Blackstar HT-5RH 5 Watt 2 Channel Tube Head - Black

2-channel, 5-watt Tube Amplifier Head with Infinite Shape Feature, Effects Loop, Stereo Reverb, and Speaker-emulated Line Output - Black
Blackstar HT-5RH 5 Watt 2 Channel Tube Head - Black image 1
Blackstar HT-5RH 5 Watt 2 Channel Tube Head - Black image 1
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The Sweetwater Difference

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Blackstar HT-5RH 5 Watt 2 Channel Tube Head - Black
In Stock!

Your Tube-fired Studio Amp Solution!

Blackstar's all-tube HT-5RH is the amp you need when you want to get killer guitar tones in the studio. This amazing little 5-watt amp head lets you dial in that magical cooking power section sound without frying your eardrums. The HT-5RH gives you the ability to dial in a range of great tones, thanks to Blackstar's stellar ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone-shaping control. This great-sounding amp's 2-channel design takes you from glassy cleans to down-and-dirty crunch in no time. A handy onboard effects loop (complete with an effects level switch) lets you add your own effects into the signal path. Plus, an onboard speaker-emulated output makes it easy to record killer amp tones straight from the HT-5RH.

Blackstar HT-5RH Tube Amplifier Head Features:
  • 5-watt tube head
  • 1 x ECC83 and 1 x 12BH7 tubes
  • Unique push-pull power amp design
  • HT pedal preamp
  • 2 footswitchable channels
  • Stereo digital reverb
  • Enhanced tone controls
  • Patent-pending Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Fully equipped for studio or practice
  • Speaker-emulated output with 1 x 12" or 4 x 12" voicing
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • Footswitch included
Blackstar's HT-5RH head makes a perfect tube amp for the studio or the practice room!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 5W
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band with ISF
Number of Tubes 2
Preamp Tubes 1 x ECC83
Power Tubes 1 x 12BH7
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x TS (Speaker), 1 x TRS (Speaker Emulated)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 8.78"
Width 17.4"
Depth 8.89"
Weight 23.38 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number HT5RH

Customer Reviews

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Great Little Amp

I bought this little power house a few years ago, I was stunned by the tone and power of this head, I have used this on my Marshall 1960 vintage cab and it sounds great and loud, hard to believe it is only 5 watts. the reverb, and effects loop are nice features on an amp this size. Also I like playing around with the ISP feature from American to British. I bought a Marshall DSL 15w head just because I wanted to see how it stack up to this amp head. Conclusion well the Marshall sounds great but with no effects loop or on board reverb the choice was clear. I packed the Marshall up sent it back to the store it came from, called my Sweetwater engineer ( Dennis K.) had him get me new tubes coming my way for many more years of great sounding music from this Blackstar amp.I do not think you would be disappointed buying this amp head. Mine is currently attached to a Marshall 1936 cab with Celestion V-30s.

Big Things Do Come In Little Packages

I'm a FOH engineer on the weekends, and work in my home studio the rest of the week. The biggest challenge in studio (and live) has been finding "that guitar sound" that makes you go Mmmm. I've used everything from Marshall tube amps to Fender Twins to Vox AC30s. I own every major guitar plugin you can think of including NI Guitar Rig, and IK Multimedia Amplitube. Nothing was giving me that gut chugging guitar sound. I've been following Blackstar for several years; reading reviews and watching YouTube videos. I was always impressed by what I heard, but as we all know, you can't trust the audio of a YouTube video. When I finally decided to buy the HT5HR, I saw another 5 watt amp that was coming up in popularity. I won't mention it's name, but it's initials are Marshall Class5. I decided to buy both simultaneously and put them through their paces.TONE:The Blackstar HT5HR is BY FAR the best guitar decision I've ever made. The day I got both amps in, I took them straight downstairs, plugged them in side by side and let 'em rip! Immediately, without tweaking anything, the Blackstar was 85% of the way there for me in terms of how a heavy rock guitar should sound. The low end was thick but not muddy, the mids are set to the prefect frequency to be able to push your guitar forward or pull it back in the mix. The treble is VERY smooth; I tried to push it to harshness and couldn't do it. Nothing but cream. The ISF knob is interesting. A very subtle effect that allows you to go from a "British" to an "American" sound. So far, I've used this to make double tracked guitars set differently in the mix; without having to grab a different guitar or mess with EQ to avoid phasing issues.• Clean Tones: I'll be honest, I bought this amp for it's distortion tones, but the clean tones are very nice. The HT5 doesn't punch as hard as my Fender Twin, but what other amp does? I had my guitar player come in the other day and lay down some test tracks and we couldn't believe the thick, clear tone we were getting. We were so pleased that we re-tracked some of the guitars for our new album right there on the spot!• Distortion Tones: These will BLOW YOU AWAY! My guitar player was extremely skeptical about using a 5 watt amp to track guitars for a heavy rock album. But once we got everything set up and dialed in, he couldn't stop playing! "It's like I have a full stack in the next room!". Did I mention that all of these tests were through the Emulated Output?!?! That's right folks! The guys over at Blackstar have NAILED cabinet emulation! More about that later…• Switching Tones: After making sure the gain between the clean and distortion channels was even, my guitarist and I hit the record button and put down a test track of switching back and forth between the two channels. We couldn't believe what we were hearing and seeing. With other amps, when switching channels, there's a small gap in the audio where the first channel is turned off and the second channel is engaged. NOT ON THE HT5! The transition between channels is FLAWLESS! Even looking at the waveform on the computer screen, it was hard to tell were one ended and the other began! This is great for live players trying to recreated a studio recording!REVERB:The reverb is absolutely stunning! The guys at Blackstar have picked the perfect guitar verb! Even at 100% it isn't overwhelming; it just sounds like you're in the perfect concert environment during sound check, and the natural ambiance of the room swell as you play. No digital harshness or distortion. I don't ever print verb or delay to guitar tracks. I like to do it all during mixing… until now. I own all the Waves reverbs, as well as Lexicon and Redline Reverb plugins. The verb on the Blackstar sounds just as good as any of those, except I don't have to spend time dialing it in!EMULATED OUTPUT:As I stated above, the guys over at Blackstar have NAILED cabinet emulation! I don't have a cabinet yet, and with the way the emulated output sounds, I don't need one for studio use. Listening to the test tracks, and you'd NEVER know that there was no physical cabinet involved. Somehow, Blackstar has captured the low end punch and mid range harmonics that are missing in all of the software emulations! I've already had 2 other guitar players talk about selling their 'big rigs' and heavy combo amps to get one of these tiny bad boys!SPEAKER OUTS:I have not used this with a cab so I can't really comment here, but everything I've read and seen online says that this thing will drive a 4x12 cab, and drive it like a bat out of hell!BUILD QUALITY:This thing is built to last… no cheap plastics here! The box is covered in a tough leather and has heavy duty corner caps. The handle is a double thick LEATHER band with METAL brackets. The knob motion is smooth but sturdy. Very easy to make those minor tweaks and know that the knob is going to stay where you left it. Everything about this amp screams road ready! Oh and it's only 20lbs!
Music background: Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Hobbyist

Truly "the sound in your head"

Guitarists are known to lust over a certain sound. That ever enigmatic tone in their head. That sweet spot. Well boys and girls, the good folks at Blackstar are NOT lying when they say they can help you achieve that sound in your head. I was simply blown away by how easy it was to dial in the very sound I had yearned for. A few simple knob turns (including their patented ISF) and BOOM, insta-tone. The features are above and beyond as well, effects loops, reverb, emulated out, etc. This thing is the BEST recording amp I have used and with the right cab setup you can get plenty loud! You will not regret buying this beauty, it can nail any tone you want.
Music background: Recording artist

Black star HT-5RH

The Blackstar HT-5RH is the amp that I've been looking for for many years.The tonal diversity of this head is amazing.the ISF circuit is not a gimmick,in that it really does shape and fine tune the tone from British amps to American amps and everything in between. I play a Gibson custom shop firebird with humbuckers and haven't heard it come alive like this through any other amp. Heck, I might buy another one, playing in stereo will double the fun!
Music background: I've been playing for 31 years, guitar and bass.

Best amp at the price-point

What can I say? Awesome blackstar tone for less than most tube amps. You can definitely tell it was made for distortion, the clean channel has only two controls. That said you can get good clean tones on channel 2 if you want more controls. Would've liked the aux in to be eighth inch, that's the only fault I can find with this amp.
Music background: Hobbiest working on becoming something more
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