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Blackstar HT Stage 100 - 100-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Fresno, CA June 14, 2016

    Fantastic Amp

    Got my Blackstar HT Stage 100 last Friday and I couldn't wait to open the box. I have heard so much about these amplifiers that I just needed to take the chance and purchase one for myself. I have had a lot of amps in my 45+ years as a musician. Everything from Fender, Marshall, Acoustic, Bugera and, now, a Blackstar. And I want to say that I was very pleased that I bought this amp as soon as I fired it up. What a mixture of tones I can get from one guitar amp. From a Mesa Boogie to a Marshall JCM 800 and several other tones as well. It has a quiet operation to it, which makes it a pleasure to record with and, if I want to be popular with the neighbors, I can turn it up and it's loud. I haven't had it at 100% just yet, but I'm waiting for the chance. This amp is well built and the 3 channels give me a lot of opportunities to really experiment. The clean channel is great and gives me a little break up for a cool blues lead, or a crystal clear Fender-like tone. I'm glad to see that amps like these are made with an affordable price tag too. Yes, I do love that Marshall sound, but most of their heads are a little out of my price range. Doesn't matter though, because with the Blackstar HT Stage 100, I think I have the best of both worlds, complete with a tube head. I would highly recommend this amp to anyone who is serious about his guitar tone....

  • from United States February 28, 2015Music Background:

    Excellent Head!

    Everything needed for great sound!

  • from United States August 13, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Gear Collector

    Good luck finding a better amp for this price.

    First time I played one of these bad boys I knew I had to have it. If you cant dial in a great tone with this amp it's not the amp, it's you. I almost bought a Marshall JVM 410H but am so happy I stumbled across this instead. Having played both amps, this sounds just as good if not better and costs 1/3 the price. The Blackstar guys did work for Marshall for years after all so they know what they're doing.

    It's built like a tank and weighs almost as much as one but that is a testament to their great build quality. You can get crisp, clear, clean sounds, crank the gain up and get shredtastic overdrive, or find somewhere in between. That is the great part about having 3 channels!

    Highly recommend at least finding one at a local shop and playing it if you're interested. Blackstar has earned my business for life.

    P.S. I also recommend pairing this with one of the Blackstar cabinets as they are designed/tuned to work specifically with these heads.

  • from Sacramento,CA November 3, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Any tone I want

    Bought the HT Stage 100 after just hearing the clean and rhythm channels. Played a really cheap guitar in the store and made it sing. The clarity blows away the Marshall TSL 100 I used before. Clean channel gets a Fender Blackface tone to a Class A Brit Tone. Easily some of the best clean tones my Strat has ever made. Switch to the Rhythm channel and you get old school Marshall tone, press the voice switch and it gets a little clearer with a tone reminiscent of a JCM800. The Lead Channel is fantastic. It starts with a JCM900 / Soldano tone with nice creamy lows and harmonics that sing. Hit the mid boost on the lead channel and you are getting a Triple Rectifier type sound that rules. The louder you turn this up, the more complex the harmonics get and there is way too much gain in the lead channel. I have only turned this thing up to 2/3 and it hurt. Way louder than a 100 watt Marshall. At this level through two 4x12s I could drown out any bass player and drummer together! The Infinite Shape Feature really gives you versatility in terms of different speakers and cabinets. Fortunately you can get great tone without the cops showing up. I use it for recording baritone range metal guitars at low levels and it sounds phenomenal. I also use it's clean channel for live acoustic performances. The best thing about this amp is it's reaction to different guitars. It's like having a different rig when you switch guitars. My TSL 100 just sounded like a Marshall, no matter which guitar I used. I can only imagine how awesome the Series One and Artisan Series sound.

  • from Newport News, VA, USA March 13, 2011Music Background:


    I've been very impatiently waiting for my amp. I just got it a couple of days ago and I haven't stopped playing with it. It is truly my dream amp. It can take me back to the 60's Fender Pro-Reverb amps and the 70s Marshalls. It has very rich tones on the clean channel and you can dial in a crunch, heavy metal and lead in the overdrive channels. No matter what you are trying to do - it does it. Itís very versatile. I am impressed. I paired the HT Stage 100 with the Blackstar 212 cab and it sounds great. I wanted three channels with two 12Ē speakers with more headroom than the HT Stage 60 offered Ė and without the weight of the Stage 60. From country, blues, rock...it does it all. The amazing thing is - you can dial-in various sounds without the need of any effect peddles. However I canít wait to tryout the more extreme sounds with the BOSS ME-70. Thanks Derek.

  • from florida December 21, 2011Music Background:
    Pro. Musician

    Blackstar HT stage !00

    Very good build quality, Great versatility. It pretty much dose everything i need it to do. The only thing i wish it had is is separate E.Q.'s for each gain channel, but all in all a great sounding head at a good price.

  • from February 18, 2017

    Not for me

    This is not a true tube amplifier, although it does use tubes it mainly uses op amps and solid state circuitry and what results is a sterile sounding amplifier that lacks dynamics. If you are playing by yourself great have a blast in your room but if you're playing in a band the moment you start playing with everyone you will notice the problem and you will need an eq pedal to push this amp out in the mix because it has a tendency to just sound flat and dormant.

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