Blackstar HT Club 50 - 50-watt Tube Head

2-channel, 50W Tube Amplifier Head with Infinite Shape Feature, Overdrive and Clean Voice Switches, and Reverb
Blackstar HT Club 50 - 50-watt Tube Head image 1
Blackstar HT Club 50 - 50-watt Tube Head image 1
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Blackstar HT Club 50 - 50-watt Tube Head
In Stock!

Super-versatile Tube Head!

Take the stage with a Blackstar HT Club 50 tube guitar amp head and you'll get all of the tones you could ask for. This amazing portable powerhouse packs a pair channels that let you go from glassy clean to saturated overdrive with the press of a footswitch. Onboard reverb lets you add depth to your sound, and the HT Club 50's speaker-emulated output lets you leave your cab at home for small gigs and recording. You'll get amazing tone at any level when you rock an Blackstar HT Club 50 tube amp head.

Blackstar HT Club 50 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Infinite Shape Feature lets you dial your drive from British to American tone
  • Speaker-emulated output gives you the freedom to rock out without a cabinet
  • Onboard digital reverb gives you a huge range of depth and dimension
Infinite Shape Feature lets you dial your drive from British to American tone

You want flexible tone? You got it! The Blackstar HT Club 50 tube guitar amplifier head comes loaded with a massive spread of tube tone. In addition to its enhanced tone controls, the HT Club 50 gives you access to Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), a unique control that lets you reshape its voice from British crunch to American drive to anything in between.

Speaker-emulated output gives you the freedom to rock out without a cabinet

With outputs for 8-ohm and 16-ohm cabinets, what else could you ask from your Blackstar HT Club 50 tube guitar amplifier head? How about a direct output for recording or running straight to a PA? That's just what you get from the HT Club 50's speaker-emulated output. Not only does this output give you the dimensional sound of a miked up cab, but it also loads your head properly. Talk about a useful feature!

Onboard digital reverb gives you a huge range of depth and dimension

You may be wondering why Blackstar chose to give their HT Club 50 all-tube guitar head a digital reverb. The reason's simple: this reverb gives you a ton of tonal range. You see, there's a switch on the back of the HT Club 50 that lets you choose from a vintage dark-style spring sound or a more modern, sparking bright sound. Whatever your taste in reverb, your HT Club 50 head has just what you need onboard.

Blackstar HT Club 50 Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:
  • A versatile 50-watt all-tube guitar amplifier head that's great for anything from live performance to recording
  • 50 watts of power lets you saturate your power amp tubes without blowing your eardrums
  • 2 footswitchable channels let you go from glassy clean to total saturation instantly
  • Enhanced tone controls and Blackstar's patent-pending Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) let you dial in a huge range of voicings from British to American
  • Digital reverb with dark/bright switch gives you access to the reverb style you crave
  • Speaker-emulated output is perfect for running straight to the PA or recording
Blackstar's HT Club 50 tube guitar amp head gives you all the great tones you love!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2 (4 Modes)
Total Power 50W
Reverb Yes (Digital)
EQ 3-band with ISF
Number of Tubes 4
Preamp Tubes 2 x ECC83
Power Tubes 2 x EL34
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 3 x 1/4" (Speaker), 1 x 1/4" (DI)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 11.14"
Width 26.06"
Depth 11.81"
Weight 30.07 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number HTClub50H

Customer Reviews

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This amp is the first amp that has made me stop missing my Mesa Rectifier that I had to sell so many years ago. I was devastated when I had to let my Mesa go... I tried some marshalls, and this and that. I was always disappointed with my tone. That is until I bought this Blackstar head. Literally the greatest value you could possible find for an all tube monster of an amp. With the genius voicing between USA and UK you can EASILY go right from Marshall JCM 900 type to Mesa Rectifier. It just gives me so much joy to be able to have a that option. I like to ride it almost all the way USA but not completely. So you get this amazing, saturated, modern rectifier/5150 gain structure with a tad bit of jcm 900 in there. It's just fantastic. You will not find a better bang for your buck on an all tube amp head. They are literally giving these things away. It could easily be 1100-1200 and still be a good deal. This is a steal. 10/10 I will never sell it!
Music background: Guitarist, Drummer, Recording Engineer

Love This Amp

Ive Had This Amp For Over 2 Years Best Guitar Amp Ive Played Through Great Sound On My Half Stack

Blackstar is KING

I prefer this amp over my Mesa triple rectifier. That almost hurts me to say it, but it's true. 100% true. Save your money. Stop considering a rectifer, or a engl fireball or a 5150/6505. This amp is just better. I have a feeling this amp is going to be one of the greats. It just seems like no ones heard about Blackstar yet, or maybe heard about them from somewhere or never played one. This is the new ***KING*** of high gain. Rock to metal with enough gain headroom to go down that doom metal route if thats your thing. Put a boost and gate in front of it and it really gets tight prog metaly. So warm yet laser focused tone. The clarity at high gain is just amazing. I was reluctant to buy it because no one around had it to demo. I just had youtube videos to go off of. I'm just so Fing happy I bought this amp. It's so cheap compared to mesa, engl, peavey, prs but just better. It almost embarrasses all those companies. Like Blackstar is almost running a dang charity to make all the other amp companies look greedy. Oh ya, the clean is great too, but lets face it, good clean tone isn't that hard to get.
Music background: Over a decade

Sweet Amp!!!!

Love my HT 50 head!! I sold a Mesa 5/50 Express to buy the Blackstar, and I do NOT miss the Mesa at all. Clean channel is sweet. Fenders sound true and very clear!!, my Joe Pass sounds great when I play Jazz. I am in Heaven when I play my Larry Carlton 335 through this amp. Unbelievable tone and harmonics with the Lead channel, no squeal or feedback that I get with other amps. I am looking to get another one just for the studio!!! Totally Amazing amp!!!
Music background: Semi Pro, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Rock, Country, Blues

Why does this head sound so good?

Could it possibly that it is because Blackstar products were designed and created by Ian Robinson and Bruce Keir? Who are they? Only two amp designers who worked in the famous Marshall R & D department who left because they had ideas for design that did not fit in with the corporate "plan". Marshall customers expect to get the Marshall sound and that's why they buy them. Blackstar customers can expect to get "the sound in your head" because that's how they're designed. Not everyone can sound like their favorite artist simply by buying what that artist uses. That's been proven time and time again. But with Blackstar amps, you can definitely created exactly the tone that you want, the sound in your head, no matter what that is. These amps are built in Korea, not the UK. The quality is outstanding and it is no wonder why so many companies set up there to build their products. Ian and Bruce have done their homework and it shows in amps that stack up head to head with amps costing 4 or 5 times more. This is one beast of an amp. The speaker emulated output is simply wonderful. I run it through my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, listen over my headphones or some external speakers from the back of the Focusrite, and the sound is every bit as good as what comes out of the matching HTV 212 cab. A great way to keep peace in the house. But when I'm alone, look out The gloves come off. The versatility of this amp is just incredible. Love having the choice of reverb depending on my mood and moving from British to American in an infinite palette of tones. The distortion will open your eyes, as well as your ears. And the cleans are crystal. With the experience I've had on this baby, I will be staying in the Blackstar family a long time, and I will be looking at my Sweetwater rep whenever I finally get the urge to go up the Blackstar ladder. You cannot beat the service and advice that you get from these guys. They truly rock! GET this amp! You will not have any regrets. But your band buddies will if they don't get one after they hear yours.
Music background: Hobbyist for nearly 50 years. Self-taught, but life long exposure to things musical.
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