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Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Questions about the Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Dallas, Los Angeles December 24, 2016Music Background:
    Producer, Songwriter

    Amazing in a treated room

    I've had these for over 2 years, and I hated them. No bass. Awkward mids. Yesterday I brought home a bunch of 3" rock wall sound absorbing panels and hung them up around my apartment. It's like I bought a new pair of speakers. The treatment soaked up a bunch of reflecting mids and high mids, and now I can actually hear the bass. Punchy, clear, defined bass. Not just accurate, but very pleasant.
    I'm an idiot for going this long without treating my home studio. Don't be like me.
    An 8 inch driver can compensate with extra bass for a badly treated room, but for a home studio you're really just compounding your problems.
    Build the panels. Buy these speakers. Hear the truth.

  • from New York City August 8, 2016Music Background:
    Former musician.

    The Yamaha HS5

    I don't use these for mixing. I use these monitors to playback vinyl records. I was a musician for a very long time but now I just listen to music. I have these hooked up to a Technics 1200 turntable going through a Teac AG-790 receiver. I'm patching though the line out because these are powered monitors (don't use speaker out or you will blow them). I do not want "color" in my sound, meaning; I want a flat response. These are excellent at reproducing sound that is incredibly accurate. The records sound amazing. These are akin to some much more expensive audiophile speakers.

  • from Sacramento July 20, 2016Music Background:
    Studio owner, musician for many years

    Crystal Clear Sound

    When you see pictures of professional studios you can recognize the white cone of the Yamaha brand studio monitors. There's a reason for that. I've had many different brands, and Yamaha is by far the clearest sound I've heard.

  • from Tacoma, WA May 3, 2016Music Background:

    Quality and accuracy

    I love my 5" Yamahas. Admittedly, they're my first monitors, but I've worked in pro studios since the early 90s and have a decent grasp of pro quality gear. For my home use (I'm slowly building a little home studio), they're more than up to the task of mixing and monitoring. They're neutral without being sterile, accurate without being lifeless/depressing. Great value!

  • from Mobile, AL April 30, 2016

    Won in a Shootout, Hands Down

    I was debating between a set of KRK Rokit 5 monitors and the PreSonus Eris 5s. So I was at my local shop doing a comparison listen, and they had the Yamaha HS5 set up alongside the others as well. I had seen the price online along with reviews, but I wasn't too interested knowing that they were a little more expensive than my other two choices. I decided to give them a listen, and even my wife, who has no mixing or sound experience, heard the night and day difference. These monitors are flat, clear, crisp and so many other adjectives that I could think of to describe them, These are easily the best purchase I have made for my home studio.

  • from Gt Falls MT May 12, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Song writer


    I have three set of monitors and the music sounds good on all of them. When I you burn a CD after mixing from all three monitors, the Yamaha speakers sound Flat and true to the mix. GREAT MONITORS.

  • from March 30, 2014Music Background:
    Audiobook Narrator


    I bought these to compliment my Yamaha MSP-7s as my "second set of ears".
    Very nice, very flat, solidly built. Can't get enough of these for near-field work.
    Have been buying more and more Yamaha products lately. Very impressed.

  • from February 28, 2014

    Top Quality Sound - Flat

    I bought these after hearing and working with KRK's, and then hearing these and spent a little more money. Absolutely perfect flat monitoring, no coloring of sound. Crystal clear, accurate sound. Love them and so glad I spent the little extra, will have these for a lifetime and never regret it.

  • from Florida January 21, 2014Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer


    This is the MVP of my mixing setup. If I can get my mixes to sound really good on these, they sound great on everything. I do the bulk of my work on them, because they are so brutally honest. It hit me the day I played a well mixed album, that I love, and thought I was listening to my bigger monitors, I realized that great mixes come across as great and full on them and bad ones come across as bad. It takes out the guess work, and allows me to just mix until it sounds good. I will upgrade the various components of my studio over time, but one thing that won't change, these, no matter how fancy my mains get I can always trust these to give it to me the bad news first.

  • from Jacksonville, Florida November 18, 2013Music Background:
    Musician - 36 yrs

    The Legacy Continues

    Like they say, if your mix sounds good on these, your mix will sound good everywhere.

  • from United States October 3, 2013

    Amazing value

    I'm super happy with the quality of these speakers. The size is perfect for my bed-room style studio setup, and the quality of sound is awesome.

  • from Piqua, Ohio September 10, 2013Music Background:
    composer, arranger, orchestrator, songwriter

    Tough to beat for the buck!

    I purchased the Yamaha HS5's because I wanted a good, inexpensive pair of powered studio monitors. These definitely surpassed what I was expecting... The freq response is better than expected in this price range of powered monitor speaker. I also use them for live reference in the studio for keyboard & guitar,,,

  • from DEVON March 1, 2017

    Nice and cheap!

    I own a pair of Genelec 8040A's and in my mind they simply can NOT be beaten. Genelec have a quality that borders of absolute perfection.

    Those Genelecs ended up in a project studio thats at a friends house, we use it every day and becasue they are so good taking them out constantly was a pain. So we bought me some cheap speakers for home use. (so I could at least continue working on our music)

    Enter the HS5's...

    I plugged them in and instantly hated them.


    No low end

    Screechy mids

    Then, I started to get used to them, and wore them in and over the period of a little over 8 months now I have learned to love these monitors!

    So what changed?

    It's difficult to really put my finger on it and succinctly explain it but the HS5's are very 'real' sounding. What bass they do have is superbly controlled. They dont hit the lower frequencies below maybe 75hz, so effectively mixing say EDM would be quite difficult to achieve if you didn't have another set of monitors to reference a mix on, or the HS5's sub (which I dont even intend to buy now because my ears have adjusted to these monitors)

    You see what I mean.. I'm struggling to explain..

    But in a nutshell...

    I went from hating these to loving them, a process that took a few months. We are going to buy another set for the studio, so we have the two different mix sounds to A/B because I think they are invaluable in developing a sound and to a lesser extent your ear if you are an audio professional.

    I like them, they are solid, well built and Yamaha have managed to capture in them some of that magic that they instilled into the NS10's The NS10's sound TOTALLY awful but everyone loves them for that unquantifiable reason... These HS5's are of the same ilk, don't discount them!

  • from Fayetteville, NC August 31, 2016

    Perfect mixing reference; very flat

    These speakers were better than I had anticipated. After months of research I finally decided to go with the HS5's. I knew that they did not have a lot of low end frequency and that sort of bummed me out, but I have come to the realization that it is actually a good thing - it makes mixing those frequencies even easier (to me at least) because you don't have to worry about any exaggerated bass. These blow KRK's out of the water, paying the extra $50 is definitely worth it. I will be recommending these to anyone. And cheers to you guys at sweetwater for the 2-day shipping, you guys are awesome.

  • from Los Angeles, CA September 22, 2015Music Background:
    House Music Producer

    Great Value

    Great speakers for the money. They're a perfect fit for my small desk space. I also purchased the HS8 Sub Speaker to feel the low end.

  • from Baltimore Area June 14, 2015


    I bought a pair of HS5 because they are promoted as being unforgiving or sonically "honest". I'd have to agree. They are an excellent smaller speaker, and very inexpensive for the value they provide. I also bought a pair of HS8s and a pair of MixCubes. Currently, these are my go-to speakers and I switch between them--often rapidly--to understand what is happening in a mix. I consider this setup a ridiculously good value for the cost. Not cheap, but certainly not bank-breakingly expensive. Supposedly, Yamaha's HS line of reference monitors are really popular, and I can understand why. The HS5 and HS8 are definitely different, which makes sense since the HS8 has an 8-inch woofer and the HS5 has a 5-inch woofer. But in both cases, the low-and high-mids are clear and articulate, the highs are clear and non-fatiguing, the lows are crisp and punchy. I don't own a sub-woofer, because I don't need one yet. However, I will very likely buy the Yahama companion sub, and eventually a pair of HS7, to get a well-rounded sense of the mix, and especially for mastering. Someday I can buy the super high-end reference monitors (Focal, etc.), but for now I think I've made out amazingly well for what I have paid for these.

  • from Nashville March 30, 2015Music Background:
    Producer, studio owner since 1972

    Successor to the NS-10M

    Mixed for years on NS-10Ms, but I'm down to only one working pair. My Sweetwater engineer recommended the HS5s, and I have not been disappointed. Very similar to the gold standard. I'd give them a 5 except the lighted logos on the front are too bright - had to cover then up. As always, Sweetwater gets a 10 for super service, quick shipping, fair price.

  • from February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Sound Engineer / Musician

    definitely a keeper

    Teas do not sound "good." they sound true (which is what you want for mixing). They have a really good flat response that tells you your true sound. I have used Tannoys for a while and I thought they were good. But when I went and tested out the HS8s at a friendís studio, I heard how much I was missing. I didn't have the room for the HS8s so I got the HS5s and they were just as good. The only difference that I noticed was that there is less low end on the HS5s. with is expected with a smaller box (still a good low end just less of it). The overall quality of the HS5s is fantastic. A rock soled box with rugged hardware (nobs, switches, ext.). And the Yamaha back lit logo on the front is really cool lol. At this price point teas canít be beat.

  • from Niceville, FL August 12, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Artist, Producer, Listener


    I am still young and haven't tried out all of the monitors on the market. I feel confident in saying that I can hear everything going on in the mix so much better with these guys. It's nice to that these can get some lows but I would like a subwoofer to go with them. That is the only reason I didn't give them a 100%. The mids and highs sound awesome and I CAN hear the bass, it's just A TAD muddy. The 7in or 8in probably just have a clearer low end sound but for the price and size of the monitors themselves, I am more than happy

  • from Cary, NC February 23, 2014Music Background:
    High end audio enthousiast, Hobbyist, Experienced Musician

    Very transparent and natural mids. Very impressed.

    If you mainly do acoustic and or chamber music, these are truly appropriate. The 5' drivers along with the x-over integration with the tweeter and the excellent integrated power amp provide a truly natural sound scape comparing to very expensive high end speakers fed by expensive amplifier. I would go as far as recommend them these for home listening application allowing to spend money on good pre-amp and source.

    However as with all speakers with small drivers, low warmth end is an issue and I do not recommend these as exclusive monitor for rock or hip hop. For my project I went to HS8, but I would have kept both HS5 and HS8 if I could afford it. Did not have chance to try the HS7.

  • from Atlanta, GA August 4, 2013Music Background:
    home studio guy

    Just what the doctor ordered

    I don't have the previous version (HS50M) to compare these to, but everything I read about those seem to apply to the HS5. These speakers are unflattering and unforgiving. The best professional mixes sound "good" in these. Listening to my own mix was a bummer initially, but that's just what the doctor ordered.

    I already had a pair of full range monitors, but they made most everything sound good and my mixes did not translate outside the studio. They covered up the critical mid range. Switching between these and the HS5 helped me identify problem frequencies. When I conducted my first test in the car stereo, I couldn't believe how well the mix translated. This is perhaps the best investment I've made in the home stuido thus far. Everything else is pretty much pointless unless your mixes translate well on the outide, right? I wouldn't use these to enjoy music, but for getting your mixes to translate -- just what I needed!

  • from West Coast December 14, 2015

    Yamaha Hs5

    I am still breaking them in. I bought a pair of this monitor along with a apogee duet2 to replace a pair of M audio bx5s and a line 6 ux2 interface that Ive had for a while now. For the most part I am satisfied but I feel these will be much better when I shell out another $500 for a Subwoofer. So not a 5 star rating because I have to spend more money. But I am satisfied,

  • from October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Aspiring Producer

    Amazing Frequency Response For Size & Price

    I'm on a tight budget and my home studio is tiny (about 170 square feet). The low end on these monitors are not great, but on top of that they retain the mid and high frequencies really well; and the mid frequencies are more important to me than the highs and lows.

    I highly recommend the Yamaha HS5s. They're great for those who are just starting out and equally as great for serious producers who have a small space to work with or need a mobile pair of monitors.

  • from Portland texas March 1, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician , home studio engineer

    Replaced ported monitors

    So far these have proved to be an excellent bang for the buck- very clear and surprisingly poweful for their size / wattage. I had a set of popular bass ported monitors (those with an almost cult like following) but I replaced them with the HS5s based on the recommendation made by Mike Senior in his book Mixing Secrets and treatise on the downside of mixing with inexpensive ported monitors. I'm redoing / reconstructing my home studio so I have not gotten a chance to the try them in a full recording and monitoring environment yet.

  • from August 28, 2016Music Background:
    10 years home studio

    Now Low End Poor Translation

    I've had these monitors for a few years now and the low end is absolutely abysmal. There is a lot of high end definition but it feels colored and overly bright so when you go to listen to the mix on other systems you lose that clarity you thought you had during mixing. I would not say that the response is by any means "Flat" it is high end bias and when you push the levels on the speaker to its upper capacity the cone reverberations distort the audio.
    The lack of low end on the speaker forces you to try and compensate in the mix and under apply the low end to try and make it translate to other systems.

Questions about the Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor?

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