The looper is nice for quick snapshots not long segments... I also really like the various delay options. I really like the Lo-Fi setting

  • Noah C
    from East Coast, USA March 24, 2012

    Great delays, other functions just OK

    I've been using this pedal for about six months and have been basically pleased with it.

    The delay sounds are very good and their adjustment knobs are very precise. The time adjustment differs with different delay type selections. This of course makes adjustment precise, but it also makes it troublesome if you want to switch between delay types and want to keep the same time.

    The tap tempo is solid, but is is hard to get in and out of. Let's say you wanted some delay for your guitar solo while you're playing with the band. In the middle of your song, you've got to hold the pedal down for 3 seconds, set the tempo, play the solo, and then hold it down again to turn it off. You cannot just kick the delay off. In my opinion, it would be faster to bend down and manually turn the volume all the way down. Or you might be better off setting the time with the knob, not the tap tempo function. I feel this was poorly designed; it is not user-friendly for the live musician.

    The looper is also easy to use but is also not conducive to live performance. The main issue is your chosen delay does not show up in the loop! You can get easily achieve some great layers, but all without delay--this pedal's fundamental function and shining characteristic. Forget about using it to jam.

    I love the reverse delay, but regrettably only the delay comes through, with none of the original signal. None of the other delays are like that, so why this one?

    In addition to performance, I also use this pedal in recording. It is a clean device and neither adds hum nor colors the guitar tone. Again, the delay sounds are outstanding.

  • Kody
    from Memphis May 5, 2014Music Background:
    Black Magickian

    Seriously Flawed

    I hope that whoever designed this pedal will read this review. Seriously, what were you thinking? I mean from a guitarist standpoint, this pedal is ridiculous in the context of other pedals out there. I mean do the people at Hardwire even attempt to look at the features of even the B*$$ pedals? I mean they're the most popular pedal company on the planet for a reason, and you'd think you'd at least offer what they have to offer or better, but no. This is worse.

    Let me start off by saying, the quality of sound and tone coloration are great. Meaning, there is no tone coloration, and the repeats sound fine.

    The problem is that for some reason, THERE IS NO WAY TO HERE YOUR DRY MIX AT ALL on Reverse mode. That's right. No mixing your dry and wet signal together, it just completely cuts out your signal where you can't hear what you're playing, and you only hear the delayed reverse....Which is useless for any kind of jamming or live event. The B*$$ digital delays have reverse modes as well, but you at least have the option of mixing your wet and dry signal together.

    Secondly, the Tap Tempo function is pretty much rendered completely useless because it takes so long to engage it. You literally have to hold your foot down for like 3 seconds for it to enter Tap mode. Again, there is literally no way to incorporate this smoothly in a live or even a jam sessions situation. Useless.

    Thirdly, No expression pedal option, at all? I mean come on, B*$$ (not sure if I can mention other pedal brand names on the review) is the most average run of the mill pedal company out there and they still have this thing beat. I didn't buy a dual expression pedal so I could just use it on one pedal and not have a delay with an expression option. Do you know how cool and multidimensional using an expression pedal to control the delay time is?! Obviously the people at Hardwire, do not.

    FOURTHLY, you seriously have to hold your foot on the pedal for the ENTIRE DURATION of your loop in Loop Mode. Again, pretty much rendering or at least severely limiting your loop options. B*$$ corrected this with the DD-Seven, where you simply click the pedal when you want the recording to start, and click it again when you want it to stop. This makes it actually possibly to time your loops, and click them in and out on beat, instead of awkwardly guessing when to let your foot go while balancing on one foot and playing guitar and/or singing at the same time. USELESS.

    Lastly, the thing just looks bad. I mean come on, it's like this dark rustic orange color. That's like the worst car color out there, and it doesn't look any better on a pedal. It looks like they overanalyzed the look of these pedals so hard that they missed the point completely. It looks cheap and plastic from afar by the design, but up close it's actually sturdy metal. For the price, it's just ridiculous with all of the flaws I mentioned above. Just get the DD-Seven and get it over with.

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