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Blackstar HT Soloist 60 - 60W 1x12" Gutar Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
  • from Massachusetts April 6, 2016

    Best deal

    Best bang for the buck amp in the world!

  • from Pennsyvania March 19, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Love this amp.

    Love this amp. I get all the tones I am looking for and plenty of volume for performances. Love the boost to really put the solos out in front. The price is unbelievable. I play multi genres from blues to shredding and this amp does all. I waited until I played a show to write this review. I received many compliments about my sound. As always Matt from sweetwater is awesome.

  • from Texas June 30, 2015

    Perfect combination!

    Thx Ryan for all your help/customer service as always! Play classic rock and metal. Tried Marshall to Mesa Boogie, but it always comes down to Blackstar ... Best of both worlds and is not a tube eater! I did make some modifications. I first tried HT 40, HT 60 stage, and settled with the HT 60 Soloist. Had best sound to me, and the boost in the footswitch was also a big key seller! Modifications as follows: changed out speaker to a Celestion G12H-75 watt, and extension cab HTV 112 with Vintage 30....Rocking! Thx Seeetwater for making modifications and smooth transaction...:-)

  • from Valrico FL October 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro and Hobbyist and guitar nut

    Blackstar HT Soloist 60 1x12" 60-Watt Tube Combo Rocks

    I have now owned this amp for 3 years. Though i don't gig it, it has been extremely reliable thus far. I recently made 2 changes that made this amp come even more alive and toneful. I have a 1 12" cab with mine, so the 2 speakers were replaced with Eminence Governour and a Wizard. Then i checked the bias and it was extemely cold. I then added 2 Mullard El34's and 2 Tung Sol reissue 12AX7 and the sound is 10x better to my ears. Even the few pedals i use came alive more so with this upgrade. Wish i was gigging as i'd love to crank this baby live...Best gig i ever bought under $1000

  • from Myerstown PA January 14, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Live Sound and Studio Engineer.

    Best tube amp for the money!

    Here is what it comes down to. If you want to get a great sounding tube amp and you donít want to spend over $1000 on an amp, then there is only one thing to do and that is buy this amp. Besides the Blackstar Solo 60 I also have a Mesa Boogie 5:50 Express and another Blackstar the Studio 20. I love my Mesa but honestly The Solo 60 is as close to a Mesa for half the price and itís actually better in some respects. The Blackstar doesnít eat tubes and it is extremely quiet. When I ordered the Solo 60 it was because when I used the Studio 20 for practice I really though with some more wattage I could use this for small gigs where I didnít want to lug around my heavy Mesa. Getting the Solo 60 I thought would give me the same sound as my studio 20 but with enough power to not have to worry about being too low for a gig. I was wrong on all accounts except for having enough power. The Solo 60 has more than enough power but when I fired it up; it exceeded my expectation as far as tone and versatility. I can get so many different tones from this amp that I actually might retire my boogie to the studio. Clean sound is absolutely great; you can get everything from a nice dark warm clean sound to a bright midrange clean. As far as the overdrive channel, I was so blown away by the tone of it and I know that for most musicians they might not even need a separate distortion pedal. A little compression and your Delay and thatís all. The build-in reverb sounds very good. Youíve got a nice foot pedal to switch between clean and distortion, reverb and dry and it also has a boost button to kick in a boost when needed for soloing. You can set the amount of boost right on the amp. You have a tone knob for your clean sound as well as bass, mid and treble knobs for your overall eq needs. With Blackstarís ISF knob which can further change the tone to push you towards and American or British sounding tube amp and what they call a voice switch (the voice switch is used to fatten up your overall clean or overdrive sound) you can get just about any sound you want. One thing to keep in mind is the Solo 60 has more features that the 20 watt (Studio 20) or 40 watt amp (Club 40) that furthers the versatility of the amp. The bottom line is, for $800 you will not find anything better. I could go into even more detail but my suggestion is try it and youíll buy it.

  • from Albany,NY August 4, 2011Music Background:
    Professional musician of 38 years.

    5 Stars for Blackstar

    I just purchased this amp and it is an incredible piece of equipment. Clean channel is CLEAN but flexible. The boutique setting is touch sensitive and very expressive. Then there is the straight clean setting very "American" with a tight bottom end. The OD channel is the prize winner here. So many options and sounds and sweet singing sustain. None of that cheap buzzy OD you usually find in this price range. Great design, but a bit heavy for a combo. I also own a Mesa Express 5:25 and this amp's quality is definitely comparable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • from katy, TX May 25, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician

    Phenomenal Amp

    Holy Smokes Batman, this amp is incredible, fantastic tones and its range of ISF dial in sweetness is outstanding. Blackstar, a new company on the scene has given us a real winner. Itís a 1x12 amp 60 watt combo with an unbelievable must be heard mojo bar none. I've played them all people and I'm here to tell yall nothing can compare to this beauty. Superb detail in build quality, looks, and components, and what really amazes me is the price point. Usually, decent gear could require mortgaging the house, but not this amp itís got a great price point. I'm telling yall, get this bad boy and go out and get your gaga on man! Thank you Sweetwater, and never not have this amp in your line of gear.

  • from n.w.ohio April 8, 2016Music Background:
    56 year player

    great amp at a great price

    i had a chance to play the club 40 a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised. it was then I decided to put blackstar on my list when I would be ready for a new amp.

    while looking at the sweetwater website, I saw that the soloist 60 price was lowered to 499.00 I patiently waited, and had it shipped the day it came in. I am so happy I did.

    I wanted an amp with a great clean channel, and I am not disappointed. I can't believe the range of sounds from a single tone knob and voicing switch. I can play with the second channel and get a variety of usable sounds-from great crunch to some nice distortion- that fill my needs.

    try this amp-for the price it is hard to beat

  • from Pocono, PA April 8, 2016

    Second time a charm

    First one I got new in March 2016 had a 2013 build date. Had to return.

    It had a nasty swirly whooshing sound when on stand by. Sweetwater took prompt care of the situation and replaced (no charge to me!) it as soon as a new batch came in from Blackstar. (FYI... Just got my replacement from Blackstar's freshest batch... seems Blackstar is still selling 2013 build dates as brand new to Sweetwater.) Also, the box was caved in - but that is FedEx issue.

    The sounds is fantastic. If I didn't have issue with the first one I would have given this 5 stars. The replacement is perfect quiet and sounds killer! I have 50+ tubes amps. Vintage to new. This one is top of the list. It's that good... when working.

    So hopefully Sweetwater actually backs their 2 year warrantee and I think this amp will be a good deal for anyone!


  • from Atlanta GA April 6, 2016


    Just got it yesterday and still getting it dialed in, but initial impressions are very good. Mine came with the footswitch too, which I was not expecting.

  • from New Milford, CT September 20, 2012Music Background:
    musician, recordist, composer

    Amazing tonal range

    Have been using this amp gigging and rehearsing for 3 weeks--no problems at all! Absolutely dead quiet (no hum, no hiss); reverb is smooth, clean, and has a wide tonal range; no mush or distortion. 2 switchable channels work well, and offer enormous flexibility in sound control. Power is great at any level, tubes are solid, easy to get an edge on clean sounds if you push a little, overdrive is colorful and melodic and crunchy. The real winner here is the design of the tone controls--each one provides a useful interaction with every other control, allowing both subtle adjustments and major shifts to be dialed in. The voicing switches are truly useful as well; you can hear the changes in tone across the spectrum, not just in isolated frequency ranges. Congratulations to the engineering crew for getting this extremely right! Its like having a hi-resolution photo of the sound of my guitar; the reproduction of both acoustic and solid-body instruments is clearly defined and accurate. Would recommend this amp for gigging and recording (the lack of hum and hiss really helps). The first amp in quite a while that I can say that I truly love.

  • from Washington State February 5, 2016

    Yes, yes, and yes..

    I bought this amp and extension cabinet when my old Pro Reverb went down for repairs (was gigging at the time). Totally agree with the other reviews. Great solid amp. I added the closed back 112 cabinet because I do some acoustic work too. I have the same with my old Fender, adds ambiance to the sound. Would recommend adding it, it looks cool and makes the controls more accessible (totally lame resions), but makes this one versatile amp.

  • from Baltimore, MD March 8, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Guitarist

    Great buy for the $...but

    I've gigged 4 times live and 10 rehearsals with it. My 2 cents:

    The amp takes pedals great, but the overall tone is somewhat sterile. The reverb especially is average at best, and the ISP was OK but not revolutionary as some have suggested.

    The footswitch is great, but don't know why manufacturers don't consider using CAT5 Ethernet to control their footswitches. Blackstar uses a VGA monitor DB cable...really?

    The overdrive channel was the biggest disappointment; got some tones out of it that were decent, but overall I got better overdrive and distortion tones with pedals in the clean channel. Channel 2's tones didn't translate in a live situation with my band.

    The boost feature is cool, and the clean channel was better than I thought.

    The value you get for the $ is where this amp shines; can't beat it. Does it sound like a boutique tube amp? Not to me. But, how many people in the audience will actually notice?

  • from California February 18, 2016Music Background:
    Over 30 years professional experience: live and studio work.

    Blackstar Soloist

    I've owned LOTS of quality amps dating back to the late 1960's: Fender, Sunn, Marshall, Music Man, Mesa Boogie, PRS and Budda. Bought the Blackstar + matching 1x12 cab. Loved the initial sound and versatility (My guitars: PRS DGT, and 2 Tom Anderson Classics). The clean channel was a nice surprise and the lead channel offered a variety of sounds. The reverb is decent, considering the price. After listening to a live video recording, the stock Celestion speakers (70/80's) had to go. The amp sounded okay on stage, but from about 40-50 feet I noticed: harsh highs, flabby low-end, poor projection, and overall mediocre tone. Replaced both speakers with Eminence Texas Heat 12's - problem solved: much tighter, more focused overall sound with better projection. However, on about the 12th gig the amp failed during the second set. Took it to an amp tech for repairs - multiple bad solders in the circuitboard and a bad tube socket. I always transported the amp in my SUV with padded covers on & securely placed with my other gear, so the issues were not from rough handling, jostling, etc. Considering the relatively low hours on the amp, I didn't feel it was reliable enough to gig without a backup. I recommend the amp with reservations; quality control may be a bit lacking.

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