Argosy Halo Workstation - Plus

Music Production Desk with 2 x 8U Rack Bays, 2 Rack Shelves, 2 Speaker Platforms, Padded Armrest, and Floor Levelers - Black
Argosy Halo Workstation - Plus image 1

Equipment not included.

Argosy Halo Workstation - Plus image 1
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Argosy Halo Workstation - Plus
Ships From Argosy

Halo Plus Workstation with Added Accessories

The Argosy Halo Plus Workstation production desk has everything you need for high-end studio looks, ergonomic ease of use, and sleek equipment organization. The streamlined design is ideal for long hours of work and will impress your clients. Touches like a sculpted, padded armrest make those long production hours fly by. And the 16 rack spaces, two rack shelves, and IsoAcoustics speaker platforms in the Argosy Halo Plus Workstation offer plenty of space for your gear. The Argosy Halo Plus Workstation production desk gives you, your projects, and your studio the professional edge.

Argosy Halo Plus Workstation Production Desk at a Glance:
  • Get a professional edge
  • Ideal comfort for hours of use
  • Keeps your equipment organized
Get a professional edge

Clients expect to see a clean and well-ordered workstation when they enter your studio. The Argosy Halo Plus Workstation production desk fits the bill perfectly. The streamlined look is easy on the eyes and will deliver a great first impression to your clients. Its ergonomic design keeps all of your equipment at an ideal location, ensuring your most efficient workflow. And a host of available Argosy accessories allow you to upgrade your workstation as your needs dictate.

Ideal comfort for hours of use

Ergonomics and comfort are as important in a studio as sound quality. The Argosy Halo Plus Workstation addresses these needs with a sculptured padded armrest along the front edge of the desk, preventing arm pain after leaning on a hard desk corner. The wrap-around design keeps all of your equipment easily accessible. And the steel legs feature floor levelers that keep the workstation from wobbling or being uneven.

Keeps your equipment organized

There are a deceptively large amount of gear storage and organizational touches available in the Argosy Halo Plus Workstation. There are two 8-unit racks, one on either side of the desk. A lowered platform in the back places your computer monitor and an ideal height. And the Halo Plus features internal channels and access holes for cable management. This keeps your cables from becoming an unsightly spiderweb of chaos behind your desk. And the two included rack shelves and IsoAcoustics speaker platforms let you mount non-rack gear and your monitors right where you need them.

Argosy Halo Plus Workstation Production Desk Features:
  • Sleek production desk for recording studios
  • 2 x 8U rack bays
  • 2 rack shelves mount non-rack gear
  • 2 IsoAcoustics speaker platforms hold your monitors
  • Steel legs are durable
  • Floor levelers keep your desk flat and wobble free
  • Padded armrest adds comfort for long sessions
  • Lower platform places your monitor at an ideal height
  • Internal cable pass-through makes cable management easy
Your gear is pro; with the Halo Plus Workstation your desk will be too.

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Tech Specs

Finish Black ends with Gray top
Monitor Shelf Yes
Rack Capacity 2 x 8U rack bays
Manufacturer Part Number HALO-L-H-B-S

Customer Reviews

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Good heavy desk

Absolutely love my desk. I got it just before Christmas 2016. It is very comfortable to use putting my most used gear within easy reach. It takes up less room and is much more functional than the variety of thrift store office type desks that I've used. AND my wife says it reminds her of Star Trek with all the lights of the gear blinking. The speaker platforms are a huge plus. Good isolation, easy to adjust spacing and angle. The desk space has plenty of room for my Artist Mix, my computer keyboard and mouse, note pad, coffee cup and lava lamp ;-). iMac sits very comfortably on the self behind the work surface where there is also plenty of room for my external drives. The wire tray helps to keep things from looking like a spaghetti bowl. Depending upon the options you get, it arrives (in two days in my case) in several boxes with the LH and RH ends pre assembled. It is VERY well packed, and you will have some dunnage to contend with. It's best to have help when you assemble this, but I did assemble it alone with the help of some furniture clamps as third and fourth hands. It is HEAVY. But that's a good thing in the end. Some of the pre-drill holes did not line up right away, but after loosening the pre-assemble sides, everything went right together smoothly. Then tighten everything back up and you're good to go. I would suggest getting the optional drawer for pencils, note pads etc, I didn't but am going to get it. As usual, I had a ton of questions before the purchase, and my Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Ben, was extremely helpful as always. He went so far as to go look at their assembled unit to endeavor to answer my questions. Thanks again Ben.
Music background: Project Studio owner, Musician, Producer, Mixer

The real deal

Wow. This thing is just beautiful. First of all, it IS beautiful to look at. The parts are well-designed, they fit together just right. The whole thing is sexy and sleek but workmanlike and tough. The ends are some kind of molded super-tough plastic, the padding in front is tough and comfortable and rugged, the countertop laminate has a cool textured look to it, the legs are battleship tough and beautiful. The two 4U racks are angled at a very convenient ergonomical position: I am amazed at how much easier it is to have all my rack gear up where I am, rather than having to kneel down and squint at a rack sitting 6 inches off the floor. There are only 16 rack spaces, which is plenty for me, but somebody with a bunch of rack gear would just put the most-used gear up on the desk and have ancillary racks elsewhere. There's a trough for wires and cables in back of the desk, between the two racks. The mountings for the monitor stands are simple, clean to look at, solid and sturdy. The whole thing is simple, clean, and sturdy. It makes working just that much more pleasurable. The fact that there are just two legs coming down instead of four like most workstations, and not even legs for the monitor stands--it just makes climbing around back there that much more unencumbered. Somebody really put some thought into this thing. You can buy a boring, clunky, flimsy, Ikea-looking plywood box for almost the same money--or even more money. Don't tell Argosy, but this thing is a bargain at two grand. And the speaker isolation mounts--holy cow! I had no idea. I set this all up, mounted and re-wired all my rack gear, strung wires and cables all over my studio--yeah, it took a whole (pleasurable) day to do all that--then I sat down and listened to a tune I was working on in Pro Tools--blew me away. Somebody must have messed with the controls: turned the bass way up, and the master volume up as well. Nope, that's just the isolation mounts. The sound sounds freer, bigger, more resonant. I've seen these isolation mounts and was thinking they might be just a scam, one of those cynically invented products-you-can't-live-without that really you can live without. Nope. These things are amazing. In a blind test, I would have thought somebody switched monitors on me. Anyway, I love this workstation. I bought an aftermarket undermount slide-out computer keyboard shelf, rigged up a cool mouse shelf off to the side of that, and I'm pretty much set. Get one of these. You'll be glad you did.

Argosy Halo Plus Workstation, a review.

I have a small room I use as a project room in my house. No combination of tables and stands ever seemed to have the righ feel until I tried the Argosy. Man, what a difference. Yes, it was two grand but it was worth every penny (plus no tax and free shipping!). My monitor speakers are now placed exactly where I want them, and my host of outboard gear is all just a short reach away. Get this table, you won't be sorry! Oh, and by the way, pick up a 1U Furman sequential power relay and a pair of Behringer 1U balanced 1/4" (tip, ring, sleeve) patch bays and you'll be able to wire, dress, and sequentially power on and off the whole shebang with the touch of one switch. True heaven in a 12' X 12' room. Thanks again Sweetwater!
Music background: Rrecording engineer for Eric Burdon,Kenny Loggins, Stark Naked and the Car Thieves, Dan Crary, Byron Berline, and hundreds of others.

Simply wonderfull

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