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Blackstar HTV-212 - 160-watt 2x12" Extension Cabinet Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    from Olympia, Washington, United States April 23, 2014Music Background:
    ~40 years as amateur guitar, keys and electronic percussion artist, eternal hobbyist...

    This cab rocks

    This cabinet is awesome. I paired it with a Blackstar HT Studio 20H. I play an Epiphone Les Paul, an Ibanez JEM and a Squire Srat though this combination and all sound great I am able to get feedback and crunch at conversation volumes and the cleans are perfect

    I'm very happy with this 2 x 12 cabinet. It entirely meets my needs for small jams and home studio work.

    I'm sure it would sound great with a more powerful head (anything up to 160 watts) but it is more than loud enough for my purposes. The Celestion Seventy/80 drivers do an excellent job of reporting the tone of the amp and guitar.

    The cleans are clean and the grunge is grungy. Effects like a GT-100 and an EH talking box come though flawlessly.

    I would highly recommend this cabinet to a friend.

    The service at Sweetwater has been great.

  • Jay
    from United States December 17, 2012Music Background:
    hobbyist , personality

    really happy

    mesa single rectifier head and that blackstar , ok the celestion loudspeakers with 160 watt capacity handle my 120 watt solo head like beautifully. response to E.Q. , is to a dime . loads of color just waiting to be poured from those bottomless paint can speakers . lol . they bump and growl and its light .

  • Frank Schipula
    from Newport News, VA, USA March 13, 2011Music Background:
    Big Dreaming Hobbist


    I paired my HT 212 with the HT Stage 100 Head WOW what a combination. I wanted three channels with two 12 speakers with more headroom than the HT Stage 60 offered and without the weight of the Stage 60. From country, blues, rock...it all sounds great! I have not seen this combination anywhere. The cost is a little more than buying a combo but less than buying a HT 412. This combination will play any venue you can book. And it LOOKS GREAT! I highly recommend this combination. Thanks Derek

  • Harliament
    from Sacramento, CA June 3, 2015Music Background:
    Metal, classic rock

    Pushes a lot of air

    I run the Ht stage 100 through it and it gets loud. That rig is louder than my Marshall mode 4 through a 4x12! The open back lets your sound carry throughout the room. When I want my Stratocaster to sparkle or a lead to cut through on a recording, I use this cab. Easily carried. Having trouble locating casters for it though. If I get some wheels, It gets five stars.

  • Kelly Baker
    from Denton, TX March 28, 2014Music Background:
    Guy who loves music and tone

    Affordable Tone Champ

    I want to start by saying how happy this cab makes me.

    No, it is not loaded with V 30s, and it is constructed from MDF... but the sound from the 70 80s from the front of this cab, and pushed by my Blackstar HT 50 can flat out melt faces.

    This thing is rated 160 watts, and I can get in ear ringing territory pretty quick with it.
    The guys at Blackstar and Celestion understand what they are doing when they build an affordable cab and they save you a few bucks jack in the process.

    I'm playing a Les Paul Studio, a Schecter Hellraiser, an ESP VIPER 301, a Dean ML and a Fender Strat through this cab and I have tone for years!
    I use Mogami leads and cables so that may be the difference... I don't hear anything shrill or thin in my tone. Of course I have some analog goodness on my pedal board, but this cab is beyond good enough for a venue, the studio or an arena mic'd.

    Open back and I still get tight, defined bass and sweet tones, once these speakers are broken in, it will be hard for me to imagine anything nicer. I'll use the $400 bucks I saved to buy more gear.
    Cheers Sweetwater!

  • Rick Verlander
    from New Orleans, LA September 30, 2014Music Background:

    Blackstar HTV - 212 Cabinet

    For the money, it's a great sound. Clear as a bell. Nice bass without booming. Full midrange. Hard to beat for the price.

  • Vicki Folts
    from Buffalo September 8, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, recording production, songwriter.

    Great cab but accessories needed here

    No complaints on the cab. I run it my whole guitar setup stereo and its a perfect match, no complaints and nicely priced.

    BUT please make available to us the 10mm threaded casters and cab cover for inclement weather. I'm sure they'd be good sellers.

    Thanks for everything. Great purchasing experience as always!

  • Gordo
    from Ohio September 30, 2015Music Background:
    classical, choral, r-n-r, metal, historical

    Blackstar HTV-212 ext. cab.

    Seems adequate for the application but is limited by impedance and power restrictions. Caution.

  • Matthew WIlliams
    from kansas city, MO August 28, 2015Music Background:
    I have been playing in recording original bands for 8 years. I also have had over 13 hours of airplay on public radio.. isnt that cool, but Im proud :D

    Beautiful Highs. loose lows

    I have this cab paired with my Egnater Tweaker 88. I have to say the mid and high range on this cab just spews beauty. Clarity and power with beautiful definition. Where this cab falls short is on the lows. I use two fuzz pedals separately, a big muff and a Druid Fuzz... anything played on the low end of the spectrum is a bit flabby and you can hear the speaker reaction being a bit dead on the low end. But high frequencies ring without any loss of definition and are incredibly warm.

    Pros: Highs and mid ranges on this cab are more then excellent, lets your notes breath yet retain power enough to punch right through any mix at any volume.

    Cons: Lows just don't hold enough definition and get muddy really quick, fuzz pedals are almost a no go, just because one note leads into the other in comparison to other cabs I've used.

    Resolution I'm replacing both speakers with eminence wizards and I am hoping that that improves the over all definition of the lows.. I might mix depending on the highs I get out of the wizards, because admittedly these speakers have some beautifully defined highs.

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