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Tama 1st Chair Drum Throne Ergo-Rider Throne with Backrest - Black Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from CA - California June 17, 2016

    Best Drum Seat

    I have issues with my back. Most chairs are hard to sit on. This chair is adjustable and make playing a lot better. Expensive but should last 5 - 10 years easily.

  • from April 6, 2015


    I, too, am a keyboard player. I bought mine in 2007 and after almost 8 years, there's is simply Zero "wear and tear" on this great throne. I'd still be using it today if somebody in a road crew hadn't lost it last week. I'm ordering a new one today. Yes, it's a little expensive but it will literally last forever (if some road crewman doesn't lose it).Seriously, I used it on probably a thousand shows and it still felt like it did the day I bought it. I HIGHLY recommend it to any drummer or keyboard player who needs a stable, comfortable seat.

  • from Viera, FL December 30, 2014Music Background:

    Really Comfy Chair With Many Options to Adjust

    I have spent years trying to find a comfortable seat that would allow me to play.

    I blew out my spine in the USMC, 7 discs in total. I have endured multiple surgeries (5 to be exact) and years of therapy and yet still require heavy pain management. So needless to say, standing for more than a few minutes or sitting in the wrong chair results in pain that can best be described as having two knives driven into my spine and then having the veins in my legs, going down to my toes, filled with hot lava. I want to paint a good of my condition as it relates exactly how helpful this chair is to my ability to play. So finding a good seat that allows me to play my guitar is a near impossibility. But this chair fixes the problem...

    To begin with, you can easily set the height to match your actual height. If you have long legs or short, no problem. Second, the back rest. Yes, it is small but it does the job and is nicely padded which makes leaning back comfortable, not to say that the chair tilts because it does not. Plus, if you don't like the back rest you can just take it off. Most importantly, the seat is the perfect size. The cushion is awesome and exactly what you would expect in chair at this price point. It is about 4 inches thick and roughly equivalent to sitting on a Tempur Pedic mattress. It gives in just enough to where it removes the pressure from your spine. The end result is a chair that allows you to play much longer.

    The stand is solid and well made. So you will not be wobbling about. In fact, because of my injuries I can't exercise like I should and have gained weight. So even at my weight, the chair is solid and comfy.

    So if you want a nice stool, that will be solid yet provide the kind of comfort you need to play, then this "drum throne" can easily become an excellent "guitar stool."

  • from TX May 6, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The La-Z-Boy Recliner of drum thrones!

    Just got mine yesterday. Beautifully and intelligently designed. The seat has plenty of cushion, yet firm support. The backrest is easily adjustable, tilting forward to hit in just the right place for comfortable back support. It's not a lightweight; the hardware looks sturdy enough to take a pounding on the road. Perfect for long hours at the studio keyboard. For me, this was a godsend.....

  • from TX February 4, 2013Music Background:

    Drum Throne

    I held back on giving a 5.0 only because that's the kind of guy I am. The throne works great, heavy duty, feels very sturdy and comfortable. I would recommend it to others. I doubt you'll find something more secured than this. Feels like something that will last a lifetime for me. I'm 50 and just started playing again after a 30 year sabatical. I needed the back support and well worth the investment if I'm going to spend any time at all playing. Which I plan to do.

  • from United States December 28, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Tama HT741

    I am a keyboard musician having to sit for hours on end. I have tried adjustable benches that were comfortable, but my back would get tired, so I tried seats with backs. This helped my back, but they weren't fully adjustable and only fairly comfortable.

    I read the reviews for the Tama HT471 and decided to spring for it, although it was more money, but would last for years. I am very happy I did. It is super comfortable, built like a tank, and infinitely adjustable to any desired height.. To top it all off, the seat lifts off, the backrest folds down, and the legs fold up. This makes it easy to pack and transport.

    The best seat, by far, I have ever had, and shouldn't ever have to buy another.

  • from Accomac, Va. January 31, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound

    feels great to the back, very comfortable with the feeling of security underneath me with no chance of tipping over.

    The Tama HT741 could not have been a better choice for me. The back rest allows me to sit back and relax between songs and the design and security of the 4 legs definately gives me a good sense of knowing that I'm not going to slip or slide all over the floor. Could not be any more pleased.

  • from Nashville, TN January 1, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Drummer

    Comfortable and Intelligent Design...

    Excellent product, I love the leather and firm but comfortable cushion. I play professionally and often play 5-8 hrs per day. Now, with a backrest, I can save my posture. I also like how minimalist the backrest is. It is easy for travel and folds up quickly, but still provides the support needed. The lower section looks as if its built with military spec so I'm expecting this to be my last drum throne purchase for a long time, Thank you TAMA!

  • from NY, NY October 2, 2011Music Background:

    Great Product

    Can't say enough good about the design of the back rest (does not get on the way like some others)and the solid density of the seat. I have it down low and forward in the small of my back. What a difference!. Minor complaint is the weight. It weighs a ton. I think 3 legs as opposed to 4 would be a good option. Well built though.

  • from Dallas, TX June 4, 2011Music Background:

    Awesome Piece of Furniture

    Would've received all stars, but I need it just a little lower. But I suppose that's not the chair's fault that I'm 5.4! Let's face it - I am a 272 pound female who needed a large stool to use for practice sessions and this one seemed to fit the bill. I purchased it from Sweetwater and could tell it was going to be a winner right out of the box. Sturdy construction, pricy look (for my living room/studio) and it really does help you sit up straight. I just had to tighten the take down screw, which is done by hand with a large knob under the chair, after having it over a month or two and giving it plenty of use. I seem to rock it back an forth quite a bit because it is a little tall for me, but I didn't see any others that came shorter and no one else should have this problem. Just noting it because aside from that I don't think it would have even needed any adjustments, speaking of which, the backrest is awesome! You can put it in just that right spot, up or down, front or back and it stays put! I have mine pretty high compared to the pic. Go for it. Always worth getting something of value that will last and add to your home decor!

  • from Dayton, OH December 28, 2013Music Background:

    Firm but nice...

    I have played predominantly on a cheap throne before it finally broke. I also played a lot on a Roc 'N Soc Nitro before buying this throne. I like the design by Tama, especially the feet. Having four feet will distribute the weight even more, putting less stress on each foot, and the design with the metal legs being encased in hard plastic before going in the rubber feet should keep the legs from working their way through the feet like they did with my old throne.

    I do think it is a little stiff, but I find my posture much improved, which means I can play longer without back pain. While the cushion isn't very stiff, it certainly doesn't give a lot. The throne is a bit heavy but very solid, for anyone that weighs a little more than they should, the throne should hold up nicely. I did read about issues regarding the bolts that hold the cushion to the plate the height rod goes into, but I think Tama has fixed the problem as my chair is rock solid. I also prefer the dual lock on the height adjustment. Yes, the Roc 'N Soc Nitro adjustment is very easy and quick to set, but at certain rhythms I'd find myself bouncing, which was a bit of a nuisance. Also, I don't play at various heights, so once it's set I never change it. I could see this being a problem for an instructor though that has a lot of different students.

    Overall I'm pleased with the chair and think it will last me a long time. It's not the most comfortable throne I've ever sat on, but certainly the sturdiest.

  • from Dallas, TX May 5, 2011Music Background:

    Great Piece of Furniture

    I purchased this throne to use for playing my guitars. The backrest is awesome. It is very sturdy and the seat is nice and wide. I am overweight and would recommend it for someone else in that situation. I also happen to be a female, so I carry it a bit low... and this stool takes care of my needs. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I need it to go a bit lower as I have majorly short legs. I will find a way to make my feet go a little higher. Note that it does help in a significant way with posture improvement.

  • from Dayton, OH April 29, 2014Music Background:

    Longterm update

    Updated after a few months of ownership...

    I think that this item is over priced for what it is. I'm a huge Tama hardware fan and own a lot of their stuff and have invested heavily in their cymbal and hi-hat stands as well as their bass drum pedals, but they're off the mark with this throne.

    The foam hasn't given in any, feels too rigid, and the swivel design is no good; you have to keep retightening it or the seat will begin to wobble a little, and when you tighten it, the seat doesn't want to turn easily. I keep this throne on my e-kit and bought a new throne for the new acoustic kit I'm building. I bought the Roc N Soc Nitro for that kit. It's less expensive and superior in almost every way. I did not buy the back rest for the Roc N Soc, which might make the prices more comparable, but I'd still recommend the Roc N Soc over this throne.

    It's not a bad throne, just over priced I think. There are more comfortable ones out there for less money.

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