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Blackstar HT-1R 1-watt 1x8" Tube Combo Amp with Reverb Reviews

4.5 stars based on 21 customer reviews
Questions about the Blackstar HT-1R 1-watt 1x8" Tube Combo Amp with Reverb?

Questions about the Blackstar HT-1R 1-watt 1x8" Tube Combo Amp with Reverb?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from February 26, 2016

    Perfect practice amp

    FedEx dropped mine off today. The clean tones are really warm like a Martin & the distortion is like a Marshall. At 1 watt, it is very roommate & neighbor friendly. Now the entire house won't hate me when I practice pinch harmonics!

  • from May 9, 2015

    Great beginner/practice amp

    I'm a beginning guitar player, and got this amp to go with an Epiphone Les Paul. Extremely happy with the purchase! The guy at Guitar Center tried to steer me toward a much cheaper solid state amp, but once I heard the Blackstar I was determined to buy a tube amp, and I ended up ordering this from Sweetwater. I was concerned at some people's comments that its 1 watt would not play clean tones loudly enough, but that has not been a problem. I do have to crank the volume up pretty high when I'm playing clean, but it's plenty loud enough for home practice. And if you turn up the gain or use the overdrive channel, it is very loud! The sound is beautiful, the simple controls (volume, gain, tone and reverb) are plenty for me along with the infinite variety of sounds I'm finding from the guitar itself. I found that the reverb is far more audible through headphones than through the speaker, but I'm not using it very much yet--as a beginner I would have been fine for quite some time with the cheaper no-reverb version. Very portable too. My only complaint: the power cord does not stay in well. If you move the amp, the cord can easily wiggle loose. Loses a star for that, but six stars for the rest! If you don't have the chance to audition this, there are some decent Youtube videos demo-ing the range of sounds you can get out of it. I'm also using the minijack input from my iPhone, playing songs (slowed down with Capo Touch) to practice to. Highly recommended!

  • from Orlando, FL November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Lead guitarist in contemporary church worship band

    Fantastic quality in a small package

    I got this amp to be able to practice on and still have the same quality of sounds as the amp I play on stage with (Fender Hotrod deluxe). However, I was not disappointed! Also, I found the amp works great on stage (with mic) when up all the way (at least in church it was good, might not be enough volume at a louder venue). This amp would also be perfect for recording.

  • from New Bern, NC USA September 9, 2014Music Background:

    Blackstar Review

    Transitions smoothly from american tube to vox ac 30 sound and everything in between. The only fault to the amp is it doesn't have an adjustable eq.

  • from United States March 21, 2014Music Background:
    bassist, guitarist and sound engineering

    None not one better

    let stqrt by the fact that i havce been actrivly playing for the last 49 years. I have played em all, fender new and old, baldwin, standell custum and more. But this is the most amazing amp I have ever played. It brings back the joy and fun of playing again. You gotta love that tube sound and one pure watt is a lot of power in the right engineers hands. And this baby is engineered.

  • from Brooklyn, NY ( known center of the Universe) May 28, 2013Music Background:
    on a continuse serch to reveal the sounds in my head

    Blackstar HT-1R 1X8 1 Watt Tube Combo iwth Reverb (Black)

    great Amp for the money. The way to go if space is an issue and if you just need a small amp and/or is good home project studio Amp for recording

  • from Central coast, California March 4, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, 18 yrs playing

    Best practice amp ever

    Blackstar's motto "the sound in your head" really says it all. I have yet to find a bad tone out of this amp with any of my six guitars! Single-coil, humbuckers, piezo equipped- it doesn't matter, this amp sounds great at reasonable, home-practice volumes. I'm playing/practicing more than ever before, and it's because of this amp. I have a couple Crate all-tube amps, a Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe and a MesaBoogie Mark IV- all great amps but I've got to rattle the windows in the house for 'em to sound right... This amp does it at "conversational" volumes.
    And, Bob Furlong at Sweetwater has been great! Thanks, Bob, and thanks, Sweetwater- you now have ALL my business!
    Jim k

  • from Mountain Home, Arkansas December 2, 2012Music Background:
    lifetime player

    HT-1R is unreal

    Bottom line is that this amp has no competition and I can see why they are often back-ordered. I am normally a Fender guy and like my blues slightly dirty with a bit of reverb and this baby smokes as a practice and recording amp. It is basically a high quality boutique amp which does it all from clean to high gain. Finally after numerous tries I have my ultimate home amp. I really am blown away. Also, I must say that dealing with Patrick and Seetwater was a pleasure. Buy this amp and you will never give it up.

  • from Chicago IL. October 31, 2011Music Background:
    Recording, Pro Musisian

    great little amp

    This is the thrid amp I have bought in the last 9 months and is now the only one I use. Its great for practice, recording and I mic it up and use it for band practice. The direct out into my recording mixer sounds great. Can't wait too try out a larger Blackstar I've used Mashalls all my life, now I think I'm hooked on Blackstar

  • from Austin, TX September 13, 2011Music Background:
    music anarchist.

    Great amp

    This is a great amp. Not a great "gig at a club" amp but a great practice and recording amp. If you play in a 3 piece combo that is quiet (jazz/blues - drummer w/brushes or rods) the clean channel does the perfect amount of breakup when cranked. Or if you need just a little more, plug it in to a 1x12 speaker cab and enjoy low volume power-tube goodness. It records fantastically either with a mic or the speaker sim. Simplicity is it's greatest strength and the ISF gives you lots of variation. Expect your modeler to start collecting dust. The digital reverb is nice too. This is probably the most enjoyable, practical, musical anything I've bought in a long time. I have several other tube amps, some vintage, but this one is the first to blend modern and traditional sounds and really get it right. As always, actual mileage may vary but I am very pleased and impressed.

  • from Quincy, IL April 28, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Student

    Don't let the 1w fool you!

    This amp is very impressive for its size! It is very ideal for practicing in small spaces where a larger valve amplifier may not be suitable. Also, it is very compact and portable. There are many demo videos available on the Internet that demonstrate this amp quite well. This amp has a far better sound quality than a couple of the higher wattage solid-state amps that I have owned. It still sounds great with the volume cranked!

  • from Peoples' Republic of New Jersey November 23, 2016

    Superb Lil' Amp!

    Ok, I'm a convert. Well, almost. I bought my Blackstar HT1R for those times when I want great tone but less in my face, the way 12" amps can be in a small room. This amp has a great clean channel and an adequate reverb. I can't really comment on the distortion channel, it's not my thing. This is a great sounding, very well put together space-saving amp that has the sweetest headphone output I've ever heard. Sometimes I just need a small amp, and now I've three with the Blackstar badge. Time will tell how well the tubes will wear, but I have noticed far less heat than with other brands.

  • from September 22, 2015

    Blackstar HT1R

    I have this little bugger behind my desk in my home office so I can play during works breaks to clear my mind. I love the tone of this amp. It's a very simple, natural, pure tone machine. It is loud enough for a small room like a bedroom. The volume level for the clean channel is not very loud. I have had this amp for probably a year or so and I am still very happy with this purchase.

  • from Lawrenceville, GA March 22, 2015

    Great little amp - rube tone / wife approved!

    Sold a 20 watt tube amp because it was just too loud to play at home. I gave up the band scene over a year ago and needed something decent for practice / self amusement. This guy has true tube tone - and even meets my wife's approval - I haven't been told to turn it down yet.

  • from New Jersey April 10, 2014Music Background:

    Great sounding amp

    Great sounding amp! The headphone out sounds really good. I used it to Jam along to my ipod at night with the headphones does the job really well and great service and shipping with Sweetwater thanks Nick!

  • from Sheridan, WY March 8, 2013Music Background:

    This is a great little amp

    I wanted a simple, uncomplicated, portable amp for home practice and this Blackstar fit the bill perfectly. The clean channel is excellent and when you want to add some growl, just crank up the gain and its there!
    I looked at alot of small amps but I did not want a modeling type. I just wanted simplicity with great tone and this amp has it!

  • from Mass January 14, 2012Music Background:
    25 years playing and recording

    Most fun I've had in years

    I've had this amp for about three months now, and have experimented with it a ton. Here are some observations:

    + Gets a great range of high gain hard rock and metal tones, but it also does the in-between semi-distorted classic rock type of tones real well.

    + I wouldn't buy this for clean. The clean is nice, but not very loud.

    + It's surprisingly loud. Loud enough to get sweet singing feedback. Loud enough to feel it and get into it. Certainly loud enough to mic up and get a killer tone. But not loud enough to jam with a drummer.

    + The digital reverb sounds nice. Just one sound, designed to emulate tank verb, but it's musical, clean and pretty wet if you want it to be.

    + Pretty quiet. I mean, when you have it flat out maxed, there's some hiss, but nothing out of the ordinary for tube amps.

    + Sounds great recorded. That's where I am enjoying the heck out of this. I like to record and experiment with placement. So the fact that this little guy is so small and light, you can stick it in a weird spot in your house, or in a stairwell, and experiment with acoustic reactions.

    + The emulated headphone/line sounds really legit. Very usable.

    + The one-knob EQ control (or infinite shape thingee) works well. There are a ton of tones you can get, just by spinning that knob around. It feels basically like a mid shape control.

    + One channel, not footswitchable

    + Has worked flawlessly for me with no issues. Seems sturdy enough and well built. Looks like quality.

    + It's small and light. Like a lunchbox.

    Overall, I love this little amp and have been having a ton of fun with it, just messing around and recording at home. Really happy with the tones that it produces.

  • from TN October 14, 2015

    Great Home Practice Amp!!!

    Got this 1watt amp primarily for home practice so I could get some decent tones at lower volumes. For a 1 watt amp you can definitely get some great clean tones. Also, I found that it had the breakup as well as the crunch I was hoping for. As for the distortion, I don't play metal but this amp is very capable. The isf feature is fun to play around with. On the whole, the ht-1r is a all around good practice/ studio amp. Oh and cat forget a shout out to my very helpful sales rep. Konicki!!

  • from Lancaster, CA January 31, 2015Music Background:

    Small amp Blg Sound

    Small simple to use, and Big sound, You won't believe it's just 1 watt..
    My only complaint is that they don't come with a cover.

  • from California October 11, 2013

    Great amp!

    Great little practice amp! Lots of power....actually gets pretty loud! Great sounds. Even with headphones (first amp I have ever heard whose headphones actually sounds pretty good...) I only gave it a 4 as I was a bit disappointed with the reverb. Other than that it's great!

  • from Cape Cod, MA November 21, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, 36 years of playing

    So Cute and it will rip your face off!

    When the family is in bed and you need your nightly dose of tone where do you turn? To Blackstar. It's so tiny and cute it gets made fun of at my house, until I turn it on. It can get louder than you would expect through a 1x12 or the 4x8 blackstar cab. Lots of versatility and plenty of gain on tap. But my favorite thing about this amp is that I can plug it in and place it on my coffee table and get sweet tones at a very low volume. Very simple, very cool. Makes a great stocking stuffer (ok maybe not that small)

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